[3.2] Notwisted's Chained Scion Hybrid. End Game content!-FLOOD THE ATLAS!-

Welcome to my build Guide! I have just over 1100 hours in POE and this is my shot at a unique build.
Please comment with any suggestions and improvements you can think of! Feedback is what makes this community great IMO.
I check this thread DAILY and will try my best to reply to every post.

I had originally made this build as a necro, but changed my class to be able to do end game content. That said the necro is a much faster mapper! You can check it out Here!

My char is currently lvl: 87
(uber lab/T12/T13/T15/Atziri down!)
(about ~5.6k EHP)
(Animate guardian has ~80k life)

Please enjoy the guide!

Change Log ::

- added POB link
- linked the gear for AG
- fixed my helm links in current gear section xD (ty Inferius90)
- added the scourge as a weapon swap option for when we cannot gain rampage
- added 6L clarification in the Current Gear section of the guide (ty PugnaDugna)
- added levelling guide to 70
- added tips/tricks section (ty again Inferius90)

- added some more info in the tips and tricks section (ty karungz)
- added Video section w/ T12 summit run. (video quality is bad I know.)

- added ascendancy section
- added Pantheon section

- added In-Depth Gear Guide

- added minion agro note in tips/tricks section
- added build mechanic's section.
- added Pro's/Con's list.
- New POB link to reflect me/my guardian's setup.

- HUGE build revamp!
- added new video (T13 terrace)
- changed build title to reflect revamps to the build.
- added Gem's and Link's section! (this complete's the build guide!)
- added uber lab run video (only the izaro phases)
- added T15 reef video
- added full atziri run video
- added new cheap guardian gear in guardian section. (ty Toralian)

- added a budget gear section for our char and AG. (requested by users)

- added a build for the scion variation of the build (end-game capable)
check out the witch build (better mapper) Here!
- updated current gear section for Scion
- updated POB link for Scion
- levelling guide updated for Scion
- ascendency updated for Scion
- Gem's and Link's section updated for Scion
- Slight alteration to In-depth Gear Guide section for Scion
- added a red elder fight video using the scion variation

- added Acid Lakes No-regen Deathless video

Pro's/Con's ::

+ Fun! it's great having a personal army :P
+ Hipster, you don't wanna play the same build as the majority? This is you right here!
+ Safe(ish) we don't need to run up and punch things to kill them, our army does that.
+ Very Scaleable! Love min-maxing? This is awesome for it! Lot's of combinations AND 2 gear sets means a lot of flexibility! (only 2 mandatory uniques!)
+ Budget start! the build is viable from as low as ~ 70c (the majority of investment is in the chest piece for 50c)
+ 5+ jewel sockets by lvl 80.
+ Easy levelling to 70+ with skele mages.
+ Phys / Ele reflect is no issue as long as the AG can out leech his dmg. (vorici gloves)

- We don't attack ourselves, this means we are very vulnerable when we don't have minions up. (we need Animated guardian up at a minimum.)
- Expensive to min-max, Wanna squeeze everything you can out of this? That'll cost you. It's the same for nearly every build but its worth mentioning as a con IMO.
- Guardian NEEDS decent gear to get you to end game content. (I use maybe a 5ex setup with room for improvement, including Starfordge (~2ex, and a rare elder chest ~3ish ex but this can have AG drops on death crafted to it so its worth the heaviest part of the investment. I should note that until T12's I used a 10c rare ~400ish DPS axe.)
- Temporal Chains feels bad.
- No Regen can be shitty.

Video's ::

Build Mechanic's ::

Core Mechanic's

We use the new unique

to create an army of our Animated Guardian's weapon (AGW). (just like the animate weapon gem) These weapons populate the map at a rate of:

1x every monster killed by the animated guardian


10% chance when the animated guardian's weapon's kill other monsters.

Suffice to say we get AGW's A LOT :P. BUT this wasn't enough for me. I needed more and I have always been interested in

So I did some testing and we CAN use both the chest and dancing duo in the same setup.

