[3.2] 79% spell block, 69% block 1kk hybrid dps Sunder Gladiator (Budget version inside)

Hey there! welcome to the guide to my current gladiator.

as of all sunder builds out there, you can start out your character with a couple rare to guide you through the budget part:

=> Prismatic Eclipse with 3 green slots

=> Jack, the axe or soul taker (ez to buy uniques)

3. 69% Block - 79% Spellblock (With Max Roll Rumi's Concoction)
4. Late game gear not so expensive (with 10 exalteds to 15 you will be able to afford all your endgame gear, however the budget part can be bought with 2 ex at most, probably less)
5. could reach 7k life at endgame

1. Can't do physical reflect maps nor elemental with late game gear.
2. Can't do no leech maps
3. fully dependant on blood rage for life leech, the sustained damage you get over time from it can be a problem on low regen maps, however never died due to that. you have a lot of regen out of the tree.

at the first moment, you will have to go full physical DPS, before late game where the rest of the gear you will be able to afford will provide a lot of elemental DPS out of your base physical DPS.

the build is based on the gladiator ascendancy that will provide all your block also to spells. With Rumi's concoction you will be able to reach the 79% breakpoint out of your ascendancy.

At moment, i've completed the atlas, and only died due to high ping + newbie plays + unprepared reckless facing strong bosses (vaal temple, 2 deaths, shaper 1 fail attempt when bad gear + 2 deaths on proper gear)

OBS¹: Sunder only considers the damage from your mainhand, so offhand is full supportive weapon


1st of all, sword builds won't have the resolute technique passive, which will force you to take accuraccy + critical what makes the endgame build a lot more expensive, and our map clearing ability (being the same as the one we use for bosses, unlikely the reave + bflurry actual meta) is much more effecient, while dropping a little dps on bosses when compared to bflurry.

Passive tree evolution:
http://poeurl.com/bTcj (1st part)
http://poeurl.com/bTck (2nd part)
http://poeurl.com/bTcl (my final and current build)

Ascendancy: Blood in the eyes > painforged > versatile combatant > violent retaliation

Bandit: 2 points (kill all)


Main Weapon: at beginning you can take any of the soul taker / jack the axe, later upgrade for some high Physical DPS rare axe, the more DPS the better. Don't mind the attacks per second value, only the PDPS because you will use whirling blades for movement, and it only considers the value of your offhand (being it a claw or sword).
Example: my axe atm 440 pdps, bought for 4 exalteds:

Offhand: Late game you will need an offhand that has 2x physical to element mods, i took a claw because it not only had those, as it also has a additional block chance which helps reaching the 79% threshold.
(bought for 1 ex)

Helmet: rare with armor + life + resistances. additionals: Sunder enchantment. If you could afford resistance on other gear, it could be craiccean helmet for extra block spell, which could free a couple slots on passive tree. just an idea.
(around 1ex at most)

Body Armour: Craiceann's Carapace seems to be the best on actual meta, giving bleeding immunity, but could be a little expensive. go with a rare one if you can't afford yet, look for life + resistances + good armour (aa good astral plate would do)
(around 3.5 exalted)

Rings / Amulet: you should look for mana leech on at least one of those, as probably you won't be able to afford a very good gloves with mana leech mod, while you can take a very good physical damage + mana leech amulet with life and resistances for less than 1 exalted. look for the hysteria essence rings: 10% extra physical damage as fire, they will help reaching 1kk dps
(around 50c each)

Boots: Kaom's with as much HP as possible, obviously. as for enchantment go for extra attack speed and cast speed after killing, much less expensive and better than extra frenzy charge.
without enchantment around 10 chaos at most

Gloves: good spiked gloves with good attack speed would do, but if you can afford tombfist with good sockets will help raising your HP by a lot, while sustaining DPS and giving up possible leech mana mods or resistances.

tombfist is around 1.5 ex, with gems 2ex.

Belt: if you ever be able to afford a headhunter would be the best possible option as mapping is so fast with sunder and such movement speed. however, before it, get a good rustic belt with life + resistances. if it can take elemental damage with attacks, better. the shaper mod +#% increased maximum life is insane, but expensive.
(worth around 50c)


Late game, you'll only reach 1kk DPS with lion's roar + atziri. my flask setup is:

you can suap the mod of the health potion, and probably could use taste of hate or something instead of the lion's roar, but none will take your dps higher. blood of the karui really excels at saving your ass.

Gem setup:


6L - Sunder - Concentrated Effect - Melee Physical Damage - Multistrike - Ruthless - Bloodlust
4L - Whirling Blades - Fortify - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic
3L - Ancestral Warchief - Chance to Bleed - Conc. Effect / Inc. Area of Effect (Concentrated against bosses, increased for mapping)
2L (Gloves, tombfist) - Blood Rage - Leap Slam
4L (IF gloves are spiked fist) - Leap Slam - Blood Rage - CWDT - Immortal Call/Enfeeble
3L - Hatred - Summon Lightning Golem - Arctic Armour

Jewels: focus on attack speed, block while dual wield, maximum life %; resistances and attributes are a plus (if you want to reach 79% breakpoint without active ascendancy passive bonus from violent retaliation, you need 2x 1% block while dual wielding jewels)

conclusion and finalization: the build is able to do the whole game content, it's pretty cheap and yet very funny and strategical to play with, as it's not a facetank build but could do close to that. i'd like to give credits for AkumanoTsubasa and his build which i've started out my character following until reaching late game and i took some different prospects from his original build, so, thanks for your teaching. this is his sunder build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1979204
Also, you only reach the 1kk DPS on sunder first wave tooltip on PoB when you use herald of ash over arctic armour, or use really gg passive points on lvl 98, 97, but the dps will be close to that and even higher if you understand how the total sunder damage actually applies, with various levels of damage, 1st and 2nd wave.

Paste PoB Character:

everyday trying something new
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what is your pantheon? any recommend?
Hi! Awesome build, I'm playing that in flashback event! I have some questions: why do you take Crismon Dance? It's really worth it?
The helm enchantment for sunder damage give a huge boost on dps? I was really lazy to buy one and craft a decent helm, lol.

PS: You bought the elder siege axe that I was going to buy. LOL
IGN: aoshie

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