[3.3] Rowen's Budget Cleave Champion 1M to 2.32M Dps | Uses Many Uniques | Fortify + Coil

Since ggg nerf barrage realy hard i decide to work on another project based on mostly unique items and very budget weapons

Main Weapon of this build

Normal Damage = 1.01M & 1.78M with Flasks
Adrenaline Damage = 1.32M & 2.31M with Flasks
(I do not include power charge it gives 100K normal & 200K with Flasks)

Build Budget
- Dual Fidelitas Spike %30 As & Max Attack Roll 1-20c
- Voideye +2c
- Impresence +3c
- Thunderfist 1c
- Lightning Coil 80 life 7-20c
- Atziri's Promise %15 Elemental as Chaos 3-10c
- Light Pen Vinktar 5-25c
Crafting Material
Any Armour Helmet , Two toned boots Fire/Cold , Leather Belt , Diamond Ring , Murderous Eye Jewel
(None of those needs to be Shaper/Elder)
Unique Jewels
- Inertia +20 Strength 1-5c
- Overwhelming Odds with Corrupted Blood immunity 1-10c
- Fertile Mind +20 with Hindered Immunity 1-10c

PoB Code = https://pastebin.com/mRL6va6w
Performance Booster Guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2089358
My Self made builds : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2283657

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interesting idea! i tweaked the build a bit for more survivability and damage. less budget friendly though. https://pastebin.com/VGRTBrJa :)) maybe u can find something u like with the tweaks at least.

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