I have recently moved away from the dancing duo in the build. While we do get exceptional clear speed with it... it just isn't viable for us to push end game content (the ultimate goal of this build).

We make use of
these give us reliable AGW spawn when we have only a few AGW's and AG near us.
Good times to use the flasks:
- at the very start of a map.
- right before we fight a boss. (don't forget that animate weapon has a limited time on the map)
- when we need life/mana.


We are looking to spawn as many AGW's as possible. Before we enter a map we need at a minimum animate guardian spawned and equipped. (see "animated guardian setup" section for gearing).

Now, when we enter the map use a flask charge, you have 2 chances to spawn AGW. I feel like 3/4 AGW's is a comfortable start of a map.

After we have the AGW's up we start running the map.

As we don't attack our job is to debuff the enemy while our army smashes them to pieces.

The name of the game now is speed! we need to clear the map without stopping. I almost never stop unless I spot a very nice drop. (The way the minion AI works is defensively (read passively) they will be more likely to follow you when you run around a pack than to agro new targets. We overcome this in two ways:

- Moving quickly to mobs as the duo's clear in front of us (following method)
- We hit a target forcing the minion AI to actively target it. Cursing a target will also work this way. (brute method)

Now we have a decent Ehp pool but it's not ideal. we will still take lethal damage if not careful. For this, I use, whirling blades // fortify and CwDT 1 // immortal call 3 setup


If you don't already have some AGW's before entering a boss room use a few flasks to get some up.

The name of the game is spawning minions and run/whirling blades around cursing and spirit offering every few seconds to keep the dmg up and increase our own survivability with spirit offering. I only rip to a boss because I'm not standing where I need to be when I need to be there.

Our interaction
We are more or less a glorified Aurabot for our minions. You can get "#% increased Minion Damage if you've used a Minion Skill Recently" on the abyss jewels. Spirit offering really help's here. Basically, we run around with the minions casting spirit offering and cursing everything we see. Easy job.

Gem's and Link's ::

- Always aim for 21/20 on your gems!
- Gems and links are in no particular order!

Animate Guardian Setup: (NEEDS TO BE IN HELM):
4L (in pseudo 6L helm w/ Minion damage and minion life)
- Animate guardian
- Melee physical damage support
- empower support (lvl 4 is a HUGE QOL for AG survivability)
- Faster attacks support

- Ruthless support
- Minion Damage support
- Melee physical damage support
- Increased Duration support (QOL. This can be replaced by Bloodlust/vile toxins/lesser poison for more DPS)
- Multistrike support
- Minion speed support

CwDT Setup:
- Cast when damage taken level 1 (most proc's)
- Immortal call level 3 (highest level to use with CWDT level 1)

Spirit offering / Bone offering setup:
- Spirit offering/bone offering (spirit is dmg and survivability and bone is pure minion survivability)

Movement skill setup:
- Whirling blades
- Fortify support
- Faster attacks support

Curse on Hit / wither setup:
3L (can drop increased duration in the spirit offering setup and have a dual curse setup if you prefer)
- Bladefall
- Curse on hit
- Vulnerability
Wither: (best with an additional curse ammy)
- Cast while channelling
- wither
- Vulnerability
- Despair

Aura's and desecrate setup:
4L (only need 2L for the Haste but 4L helps so why not)
- Convocation
- Haste
- Desecrate
- Enlighten (this is QOL. I use a lvl 4 cause I can afford it but a 3 would work nicely as well)

In-Depth Gear Guide ::

I'll be doing this for a Life/ES hybrid, Though we favour life. Please feel free to change it up as you see fit I'm by no means a seasoned expert (I have around 1.1k hours in POE). I will link the items I post along with the recommended mods for them. prices and links are as of the time of this edit: (28/4/2018)

Mandatory Uniques :


~50c for a 6S and 5c for the cheapest non 6s

Priority: HIGHEST


Basically gives our minions a great DPS boost Awesome leech rates AND poison to help with that heavy boss clear.

