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This build is currently one of the top eLLD options

Building Around


Prices fluxuate on items but I can list what I spent on gear:
Hooves = 15c
Might of the Meek = 8c
Might of the Meek = 8c
Might of the Meek = 8c
Sceptre #1 = 1 alc
Sceptre #2 = 1 alch
Crafting Sceptres = 8c
Enlighten = 20c
Enlighten = 20c
Elreon Jewelry = 2c
Jewelry craft = 4c
Berek's = 1 alch
Doedre's = 1 alch
Ezomyte = 1 alch
belt = 1c

Total ~ 96c

Movement Speed

Movement Speed makes the steps trigger faster while also giving defense in mobility. Scion is choosen to use 3x Might of the Meek and grab the efficient nodes and notably the movement nodes. Having Adrenaline Suffix rolls on non quicksilver flasks will help you stay engaged with enemies.

Flat Damage to Spells

Without access to significant fire penetration within LLD or access to beyond a 4link you need to get as much flat damage as possible. Using a second Berek's will significantly increase your damage but lower your total utility against a variety of builds.

Resist Gear

By using Might of the Meek Jewel on the Scion your build has a ton of base resist and needs little from gear.

Stun Immunity

Stun immunity is a must for Abberath's hooves as being stunned will allow your enemy to disengage and create distance preventing your damage

Tscaling Abuse

In the current PvP formula "Spells" that do not use Cast Speed can get a larger portion of %damage by having less than 0% cast speed. By avoiding cast speed on gear, the passive tree while equiping Doedre's Tenure you will gain a significant boost of damage. The cost however is many utility spells will feel clunky because of it.

Main Link Setup

Within the community rules you can only have 3 support gems used in your boots that support Abberath's Hooves

Secondary Damage Ability

Cremation is used when you cannot get close enough to an enemy without dying, while also being able to apply pressure. You cannot use 3 damage supports as the mana cost will become too high. You could add a 3rd elreon item, or drop an aura for a more powerful cremation.

These links are simply to get corpses for Cremation

Movement Skills

Due to Dodre's Tenure Flame Dash feels terrible, Flicker is to engage and immediatly do damage while Leap is mostly for Frost Wall and Bear Trap


Bear Trap is simply to catch someone off guard and force a blink arrow. Frost Wall helps gain protection against projectile skills


These are not manditory for the build but simply are efficient choices for Scion


Anger and Herald of Ash improve Abberath's damage while Arctic Armour allows you to chill your enemy once you engage with flicker. Without Enlighten support you could not cast cascade

Passive Tree

PoB pastebin

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