[3.3] Arc Trapper (Trickster) (WIP)

Haven't been seeing many trickster trappers on forums recently (or those utilising new gloves), here's my take on it (league starter), quite successful so far:
First league starter I've ever done that cruised through labs deathless all the way through.

+Insane clear speed (doesn't use staff or wands, uses shield charge)
+Insane cast speed makes gameplay extremely smooth
+Good survivability (50% dodge and spell dodge, arctic armour, endurance charges)
+Cheap (only tinkerskin expensive: FOTM, prices are going down)
+No mana problems, unlike traditional trappers

-Small life pool (lots of mitigation, still low tho)

Trickster ascendancy allows us to reserve all mana AND gain 20% cast speed, which will translate to trap throwing speed due to new unique gloves. Total barebone cast speed is 90% -25% from the gloves:

+65 % increased trap throwing speed (gloves) +36 % from charged traps +38% from tree: %139 VS.
Standard trapper tree (sab): 48%
SHAPER/ELDER Tooltip (with frenzy, onslaught, golem):

Build has a ton of trap throwing speed from frenzy charges, tree, charge traps support and ascendancy, combined with tinkerskin makes good survivability.

(don't be disheartened by average damage (shaper/elder), insane cast speed isn't factored in, no enchants, no rings, no 5L, etc-just basic league starter stuff) Arc is also on cluster traps, doesn't factor the MULTITUDES of traps that will activate on a boss (usually 3 of the traps will trigger onto a boss, due to increased trap trigger AOE (18 units))

Final Notes:
More as a theory guide/proof of concept, further elaboration or ideas will be great, thx.
13/06-have been tested all the way to t15, can do all yellow map mods until t15 in crit, ee, ele res, vulnerability, ele weakness-quite a safe playstyle unless u shield charge into packs

Videos (In progress):

1 random VIDEO UP!! (08/06)
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