[3.3]Incinerate Totem Hierophant (Onslaught, HighES) work in process

Here is my starting build for Incursion... and it is really good.
I wanted to try out the new Incinerate and the Incursion boots, and the best for both is the Hierophant because a lot of mana and tanky aoe nods are nearby and it is easy to level with it...

Mandantory Uniques

and also watchers Eye with added ES based on Max. Mana while under influence of Clarity similar to the mod of the helm and the hierophant node

Nice to have Uniques

or cheaper solaris lorica
as amulett atziri's foible or presence of chayula

For the rest of the gear I think you should prefer mana and res and then es, so moslty defensive gear.
Simple and dumb, place the totems and let them burn everything to the ground. Run around to stay alive and keep your es get regenerated after a hit.
Passive tree:
Lvl 69
lvl 79
Ascendeny points: Divine Guidance (aorund that time you need MoM) --> sanctuary of thoughts --> Persuit of faith (now you can use incinerate on totems and scorching ray for yourself) --> Ritual of Awakening (Now you can use ancestral bond and use siphoning trap instead of scorching ray)
Bandits: Kill them all...

Will be completed...
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Gonna give this a try once you flesh it out a bit more. In the mean time I would suggest uploading a path of building

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