HIGH BUDGET ~6ex (cheaper to buy the severed in sleep ~8c and use a blessing on it ~5ex)

Severed in sleep works until we can afford an upgrade. ~8c

Ultra Budget ~1c
(nice dps increase as long as we hit recently.)

Priority: HIGH

So we are now running Necromantic Aegis which opens options up for us. also allows shield charge instead of whirling blades for those of you that prefer it.


This is BiS Massive dps increase. also, block chance is great for minion survivability
~1 alch
This is a decent alternative until we can afford the lyco. Charge generation is very helpful!
Priority: MEDIUM

Helmet :

Bone Helm
Is BIS with the implicit. We need ilvl 83 and elder influenced to get +3 minion gems and the lvl20 minion skills. We can use any helm though so long as we hit the desired mods. (this base is ~ 7 ex NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BUDGET)

Mods we want:
+# to Level of Socketed Minion Gems.
Socketed Gems are supported by Level # Minion Damage /
Minions deal #% increased Damage (lvl 20 is T1 but we can work with lvl 16 as well).
Socketed Gems are supported by Level # Minion Life /
Minions have #% increased maximum Life (lvl 20 is T1 but we can work with lvl 16 as well).

Budget ver:
~30 chaos
OR go very budget and drop the +# to Level of Socketed Minion Gems
~1 alch

High Budget Ver:
Anywhere from 50c - 20 ex

Priority: HIGH
(This is where we put our Animated guardian. The pseudo 6L is incredibly helpful. Minion Gems is also VERY helpful, even +1 with an empower 3 makes a MASSIVE difference in AG survivability (something we REALLY want.) especially with the top end gear needed for the very late game.)

Gloves :

Rare gloves

Mods we want:
Dex/Str (whichever is needed more)

everything else is open to you.


High budget:

Priority: Medium

Belt :

Stygian vise is BIS for the abyss jewel Getting one with res is VERY helpful so we don't have to cover res with our rings / ammy)

Mods we want:


High budget:
~2 ex

Priority: Medium

Body Armour :


190% / 90 Life is a max rolled, aim for as high as you can afford.
(Link and price in the 1st section of the gear guide)

Priority: HIGHEST

Boots :

Mods we want:

~2 alch

High budget:
~1 ex

Priority: Medium

Rings :

Mods we want:
Essence option(s) - Essence of Fear for minion movement speed % (not needed)

I'm not going to link The rings or AMMY for this guide as it really does depend on the items you have as to whether you need res on them or can go for straight stats (stats is needed and better)

Get unset rings if you need sockets for your aura's

I like

as it covers a much needed hole in our defenses by stopping freeze.

Priority: Medium/Low (might be needed for stats)

Amulet :

Mods we want:
Essence option(s) - Essence of Fear for minion movement speed % (not needed)
- Essence of Insanity for #% chance to Recover 10% of Maximum Mana when you use a Skill(hard to get)
- Essence of Horror for #% increased effect of Fortify on You (also hard to get)

Again I'm not going to link Ammy's here as they need to be tailored to the build.
with the additional curse implicit is just about BiS.
Priority: Medium/Low (might be needed for stats)

Flasks :

The Writhing Jar - ~3c We use these to spawn our Animated Guardian Weapons / keep the rampage active / start a rampage when necessary (Need 4 TWJ's. Aim for 16/40 charges used).
Priority: High

The Overflowing Chalice - ~1c We use this for fast Charge generation in certain circumstances.
Priority: Low

These are definitely open to change and you can run any flask you like. Just note that we dont do any real attacks of our own so flask that gives us dodge/armour/move speed/res help us more than anything.

