[3.3] Trickster BladeVortex, MoM + Dodge using NEW Omeyocan boots.

Hi all, this is my first build guide. This is a more defensive oriented build, that invests a lot into defenses and uses the high damage potential of bladevortex to still deal nice amounts of damage.

I use Trickster for additional good defensive nodes, such as Patient Reaver and Weave the Arcane, and use Swift Killer and Harness the Void for damage.

At the beginning of the league I started out as none-crit, and I switched to crit at lvl 92 and after fusing myself a 6L, but you could do that earlier.

None crit build:
Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/DK7pMKAd

Gemlinks in order of priority:
Vaal blade vortex - Controlled destruction - Hypothermia - Physical to Lighting - Added Fire - Efficacy

Crit version:
Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/aQiszeqd

Gemlinks in order of priority:
Vaal blade vortex - Controlled destruction - Hypothermia - Power Charge on Crit - Increased Critical damage - Efficacy/Increased Critical strikes/Physical to lighting
The last gem slot can depend heavily on your gear so play around in Path of Building.

Either way you use certain uniques for defensive setup:


Omeyocan provides you with nice move speed, onslaught and in our current setups either 14 or 12 both attack and spell dodge, which is huge. Together with the notables on tree, we have 52/42 dodge already. You also get another 12 dodge from Quartz flask after taking flask nodes near witch, so ending up with having 64/54 dodge, which is very respectable.

Cloak of Defiance provides extra mana, improves MoM effectiveness and very importantly provides 1 % of max mana regenerated per second, which is very important to sustain Omeyocan -7% mana per second penalty.

Essence Worm is used to run our Hatred aura. If you cannot afford that then you can also just run Herald of fire, but I chose to run Hatred cos I vaaled myself a nice rare amulet with Hatred effectiveness. By using Essence Worm we have however more mana for defenses.

So the total defenses is lots of dodge, and effective life pools of either 7.8 k for none crit and 6.6 k for crit versions of the build. Note that up to Tier 15 both versions clear content just fine, and your really gonna notice the damage difference starting from fighting with Guardians.

Finally I use Hrimsorrow gloves for ele conversion, that is useful to deal chill damage and to also get full ele conversion with Physical to lighting gem against Phys reflect maps:


NB! If your not using Added fire or Herald of Fire, try getting some fire spell damage from the gear as you want to trigger ignites as that will significantly increase your defenses from Patient Reaver. Or get Hrimburn instead, that also works.

Finally the rest of the items I'm using currently, you can also see my item setup from path of building:

For rares prioritize life and mana for defenses + to cap your resists. Extra would be nice offensive stats on amulet, a good offensive either scepter or dagger (for crit version). Good stats being crit multi and spell damage. For belt you can use the shaper increased spell damage, or increase multi corruption, together with some life and resistances.

For jewels, good stats are crit multi (for crit version), flat phys damage for spells, increased spell damage, increased life/mana. For mana it could be especially important to get above the next 500 mana for extra dodge from Omeyocan.
Other links

Shield Charge - Faster attacks - Fortify / for moving around

Flamedash / to get around obstacles

CoDT - Warlord's Mark / Provides another ton of defenses, as you leech both mana and life + endurance charges

Orb of storms - Arcane surge - Curse on hit - Warlord's mark / To trigger Arcane surge and have more reliable warlord's mark against boss fights. Arcane surge is super good in this build as even the % mana recovery is super nice.

Fire trap - Cluster traps - Charged traps : trigger frenzy charges on boss.

Clarity, Hatred / Our auras.

Vaal Righteous fire - Increased duration : 39 % more spell damage, and only sacrificing life, not mana. Super good for burst damage agains incursion bosses, just pop this and Vaal blade vortex and let them melt.

Self cast arc, level using the full ele conversion none-crit tree. At lvl 60-70, once you have some cast speed, at least 2 ascendancies and grabbed the increased duration Nodes, you can transition to blade vortex fully.

Otherwise during leveling you can also use blade vortex against bosses once you can grab Hrimsorrows.


Didn't care much to invest into it, but I use Soul of the brine King and Soul of Shakari to mitigate stun locking and chaos damage.
Last bumped on Jul 15, 2018, 3:45:02 PM
Omeyocan's are OP AF. If someone saw an item with

10% max life
20% spell and attack dodge
permanent Onslaught
30% move
30% lightning

They'd cream themselves. Dat degen takes a little working around but we have just the trick(ster) :)
hey what bandit you took pls ty :)

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