[3.4] Zephyrus' Magma Orb Miner (Deathless Atziri, Uber Elder, Shaper, Guardians) 1.200.000 DMG

Zephyrus' Magma Orb Miner [3.4]
1.200.000 DPS + More than 6k HP

[Atziri, Uber Atziri, Elder Guardians, Red-Uber Elder, Shaper Guardians, Shaper viable]


8 mod corrupted Phoenix shaper guardian

Atziri kill

Tier 13 Shrine map kill

Tier 14 Crimson Temple map kill

Esh breachlord


I like to make builds, that not in the meta. This is one of them.
If u want to try a fun build, than welcome!!!

You need to start with a Shadow character, who will be a miner (Saboteur).


You are able to do ele, and phys reflect maps.
Insane DPS.
Huge Life regen.
You can carry uber lab.
You can kill all bosses.
Insane clear speed. - almost a joke.
You have lots of fun.
Immune to Curse, Chill, Frozen, Ignite, Shock.
MOM (Mind over Matter).
Life base.
You can do t13+ maps with 5 link too.


This build LAGGS a lot, if you have a wooden PC. ( I have no lags, but that can be a problem to someone, who doesnt have a good PC).
The build is expensive. ( Around 20 ex).
It's a little flask dependable.
You need to press lots of buttons ( 2 skill, + potions)
Guardians on HC will probably be a problem, so i recommend this build only in SC.
Hard to find the good combination with ressists. We need more uncapped fire ressist for the elemental penetration (fire).


You can lvling with any skills until lvl 12.
After lvl 12, buy a Fire Nova Mine spells. After you're able to buy support gems. Buy this combination:
(4 link)
Fire Nova Mine - Minefield - Remote mine - Controlled destruction

Use Fire Nova until you have a Sire Of Shard staff. You need at least 4 link Sire of Shard. After that, you can swap into magma orb. It will be more fun, belive me :D

Until Lavianga flask dont use MOM, but if you have, use Clarity.
You can use Herald of Lightning skill as well. If you have enough mana pool, even Anger too.








You need to pick Saboteur.

2 points: Trap and Mine Dmg Mine Placement, Bomb Specialist
4 points: 2 points + Trap and Mine Dmg Mine Placement, Demolitions Specialist
6 points: 4 points + Trap and Mine Dmg Movement Speed, Pyromaniac
8 points: 6 points + Trap and Mine Dmg Elemental Resistances, Explosive Experts

We can place 11 mines in the same time. And we also have 20% max hp regen \ sec.

BANDITS: Kill them all for 2 skillpoints.

Maybe there is an issue, if you place mines, and your character moves away. The solution is simple: Click on the magma orb mine's icon, and press "Always Attack WIthout Mooving". It will be much better to use mines.


In this build, more chain times you have, more dmg u got.
Magma orb chain +2 at lvl 20.

Magma orb chain +3 at lvl 21 -> so try to buy, or corrupt. That's important!
We need to use +2 Magma orb chain helm enchant, that gives us +2 chain
The amulett gives us +1 chain time.
And "Projectiles gain 20% of non-chaos dmg as extra chaos dmg per chain".
We have +6 chain.

So example:
We have 1000 fire dmg.
1. chain 1000 fire dmg + 200 chaos dmg.
2. chain 1000 fire dmg + 420 chaos dmg.
3. chain 1000 fire dmg + 704 chaos dmg.

The farthest 6. time chained magma orb deals the biggest dmg. SO with this build if u are far away u can deal an insane dmg.

We are a miner. We dont need attackspeed, or cast speed to do more dmg. We need mine laying speed. If you are laying mines slow, monsters can kill you.

If you are laying mines, you need to detonate manual (Press the detonate button). But in some situation can be dangerous, thats why we make cast when dmg taken links. Immortal call protect us from physical dmg, and if you take dmg the detonate mines gem activate, and detonate your mines also. It can be effective in boss room.

We dont have auras. We dont need auras, because we have MOM. More mana we have, that means more "life" to us.
And other reason why we dont have mana: the Clear Mind jewel. That can give us more +60% spell dmg.

