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Hello everyone! This is my first build guide and so if you have any questions, comments, or recommendations, feel free to leave them below.

So there's a million arc trapper builds out there that advertise 2m+ shaper dps but that's unnecessary. Arc traps don't need that much damage in order to trivialize all content so I decided to get a lot more defense and utility.

Here's a preview of my stats at level 96 with flasks.


+ cheap, 2ex~ excluding 6L
+ 200% life on tree, easy 6.5k hp
+ 30%+ spell dodge w/o phase acro
+ blind (Born in the Shadows)
+ probably HC viable (im a SC scrub)


- dps is a little lacking for uber elder, doable in SC, deathless only if good at dodging (im not)
- not 5s guardian kills, more like 30s




CHAOS RESISTANCE!! And spell dodge makes incursions ezpz.

Weapons: Dual Wield vs Shield
So shield charge is an obvious plus here, but you can whirling blades with daggers or leap with sceptres. But if you were to choose dual wield, the obvious choice would two Shimmerons for the damage. I chose the shield for the mobility. Also specifically using for the supreme spiked shield base for the 4% spell dodge.

Weapon: Shimmeron vs Rare
I like the rare over the Shimmeron cuz I can shield charge. Damage is not an issue for shaper and t15 elder. I prioritized atkspd, spell crit, spell dmg, crit multi, in that order. (ignore the phys as random ele line on mine, its useless, also crafted cold dmg so i can shatter some what) Just to throw this out there, Doryani's Catalyst isn't bad.

Gloves: Throw additional trap gloves
I don't see another option for this.

Body: Tinkerskin vs Loreweave vs Shaper Rare
A shaper rare would need to have base spell crit and a bunch of life. This sounds expensive. ):
Loreweave is great for 80% max res and a bit of damage.
Tinkerskin allows for Eldritch Battery synergy and sustain on trap trigger.
They are obviously both great options. The Loreweave route generally goes MoM and has to run either a mana flask or the unique Lavianga's Spirit mana flask (80c at time of writing). That's one less defensive flask!
Honestly, it's personal preference here to go Loreweave or Tinkerskin. I like not having to worry about my mana so I chose Tinkerskin and also frenzy charges.

Boots: Atziri's Steps vs something else
I don't have phase acro on the tree, so I get it for spell dodge.

Belt: Stygian Vise vs something else
I use it for the jewel. 2% spell and atk dodge if hit doesn't sound like a lot, but it's alot.

Helmet: +1 arc chain
wow $$$

Rings and Amulet: Get what you are missing on these.



Forbidden Taste: Life flask. The chaos damage doesn't do anything with near max chaos res and Sab regen. 10% spell and atk dodge? yes plz

Granite + Basalt: Phys damage hurts so yep

Wise Oak: If you can, triple balance your resistances, but this isnt a priority. If anything just have lightning highest and try to balance fire and cold.

Diamond: One damage flask is ok right?


Abyssal jewels have the mod 2% spell and atk dodge if hit recently. Stacking this is pretty good.
Chance to avoid being stunned also rolls on abyssal jewels and is cool to have, but not necessary.
For normal jewels, life + 2 damage mods is too expensive so I opted for 3 damage mods.
I suggest getting an equal amount of abyssal and normal jewels but up to you.


Standard arc setup
Arc + Trap + Cluster Trap + Trap and Mine Dmg + Controlled Destruction + Increased Crit

Lightning Spire
Lightning Spire + Trap and Mine + Increased Crit + Conc Effect
Why conc effect? Haven't tested much versus Controlled Destruction

Shield Charge
Shield Charge + Fortify + Faster Attacks + Culling Strike
fyi: uber elder isn't cull-able but shaper is

CWDT + IC + Increased Duration + Bear Trap
Bear Trap doesn't work with CWDT but it's in here for the Increased Duration. If you want to repeatedly bear trap something, the throw additional trap gloves makes you run out of charges really fast so Increased Duration helps increase the debuff duration a little.

Wrath: Damage

Blasphemy + Enfeeble: Stacked with blind, basically nothing hits you

Lightning Golem: Attack spd (cast spd helps lightning spire i guess). All our defenses allows us to run into incursions with this guy.

Flame Dash: ledges

Vaal Impurity of Lightning: (Y)




Phase Acro:
It's 8 points to path to phase acro and if you do you would also pick up Master Sapper making a total of 11 points. So to save myself 11 points, I have Tinkerskin for the frenzy and other gear to get spell dodge.

I talked about this earlier, I like the extra defense flask and Tinkerskin over MoM. We have 200%~ life on the tree anyways so MoM effective hp is roughly equal to our life pool.

Purity of Flesh:
20% chaos res and life

Tireless life wheel over something else:
Eh, I don't really see what's better.


Uber Elder: Lunaris + Ralakesh (does ralakesh work against elder decay?)
Everything Else: Brine King + Shakari


Shield charge, throw trap, repeat. Extremely fast clear.
I reroll temp chains and no regen.
Temp chains is just annoying.
No regen is a little sketchy on high damage maps but doable.

Face tank all Elders and Elder guardians.
Face tank Chimera, Hydra, Phoenix but not the explosion, and Mino but not the slam if there's damage mods.
Face tank Shaper, dodge beam, dodge slam.
(I'm thinking of doing a shaper run with 5 forbidden tastes and see if I can stand in a corner and not dodge)


6.5k hp

20% spell dodge (atziri steps + supreme spike shield)
26% spell dodge if hit recently cuz of 3 abyssal jewels (31% with solaris pantheon)
36% spell dodge if hit recently + forbidden taste (41% with solaris pantheon)

Born in the Shadows + Enfeeble
melee hits rarely hit you

Max chaos res + Sharkari pantheon + Spell Dodge
Incursions ezpzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tinkerskin + EB
Reserve your mana for things. More defense flasks.

VIDEOS (coming soon?)

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Thanks for posting! I'm having trouble importing the PoB though... it's showing all of your gear, but a blank sill tree.

Edit: I think I just had to update PoB. working now!
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liking this build so far
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Trying out this build, thanks!
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