[3.2] Scion Facebreaker ICE CRASH 1-1.2M SHAPER DPS

You want to punch elder in his face but prefer to play as cute girl instead of muscle dude? You want to be so hipster, that there is no helm with needed enchant in entire league ? Want to have 1.2m Shaper dps without all POB checkbox enabled ? then this guide is for you.

Build idea:

I wanted to play unarmed build, and found out that there is not much diversity in class and skill use. It's almost always ancestral warchief, some tectonic slam juggernauts after 3.2 update, but their damage was not good enough for me, so i decided to invent something different, and as for now, it show big promises to be pretty successful build.

Pros and Cons

1. Good clear speed
2. Non crit version can be played as league starter (did it in flashback event), all you need is facebreakers, and some iron rings and diedbell
3. Good endgame damge
4. Should be able to do all engame content hp\defense wise, not sure about deathless uber elder

1. Need Lycosidale to trully work as intended.
2. Need to finish Uber lab to work as intended
3. You are really melee character, so you will always face to face with enemy, so not HC valuable
4. Ice crash waves mechanic can be confusing at first.
5. Low attack speed.

There is 2 end game versions of build, one is more defensive, other have better damage. They use mostly same equipment, biggest difference is in tree. I start with defensive one.


Facebreaker is core item for unarmed build, cost pretty cheap for not top roll one. Top roll facebreaker with elemental weakness or vulnerability curse is BIS.

That's what allow us to make build crit and take juicy claw nodes in shadow area. Pretty cheap and have divination card set for leagues without talisman crafting.

Lycosidale allow us to hit enemies without Resolute technique node. Without it you can go crit, but will have to take several accuracy nodes\items to hit enemies. Since we have pretty low attacks\second low hit chance can become pain pretty quickly.

Abyssus: BIS helm for unarmed builds. Got alot of damage at expense of increase physical damage taken. Main reason why there is defensive variant of build.

Steel rings with t1 phys life and resist is what you should try to get. Not build enabler but boost your damage significantly.

Scion area is perfect for this gem, it give us alot of life, crit multi and resist.

Try to get abyss jewels with flat physical damage, life and attack speed.

Other equipments slots, you should use to get as much life and resists as possible. Belt with +1 endurance charges will help you a little with defensive version of this build. Try to priotirize armor bases, to further mitigate abyssus influence.

Defensive POB link:

Offensive POB link:

Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts about build and guide itself.
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