We need lots of flat life, and some ressist, and the more important thing, DMG in abyssal jewels. We can use 8 abyss jewels, and +3 unique jewels.

We have elemental overload note. That means: we can crit, but we cant deal more dmg with crits. But if we crit, that gives us more +40% elemental dmg.
We use controlled destruction, that means we cant crit with the main spell. What can we do?
Use Orb of Storms. That spell has 5% crit chance. With that spell we can curse enemies with projectile weakness. Why that curse? Because, we cant ignite, we use elemental focus support gem, and with that curse we can do about 50% more projectile dmg. And also we can knockback enemies. We have huge aoe. If we knockback enemies, we can hit the monster always with the farthest chained magma orb. Also if we use storm call, that proc the Arcane surge gem. Care for the gem lvl! You can afford maximum lvl 7 with lvl 20 orb of storm.

We have MOM, thats why the first important flask is Lavianga. Try to be at least on half mana. If you dont use, you cant afford the 97 mana cost spell, and you die.

As golem, i recommend the stone golem. If you want you can do fire golem, but belive me, that shitty fire golem runs behind you, and not worth for that 20% more dmg. But stone golem gives you more hp regen, and also taunts monsters. It can be a dummy.
I also use decoy totem, to kite bosses.
Just use decoy totem right to the boss, and run left, and spam magma orb like idiot. You will kill tier 15 bosses so eassyyy.

As movement speed i recommend you leap slam with attack speed gem. You can use flame dash. But that is more faster, and you can jump further.

If you have all items:
-11 mines place at the same time
-7 projectile each mine
-6 chain

11*7 = you can use 77 projectile at the same time and each one chain 6 times!!!!!
And dont forget, you have 80% increased area effect of EACH projectile.
So you will always hit the monsters at least with 3-4 chained magma orb.
With the 2 magma orb jewel the area effect increase per chains.
1. chain: 80% area effect
2. chain: 100% are effect( 80+ 10 +10)
6. chain: 180% area effect!


This is the most important item in the build. The Sire of Shards Staff
We need lots of.. lots of projectiles.
You need to use the main spell in the weapon. If you use in the body armour, than the nova, and +7 projectile dont support the main spell.

Try to use at least with 4 links. 5 Links are okay. So if you want to kill bosses faster, then u need 6 link staff.

We need a Gloomfang amulett. That gives us so much dmg, and chain. (Read "HOW IT WORKS"). Try to buy a corrupted one with all ressist. We need ressist!!!

Buy a Tombfist gloves, and Bubonic Trail boots with 2 abyss jewel sockets.
We need flat dmg, because the magma orb has 140% effectiveness of added dmg. And we need lots of flat life to, because we have lots of node, and items with max % life.

Abyss jewels:

The important thing, try to find the balance with resist. I needed to use some all res, and + fire ressistance jewel, because i use max rolled Wise Oak, and we need more fire uncapped resistance than others. Lucky, i could do 101% fire , 93% cold, and 101% lightning resistance. I have equal res (fire, lightning). That means the 15% wise oak flask gives me more 15% fire, and lightning elemental penetration.
If you cant do that (That is hard..), try to focus on your fire resistance. U need more uncapped fire resistance, or at least equal, than others.
Try to buy flat spell dmg, or spell dmg with two handed weapons(we use staff).

Unique jewels:

We dont use aura, so we can afford the Clear Mind jewel. That gives us manaregen, and that is cool, because we have MOM, and also gives us 60% more spell dmg!
And we need two Inevitability jewel. That gives us +1 projectile, and + area effect on magma orb.
FAQ: we dont need to pick 40 int in that jewel area, just place in that circle, where there are 40 int node, after that it will work.

I use Belly of The Beast Armour. We dont need 6 link, only 4 linked belly. Ofc you can play with 6 link, and use Orb of Storm inside(same 4 link with +1 increased critical, +faster casting/ increase aoe). But belive me, you are fine without that too. Try to buy the max roll hp %, beacuse we need HP. I choosed this armour, because we have 8 abyss jewel with flat HP. That armour can give you around 1000-1100 life. So definetely better than a Kaom, or Carcass armour. And also it gives us all res too, and flask recorvery too.

