[3.3] Blade Vortex Quad Aura Guide - League Starter

I am currently running a slightly different skill tree and clearing maps with shield charge. The triple herald or quad aura build still work great with higher damage, I just went with shield charge for faster clear speeds even though its less damage. Video guide below.

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my very first PoE build guide. I first want to say if there is anything you find wrong with this post I.E links not working, please let me know!

For incursion I wanted to have my league starter be two things. One, something I have never played before, and two, a spell that got buffed from the new patch. I came across a few guides for blade vortex and recently ended up with this final build as I am level 88 going into yellow/red maps. This build is decent league starter as you don't need much and to advance to late game you won't need much investment especially with items getting cheaper each day.

Check out my stream where you can see the build live!

Video Guide!

3.3 Changes
Even though the max amount of charges got cut in half, the spell received buffs to negate the change to max blades. The spell is now a lot smoother to play as you don't need to wait for a lot of stacks to dash through packs. Also this change allows for you to use another damage support in replace of Spell Echo.

-Good league starter
-High Damage output
-Decent life pool (5-6k)
-Melts bosses (not sure about red map bosses yet though)

-Still have to stop and recast BV in between each 3-4 packs.
-Not the tankiest build even with 6k life.
-Not the fastest lab farmer

Skill Tree / Ascendancy

This is the PoB for leveling and for end game whether you choose 4 auras and run hatred for more damage, or decide to do a tankier build with MoM + more mana. I am currently running 4 auras and love the higher damage but I am a lot squishier so may switch back to MoM soon we will see.

Ascendancy Order by importance
Pendulum of Destruction - Mastermind of Discord - Shaper of Desolation - Beacon of Ruin


NEED THIS ON HELM TO RUN 4TH AURA COMFORTABLY (if running MoM with just 3 heralds any life/resist helm will do.

Without the Reduced Mana Reserve stat on a helm you end up with 80-90 unreserved mana which is enough to cast BV pretty consistantly but I wanted to make sure I could always cast it so I got a helm with life, resists, and reduced mana reserve. This bumps my mana to a little over 200 which is perfect for always being able to cast.


You want to look for daggers with the following mods in order of importance:
Critical Strike Chance to spells - 80-100%
Spell Damage - 50%+
Add # Elemental Damage to Spells - 30-50
Crit Multi - Any %

The Crit chance to spells is the most important stat you NEED to have a high % of it on your weapons.
You can also run Dagger / Shield and do a shield charge setup which is a lot faster for clearing but you will lose damage from your off hand. Recommend trying dagger + shield late game when items get cheaper.


Inpulsa's is the dream end game chest but not needed for farming mid tier maps. I used a 5 link chest with life and resists until I got to t11 maps when I could afford a impulsa.


Hrimsorrow is cheap and great for this build with its cold conversion.

For the rest of your gear just fill out life/resists.
I recommend looking for dexterity on your rings and neck so you can level up BV and also if you get enough you can spec out of the +30 dex nodes.
On rings you can also get 4-7% cast speed to cast BV faster which is NOICE!

Gem Links
All Gems are in order of importance

Blade Vortex: BV - Added Fire - Phys to Lightning - Controlled Destruction - Increased Crits - Efficacy

Orb of Storms - Power Charge on Crit - Arcane Surge (lvl 6)

Whirling Blades (or shield charge) - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Herald of Thunder - Warlords Mark - Curse on Hit

CWDT (lvl 12) - Immortal Call (lvl 14) - Increased Duration

Any slots: Summon Lightning Golem, Hatred, Herald of Ice. If you can link Hatred / Herald of ice to Enlighten or Empower you can do that too.

Will fill this with common questions and answers once they come up.

Thanks for reading! If you have suggestions for how to improve my forum guide please let me know.


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