[Raider] - 3.3 Charged Dash - Mid-tier Mapper/Starter

This is my first build guide I have posted on these forums, so bear with me.

I created this character as my second one in the league. It's main purpose is to get your character into mid tier maps, farm them, create quick and fast temples to run. The character was dismantled once I created a good map base and I rerolled to another one. It performed the task I wanted it to extremely well. I could create good temple run very quickly.

All damage has been completely converted to elemental damage, (cold and lightning)

Quick Mapper
Cheap < 10c to get started
Extremely fast
Can build with two different skills (cyclone or charged dash or both!)

Tight on resistances
Lower end of the survival spectrum
Caps out before reaching red maps

Required Uniques

We scale a lot of evasion to give us attack damage which adds up quickly for quite a good amount of damage, especially with the support gems we link later on.

Pretty easy, we're stacking a lot of evasion, so why not use it to go fast at the same time.

This is how we gain full cold conversion. You don't need to get the upgraded gloves as the build uses elemental focus.

Suggested Uniques

There are several helms you can use. I chose this helm because every buff provided by it is useful.

Not a unique, but if you want to you can easily use a rare helm to have more resistance padding and life. The higher the evasion the better.

Devoto's will give you better chaos resistance and will grant you increased movement speed while not really penalizing the build as a whole. It's a fantastic choice.

We go the raider onslaught route, so the 100% global evasion adds up. I compared these to Atziri's Step and they came out with more evasion. However, Atziri's Step are a viable choice and a more defensive one at that.

Other Gear

All jewelry is roughly the same. You want to cap resistances and get elemental damage with attack skills. If you can get flat damage, that's a bonus. Early on, jewelry that provides life/res will get you started, but the WED (old habit) and flat damage will improve the build immensely.

Bandits - Kill all

Skill Gems

Pretty simple and easy setup. We have 100% uptime on frenzy charges, so ice bite adds a lot of flat damage which we scale with our evasion and Dreamfeather's. It's an easy swap to cyclone for single target or you can solely use cyclone for 100% cold damage. The 6th link would be Cold Penetration.


For the second aura there are two choices. It will depend on how you select your character's build. I found added elemental damage jewelry was cheaper, so I went that route. If you do this, I found Grace added more damage. If your jewelry has a lot of flat phys on it you will want to use Hatred instead.

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration
Pretty self explanatory. I left cwdt at level 1. Since I didn't have any endurance charges I left IC there too. Increased duration can be leveled all the way up.

CWDT - Ball Lightning - Curse on Hit - Elemental Weakness (20q)
This setup allows you to curse rares and bosses as they hit you. CWDT and BL are level 1. The reason CoH is used is to allow Ele Weak to be leveled. 20q Ele Weak is important as it will provide a greater -res than either Frostbite or Conductivity would. Since our damage is split between cold and lightning, it makes it even better.

Skill Tree - Level 85

If 100% cold conversion for cyclone, make sure to grab Winter Spirit

The skill tree is pretty straight forward. The nodes people are probably wondering about are Graceful Assault and Celerity. I chose those because they increased movement speed, evasion (dmg and speed), and gave solid damage. I also chose them because Path of Building told me they gave me the most efficient damage I had access to.


Pretty much the perfect cheap jewel. I liked added cold damage because once you get a 6L and cold pen comes into play it shows a lot. Plus I found the added cold gems were quite a bit cheaper than the lightning ones.


Preferrably the Stibnite flask would have increased duration. Wise Oak is a solid choice depending on how your resistances come out. Lion's roar isn't too bad. You can go with pretty much any flask you want and it'll work.

Coming soon? Once I rebuild it in Incursion or Standard.

Path of Building
Same as Videos - once I rebuild it.
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