We need an Abyss Belt. We need lots of resistance here. Try to find the balance with the belt, and your Elder ring. That will be a hard job.
I recommend the miney laying speed on that belt. Mine laying speed is a suffix, so thats we u cant do 3 all res, life, and mine laying belt. Try to find a huge flat hp, with 2 huge ressist, and an empty suffix mode. You need Tora 7 to mastercraft that bonus.

We definetely need Hrimnor's Resolve Samite Helmet. That unique helmet is insane for us.
That gives us Fire dmg. More than Medium flat hp, and cold res too. But the most important item, that we neeed is the last bonus. If you're useing fire skill (that works with fire mine too), that item gives you immune to Freeze, and Chill. That means, we dont need immune to Freeze flask. So we can use another flask too!
The most important thing is the +2 Magma Orb Chain.
We f_cking need that enchant.
That +2 chain gives us a huge DPS pool, and aoe clearing.
If you can't afford that helmet, try to buy a rare one with ressists. But i recommend that unique, thats insane. WIth that item, and with Saboteur skill notes, we are Immune to Freeze, Chill, Ignite, Shock, and Curse/Bleed (with flask).

We need a Mark of the Shaper Opal Ring. Be carefull, only use this item, if you have balanced resistance. You can use rare rings, but that ring is so OP.
First that ring can give you 10% max hp. That's insane(around 200 hp)!
As u see, we need an ELDER ring to use that ring. If we find a good elder ring with high resistances, then you can buy that item, and use it. That ring gives us more 80% spell dmg, + 25% elemental dmg. Also it gives us more flat lightning dmg, and a funny volatile skill. If that skill pop on an enemy, it chills the monster.

You need an Elder ring with hight res. Try to find the balance in your res. If you can't, just try to buy abyss jewels with resist. And if you find a ring like mine, with flat hp, then you can be a very happy person :)


We need 1 Blood of the Karui life flask. That flask regen you, and after 2.6 sec gives you max hp. Thats an insane flask.

Also i forget. We have around 1500 life regen/sec. We have a node in ascendancy. You just need to spam mines like an idiot, and each mine boom gives you 1% max hp regen , until 20% max hp regen/ sec.
Thats why i choosed the Sulphur Flask. That flask gives use 40% more dmg, and also conc ground, and that gives us more HP regen/sec. and we can craft immune to bleed, or immune to curse effect on that. If you kill a corrupted blood monster with mine, it doesnt stack you, so you can use immune to curse. But there are some mobs, or in lab the traps can hurt you with bleed effect. So that's your choice. I swap these two potions.

Third one is a "Running Flask". We need movementspeed. We dont have high AS, or CS. So we need that flask.

Fourth one is The Wise Oak. If you can find the balance with the uncapped ressists. That flask gives u more 15% elemental penetration. Also usefull in Ele Weakness Maps.

Fifth one is the most important flask Lavianga's Spirit. We have MOM. If you take dmg, your mana can be empty in miliseconds. So use this flask. It gives u 7 sec mana regen. That means more "HP" to us, and also our mines costs 0 mana. That's imortant, because the mine cost 97 mana\1 mine !!!
Dont use MOM, until you dont have that flask!


Orders imortant in staff.

Magma Orb - Minefield - Remote mine - Controlled Destruction - Elemental focus - Trap and Mine Dmg/ Slower Projectile(that for bosses)

Orb of Storm - Curse on hit - Projectile Weakness - Arcane Surge(lvl 6)

Leap slam(1) - Faster attack

Stone golem - Decoy Totem

Body Armour
Cast when dmg taken (lvl 1) - Immortal call(lvl 3) - Increased Duration(lvl 20) - Detonate Mine

I hope you will like it! If you have questions, i will answer them.
Thanks for choosing my build! Have fun, and good luck!
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This build is actually insane :DDD if u got a sh1t pc dont try this at home :D

Currently playing this build. It's really fun.

Try this out in the new legaue :)
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What are the pantheon you used?

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