Jewels :
Abyss Jewels:
Mods we want:
Minions deal # to # additional Physical Damage
Minions have #% chance to Blind on Hit with Attacks (defensive)
Minions have #% chance to Taunt on Hit with Attacks (defensive)
Minions have #% increased Attack Speed / Minions have #% increased Cast Speed (offensive)
Minions Regenerate #% Life per second (nice QOL)
Minions Leech #% of Damage as Life (QOL)
Minions have #% increased Movement Speed (QOL)
Minions have #% increased maximum Life ( Very nice QOL)
Minions have +#% to all Elemental Resistances (defensive / slightly recommended)
Minions have +#% to Chaos Resistance (Rare. big defensive mod)
Minions have #% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you or your Minions have Killed Recently (offensive)
#% increased Minion Damage if you've used a Minion Skill Recently (nice QOL offensive)

NOTE: These mod's are not in any order. It's up to you to pick and choose what you feel like is most needed. "Minions deal # to # additional Physical Damage" is flat and so is scalled the best with our %extra minion dmg nodes/mods on gear and "#% increased Minion Damage if you've used a Minion Skill Recently".

Mods we want:
#% increased maximum Life
#% increased maximum Energy Shield (cobalt only)
#% increased Minion Damage (cobalt only)
Minions have #% increased maximum Life (cobalt only)
Minions have +#% Chance to Block (cobalt only)
Minions have +#% to all Elemental Resistances (cobalt only)

Watcher's Eye Mod's
If you are doing the Hybrid build these are some decent mods for a watcher's eye:


- (1.5-2.5)% of Maximum Energy Shield Regenerated per Second while affected by Discipline
- (20-30)% increased Energy Shield Recovery Rate while affected by Discipline
- (30-40)% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge while affected by Discipline
- +(20-30) Energy Shield gained for each Enemy Hit while affected by Discipline (This is VERY situational and is my least recommended mod for Discipline, we only hit with blade fall.)


- (30-50)% increased cooldown recovery speed of Movement Skills used while affected by Haste (nice moveskill speed)
- You have Phasing while affected by Haste
- Unaffected by Temporal Chains while affected by Haste (can be nice and is cheap)


- (100-140) Life Regenerated per Second while affected by Vitality
- +(20-30) Life gained for each Enemy Hit while affected by Vitality (VERY situational. We only hit with blade fall)
- (50-70)% increased Life Recovery from Flasks while affected by Vitality (least recommended)
- (20-30)% increased Life Recovery Rate while affected by Vitality

Once again I will not post a link/price in this section as it is VERY build/style dependent. (i like the flat phys and some leech on abyss jewels.

At 80 we have 6 tree sockets and 1 belt socket. (i think it's worth investing in at least 1 cobalt %life/%es jewel.)

Budget Gear ::

I have had a couple of requests for a separate budget section. It will mostly be a list of the gear listed in the budget version's inside the "In-Depth Gear Guide" and Also the budget version of the AG (again same gear that's in the AG guide) I'll also add a total cost at the time of the post to the top of each section.

Our Gear:

Total at time of post (22/4/2018) : 54.2 chaos


Body Armour:

Currently ~25C is the cheapest six socket (remember we don't need any links in this) on market.

Weapon (main hand):

Severed in sleep works until we can afford an upgrade. ~9c This is the non-blessed version of our end tier weapon. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS OVER THE OTHER OPTION This is what I will be including in the final budget price.


Ultra Budget ~2c
nice dps increase as long as we hit recently. We use your curse on hit to trigger this.

Sheild (off hand):

~4 alt
This is a decent alternative until we can afford the lyco (i just want to note that lyco is a MASSIVE dps increase for us). Charge generation is very helpful


~5 chaos This is the absolute minimum IMO it has:
+1 to socketed minion gems.
skills gain lvl 16 minion life.
skills gain lvl 16 minion dmg.
This build is very dependent on our AG and we need him to be the biggest strongest man he can be.


~2c nothing new here I did not add the recommended str or dex in the search as its a build to build thing. It also depends on how closely you stick to the tree I posted.


~10c I highly recommend the Stygian here. The more abyss jewels we get the better off we are at scaling our minion dmg. If res is not an issue then
Darkness Enthroned (~2 alch) is a nice way of squeezing out an extra jewel socket.


~1c Pretty much cover res and stat's.


