[3.3] Assn Poison Spark (Clearspeed) + Cwdt Loops (Bosses)

Hello! I have a CRAZY idea.

Self Cast Spark for the insane map clear.
w/ +Fire Dmg crit's igniting an Eye of Innocence - starting a CWDT cascade to destroy bosses with infinite duration poison.

3x Level 1 Cwdt
Firestorm 8 + Arc 8 + Inc Crit + Cwdt (Helm)
Firestorm 7 + BV 8 + Inc Crit + Cwdt (Boot)
Firestorm 6 + Spark 11 (Offhand)

3x Level 20 Cwdt
Spark 20 + 3 supports in Hungry Loop + cwdt (Ring1)
Spark 19 + 3 supports in Hungry Loop + cwdt (Ring2)
Spark 18 + 2 Supports + cwdt (Glove)

Shield Charge + Fortify + At Spd (MainHand)

The problem I'm having is estimating the DPS.
My PoB tooltip says 110k Per spark w/ 250 stacks.
Edit2) Now 172k with Perfect Agony at 250 stacks. At 1k its over 600k per spark

Thing is: the 3x Firestorms alone give 3 * 4 casts per second * 10 balls / second * 4 seconds duration = 480. So on the low end, after 4 seconds, I will be hitting 480 times A SECOND. Over 4 seconds (recently)= at a minimum 2k stacks of poison.

Lightning Dmg Poisons off Volkuur gloves, and the real DPS comes from Spark's which should hit multiple times per cast, casting 4x per second x 3 + the self cast.

Each ignite deals 25 dmg to me, and heals for 56.

Edit2: Significant changes to tree and items. Got life to 6k with Belly. Got more crit & Dps.

Let me know if I'm missing something! Or if you can alter the pathing to get more life/dps. I put a premium on more life.

Edit:Redid pathing to save 1 point.
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There is a lot of information here to get your mind wrapped around.
A few things that I don't understand or think might be wrong:

- The recovery you are getting is not instant and will work like leech, so you might kill yourself from just the ignite. Think path of building is not counting on you getting 100x ignites on you in bursts.

- Each cwdt need 3000+ life to activate and 250ms to reset (after that reset starts 3000+ again). Thats alot of damage taken for each cwdt, do they share the damage or do they all need 3000+?

- Eye of innocence is saying "Take 100 Fire Damage when you Ignite an Enemy" if the enemy is already ignited we will not ignite again only reapplying it. Will it still do the 100 fire dmg for each hit or will it only be 100 fire dmg for the whole boss fight? then cwdt will not work.
1) The life recovery from Razor of the Sun is instant. One of the few remaining instant life recovery methods.

2) Multiple Cwdts share damage taken. With 400 damage taken, all 3 of the level 1 cwdts will trigger. As long as the level of the firestorms are not the same, (and they are in different cwdt links) they will all trigger simultaneously.

3) Every Critical Strike with fire damage attached will Ignite. If a larger Ignite is already there, it wont overwrite, but it will trigger the 100 dmg. Every Single Fireball of Firestorm has an 80% chance to crit, and therefore ignite.
This is why Firestorm is ALWAYS included on cwdt builds, its just broken.

Im playing around with making the build use Perfect Agony. Will update tonight or sooner.
I also put in QoTF as Vile Toxins and Swift Affliction now make the top 5 gem links. 4 B is possible, 6 not so much.

Perfect Agony is a dps boost at 65 poison stacks in the last 4 seconds. Even map trash should keep that up.
spark without any pierce? or fork? why do you think each will hit multiple times?
my builds:
- COLB (Cast On Last Breath) first ever build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1632595
- the Flash: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1367774
- the oro's bridle build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1409823
For map trash, 2 pierce from the tree feels like enough to my untrained eye. 3rd pierce is 2 points away, which is an option.

For bosses, I dont expect any single proj to hit more than once (maybe one in 10 hits twice). Each cast gives off 8 - 11 sparks. I can envision with enough proj speed and duration having 2-3 hit the boss. This is more what I was referring to.

Pierce over 3 seems a waste. For trash it wont reduce the number of casts. For bosses it wont help.
and do you understand that from the 8-11 sparks, 1 maybe 2 will hit the boss right?
my builds:
- COLB (Cast On Last Breath) first ever build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1632595
- the Flash: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1367774
- the oro's bridle build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1409823
This build seems very... Aspirational. You have mirror tier gear, have 1000 poisons applied recently, and still only 6k life and under a million dps on your 6-link. Also, your crit multi is 324%, which with all you mirror tier jewels is laughably low. And 164% life? Seriously?

Your CWDT lvl 20's won't proc reliably, how often are you going to be hitting that many enemies? How long is it going to take to get two Hungry loops with the right gems?

This is a cool build idea, but not realistic at all. You're trying to do way, way too much, Spark poison can be a thing, CWDT Eye of Innocence Shenanigans can be a thing, Crit Ailments can be a thing, but not all on the same build.

Also, your tree life, crit multi, resistances, and Dex/Str/Int stats are all really low. Your can't just slap max life rolls on all your PoB gear, see you have 6k life with that and call it a day - That's not realistic for what you can actually get at all.

I recommend you tone this build down and focus on one thing at a time. Make sure your stat requirements are met, and you have 180%+ life on the tree, if you're doing crit make sure you have at least 500% crit multi, if you're doing poison/CWDT shenanigans make sure to test things in game.

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