[3.3] Vaal Cold Snap Trickster



Vaal Cold Snap received a complete overhaul in 3.3. In addition to an initial blast of ice which always freezes, it now deals cold damage over time in a large radius around your character with a base duration of 4 seconds. This build will amplify the damage and duration of Vaal Cold Snap such that it will be our primary map clearing spell.


Vaal Cold Snap has a base duration of 4 seconds and a soul gain lockout duration of 14 seconds. Our aim is to increase the base duration of the spell while simultaneously reducing the soul gain lockout duration. This will allow us to generate souls using Vaal Cold Snap, which means we will be able to have it up and running nearly 100% of the time.

In order to reach our goal, we must look out for passives, gems, and items which grant increased skill effect duration. The passive tree grants us 95% increased skill effect duration with the Entropy notable (which also grants us +27% DoT!) east of the Shadow starting area, the Potency of Will, and the Exceptional Performance clusters west and south of Scion's starting area respectively.

Trickster's Prolonged Pain ascendancy passive grants another 20% increased skill effect duration.

Gems-wise, we link our Vaal Cold Snap gem with Efficacy and Increased Duration. At gem level 20, both gems yield a total of +90%(!) increased skill effect duration.

Two Atziri's Reign also provide a hefty 40% increased Vaal skill effect duration.

Additionally, as of 3.3, +15% increased skill effect may now appear on corrupted belts.

In total, we are looking at at least 250% skill effect duration, which means the damage over time effect of Vaal Cold Snap will remain running for at least 14 seconds.

Now, we must reduce the soul gain lockout duration. We can do so with the new Incursion flasks Soul Catcher or Soul Ripper. Using a Soul Catcher with 40% reduced soul gain prevention duration, our Vaal Cold Snap will have its soul gain locked out for only 8.4 seconds! This means we have a 5.6-second window to recharge our next use of Vaal Cold Snap.

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