By no means is this what you need or what I think you should get. unset ring helps A LOT with needed sockets(aura's). It's hard for me to tell you exactly what you will need just make sure you cover the str and dex needed to keep levelling your gems.
PERSONALLY, I prefer to drop a ring and equip
Dream fragment's


By no means is this what you need or what I think you should get. Amulets can cover a lot of needed stat's.


Astramentis Onyx Amulet Is worth mentioning as it will cover all the stats needed and we can take better or more desirable rings (if we want to run dual curse or a 5L hungry Loop) etc.

Animated Guardian Gear:

Total at time of post (22/4/2018) : 10 chaos


~4 c cheap chest for getting bleed immunity for our AG.


~1c cheap kaom's root's mostly for life and stun immunity.


~2c Vorici #$increased life leech gloves. You can get them even cheaper I just set the search to only pull up max rolled leech.


~1c Abyssus is a massive DPS increase. With the life leech gloves, I have not had an issue yet.

Weapon (main hand):

~1 alch Wasp Nest for the poison scaling + atk speed.

Weapon (off hand):

2 Choices here.
Either another Wasp nest for massive atk speed.
A shield for more def, something like This for ~2c
This for ~1alt

Current Gear :: (28/4/2018)


for this build to work. In fact it workes 100% THE SAME with no links at all!

Recent REVAMP:

With Necromantic Aegis in Tree.

We use blade fall (big AOE) w/ Vulnerability curse on hit.
The Lyco and Necromantic aegis are a BIG dps boost. The United in Dreams is also a massive DPS boost and minion survivability QOL.
(NOTE: We are still limited to 50 Animated weapons be them from the Animated Weapon gem or the Animated Guardian Weapon skill. Confirmed.)

POB Link ::


Ascendancy ::


Pantheon ::


So I like Brine for bosses and Lunaris for mapping. sometimes I swap between the two.


For Brine I take:

For Lunaris I take:

Animated Guardian setup ::

I'll do my best to explain the Gear choices here.
Check the POB link for NEWEST AG setup!!!


(this is around 2ex on POE trade. I crafted it for this AG)

EDIT:: this is not the chest I use on my AG it is one I messed around with using and will achieve similar results I WILL be trying to annul the armour and craft chest drops on AG death.(maybe slam hoping for % life regen per second.)

chest: rare elder chest with T1 life / % life on kill and 1.2% life regen and % extra hp(I'm getting ~13% hp regen on my AG with the necro ascendancy nodes and ~ 80k hp) he isn't unkillable with it but he is damn near close. so far he has only died to me not convoking him when he is in a bad spot and getting absolutely stuck in uber izaro traps, Also not paying attention in my 5th atziri run in a row cause i got complacent :P.

cheap chest for getting bleed immunity for our AG

Current chest stats for POB:
New Item
Battle Plate
Elder Item
Crafted: true
Prefix: {range:0.254}IncreasedLife10
Prefix: {range:1}MaximumLifeUber1
Prefix: None
Suffix: {range:0.975}Strength5
Suffix: {range:0.028}MaximumLifeOnKillPercentUber2__
Suffix: {range:0.451}LifeRegenerationRatePercentUber1
Quality: 20
Sockets: R-R-R-R-R-R
LevelReq: 60
Implicits: 0
+32 to Strength
+102 to maximum Life
8% increased maximum Life
Recover 5% of Maximum Life on Kill
1.2% of Life Regenerated per second
{crafted}Item drops on Death if Equipped by an Animated Guardian

This can be copied and pasted as a custom item and is the EXACT chest my AG uses.

boots: I'm using a shitty pair of kaoms roots they help a lot with life scaling I have a lot of minion res in jewels and tree so I'm not so worried about getting him flat res on gear it seems chaos dmg is the only real threat anyway.
Uber Lab enchant: 2% regen is BiS and we dont need an implicit on these!

gloves: Very cheap Vorici gloves. Used only for the massive leech bonus. Meta crafting these would be EXPENSIVE. but BIS for the gloves on AG. Think life and tri res.

helm: abyssus. nuff said here I'm trying to squeeze out as much phys dps as possible this is bis for that. it does make the AG more vulnerable but again I scale leech with my minions it seems to work well.

