Ethical Occultist caster - Flameblast

Immune to stun, and most slowing effects, doesn't rely on flasks or regen for sustain, frost bomb doesn't effect it. Can be done with any self cast spell you like, Flameblast needs at least 2-3 hits against other defensive builds. Scorhcing ray, Magma Orb, Firestorm, Fire nova mine and many others can all work. Defensive active hit and run playstyle, benefits from taking small hits, warping away for a moment, then rushing in for a few seconds while the recharge from Occultist is active. Power charges generate automatically from Occultist helping Elemental Overload proc easier. Malachai's Vision is important because of the mana regen, with only 2 passives spent on mana it can sustain Flameblast which is one of the most mana hungry spells.


Skill tree:

lvl95 Occultist
9825 ES with Incandescent Heart (13K effective ES against elemental damage)
36% faster start of ES recharge
5207 ES/s recharge rate
28/21% block
Lightning Warp: 89% reduced duration, 147% cast speed
Flameblast tooltip with faster casting without EO: 3594 avg dmg (550 is chaos, rest fire), 135% speed
Flameblast tooltip with faster casting without EO: 5262 avg dmg (850 is chaos, rest fire), 86% speed
Culling strike from weapon
40% fire penetration
75/92/104% ele resist overcaps
142 mana regen per sec

- High ES pool and sustain
- Good mobility
- Stun immune
- Good mana sustain

- Vulnerable to high burst damage or too many opponents covering the arena
- Mediocre damage

Solaris with all upgrades, most important is Jorus against crits
Ralakesh with Drek against Maim.

Bandit: Alira for the resist
IGN: Márkusz
My builds: thread/1600072
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