Leer Cast also works well here!

I divined this 1

weapon: Starforge baby! We scale Phys DMG so we are going for the highest 2H sword we can get (max life roll and near max extra phys roll)

Cheap Options : (weapon and sheild)

Wasp Nest
(atk speed, poison and life leech)

Victario's charity
(life, res, and power/frenzy charge generation)

Toralian had cleared T15's with the weapon setup in guardian.

Levelling Guide ::

NOTE: This guide will cover levelling as a life/ES Hybrid We get ES from Chains of Command so we may aswell use it.

We start as the Scion. Basically, we take a lot of minion nodes so we will be using zombies and skeletons/Summon Raging spirit's until we hit 70!

Levelling Gear:

If you cannot afford at least lvl2 Empower then swap it for

for bosses, we swap GMP for

this setup along with 2

should be enough to carry you all the way to guardians let alone level to 70.

28 skill points:
We go for Shaper first. It's up to you whether or not you take the jewel socket. I always do as I use abyss jewels while levelling (if I have them), Also we will want this socket after lvl 10 for the "Dead reckoning" jewels that really speed our levelling up!
After Shaper, (and the other jewel socket if you want it(again we will need it for dead reckoning), we are going to b-line for herd the flock and puppet master.
Then we look to take Purity of flesh and Discipline and Training!


28 - 50 skill points
We go straight to Heart and Soul from here, Then take Lord of the dead followed by Grave Intentions.
Now we fill out the melding wheel and take the next jewel socket.


50 - 85 skill points
We take Death Attunement next then the cruel preparation nodes.
After this, we go back to the Scion starting area and take the south most jewel socket and the res nodes associated with it down to Sentinel, now we fill out the scion life wheel and take Arcane chemistry. Lastly, we take the Jewel socket south of the Scion life wheel.

85 - 96 skill points (level 70!)
First, we will take the gravepact notable. Then the jewel slot to the east of the Scion area.
We use intuitive Leap in this jewel socket to give us necro aegis and the block notable in that wheel, also we take Hired Killer for the 6% life.

At this point you are at the level needed to equip and run the Chains of command chest piece !! YAY!

Tips/Tricks ::

Flask charge generation idea:
Inferius90 wrote:
How to get flask charges as necro:

Ethereal Knives + Inc. Crit Strikes + Curse on Hit + Curse + Faster Projectiles/Pierce

EK with crit strikes on 90lvl has 37% crit chance. I think it's not that bad
Or Bladefall - 32% crit but it attacks 5 times so higher chance to get flask charge

Bladefall + power charge on crit + inc crit strikes + curse on hit + Vulnerability

Ice Spear seems to be the best skill for crit. Highest base crit 7%. 44% without power charges. In groups of monters it has 80%+ chance to crit.

Guardian Tips :
Karunga wrote:

3) Using Spirit Guard does not allow your Animate Guardian to use Ranged Weapons (sadly).

4) If your Animate Guardian DUAL WIELDS, he will only animate his Mainhand weapon.
That is btw. the Weapon he holds in his left hand, since the AG is a based on a Skinless Templar model.

Minion Agro:

Minion Targeting:
Although minions can't be commanded directly, they can be directed by user actions to attack targets. Attacking an enemy with a skill will force minions to prioritize that target.

This is useful because minions tend to be passive otherwise and attack targets nearby, or even move with the player

Credits/Thanks ::

**Massive shout out to Dick_Ticklefist this guy here LOVES POE (maybe POB more :P) and has helped me more than any single resource I hope he one day writes a build guide for one of his many unique builds. He would get BotW hands down! <3 thanks dude

**Inferius90 gave us the flask charge generation idea! love the work mate!

**Karunga for the info on AG thanks bruh

**Toralian for all the suggestions and the advice. Really appreciate it mate!

Thank you for reading this far! Good Luck exiles!
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Red elder video UP!
vid link to red elder is broken
fixed vid link!
Yo how's this feeling in 3.3? thanks for the guide btw!

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