[3.2] Tri-Herald Reave/BF Melee Elementalist

Reave/Blade Flurry Tri-Herald Elementalist **(3.2)**

So, I've been tinkering around with this melee style Elementalist for a while, and it seems really good and super fun to play! I haven't seen any written guides for anything like this so I'll go over my experiences with the build and suggestions. It's probably not quite as powerful as Champion for Reave and BF, but it's still a great choice for all content and boasts a speedy and flashy playstyle!

The core of the build uses Reave as a massive aoe to quickly clear trash. Between Herald of Ice and Inpulsa you frequently kill one enemy and everything around it explodes. Most enemies are frozen or explode so you don't need to worry about porcupines, etc. We use claws, specifically Bloodseeker for instant leech and fairly strong DPS, with high crit chance and multiplier, and a scepter offhand so that it offers stats but does not work with Reave or BF. We also utilize the new Beacon of Ruin Ascendancy passive in conjunction with plenty of "Effect of Shock" to guarantee at least 40-45% extra damage, even on the toughest of bosses like Shaper and Uber Elder. I use Reave almost exclusively until t15/16 maps and then I swap in Blade Flurry for bosses for the extra dps. I also experimented with using BF for clearing and it's honestly all right, too, just a tad bit slower than Reave.

We'll be converting all of our damage to elemental, which lets us scale our damage pretty heavily and we don't have to worry about Physical Reflect mods at all. Elemental reflect is doable but it's not very safe and you can die easily so I avoid them, myself. No regen is fine, you just have to hoof it on foot and not use whirling blades between packs or you run out of mana.

Pros and Cons

*Fast Clear speed utilizing Reave, Herald of Ice, and Inpulsa's Broken Heart
*Great Single Target DPS
*Can do all content with relative ease
*Flashy explosions!
*Active gameplay (multiple skills, flasks)
*Top-tier Movement skill: Whirling Blades
*Instant Leech (yay!)


*Somewhat Squishy (~5.2k life with decent gear, but you get Acrobatics to compensate)
*Can be expensive to get gear early on in league
*Not a 1 button class
*Not as HC friendly due to lowish life pool and dodge RNG
*Cannot run Elemental Reflect mods
*Very hard to meet STR requirements


Required Uniques

This claw has respectable damage and makes us into a life leeching machine (Hello, old VP). Attack speed is great and extra movement is the icing on the cake.

Inpulsa's Broken Heart:
Many autobomber builds use this body for it's explosion effect on death, which also benefits us greatly. It also has life, which we badly need, as well as increased effect of shock. Look for a high roll on the effect of shock (up to 40%).

These boots give us movement speed and convert some of our damage to lightning. They also have increased effect of shock, so look for as close to 25% as you can get.

Suggested Rares

Your stat stick adds a LOT, and I mean a LOTTTT of damage to this build. You can use a Doryani's Catalyst as a fill in, but a good stat stick will be much better. It's basically multiple Hatred auras all on one weapon. Look for % physical damage added as extra elemental damage. Other useful add-ons are accuracy, elemental damage, and global crit multiplier. You don't use this weapon to Reave or BF so crit strike chance does nothing unfortunately and I don't believe scepters can have global crit strike chance on them.

Look for a shaper helmet with life and increased effect of shock. Accuracy is also a nice stat to have here.

Look for life and resists on hands. You can craft on some damage or attack speed if you can find them for a reasonable price. I looked into spiked gloves for the "increased melee damage" and they actually came out lower damage than my pair with added flat damage, but either would be okay. More mana leech here never hurts, but we do get some from the passive tree as well. Strength is also lacking in this build, so strength on the gloves could be very useful.

Life and resists, as per usual in the slot. Either a high elemental damage with attacks or added it through Elreon is great for damage. I also suggest using a stygian vise with a dps jewel in it. Strength is also beneficial in this slot if possible.

Look for more life, resists, strength, and then add on some damage (flat or increased) where you can. I use an unset ring for Enduring Cry, but that's totally optional and just something I do out of habit most of the time, and the build functions perfectly fine without it if you so choose.


I like to use 2 health flasks to play it safe, but the 2nd could very easily be swapped out for a quicksilver flask of Heat. For harder bosses I also recommend swapping out Atziri's Promise for Taste of Hate, although they can be rather expensive but offer almost as much damage and added damage mitigation. The 2nd health flask also easily becomes any other utility flask you might want such as a ruby for the Phoenix, etc. The Diamond flask is pretty much all you need for trash and adds a tremendous amount of damage. Lion's roar is the 2nd most important, adding quite a bit of damage and added survivability by knocking enemies away from you constantly.

Gem Links

(Trash Clear)Body: Reave - Multistrike Support - Elemental Damage with Attacks Support - Increased Area of Effect - Physical to Lightning Support - **Hypothermia

(Boss DPS)Body: Blade Flurry - Melee Physical Damage Support - Elemental Damage with Attacks Support - Concentrated Effect - Physical to Lightning Support - **Hypothermia OR Added Cold Support for Chill Immune Bosses

**If you only have a 5L you can drop Hypothermia and still do okay, but it definitely does add quite a bit of damage when you get 6L chest.

Head: Frenzy - Power Charge on Critical - Increased Critical Strikes - Multistrike Support

This is our reliable way of generating frenzy and power charges on bosses. Three swipes will cap your frenzy charges and usually net a couple power charges in the process as added bonus. It's usually not necessary to even do this, but I find it helps a lot on stronger bosses and bosses with little to no trash to generate frenzy charges off of.

Weapon1: Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks Support - Fortify

Movement skill for going fast and fortifies on hit adding another layer of defense that is relatively easy to keep active.

Weapon2: Herald of Ash - Ancestral Protector (lv16ish depending on strength) - Summon Ice Golem

Random skills that don't need links. I prefer a lv20 manually summoned golem since it offers more stats and has a lot more health. I tried the CWDT setup with a lv10 golem and he was just always dead. Ancestral Protector is amazing and makes BF go really fast, but it has fairly high str requirement so you may have trouble leveling it high.

Hands: Herald of Ice - Herald of Thunder - Blasphemy - Elemental Weakness

I tried curse on hit - assassin's mark here also and it was fine, but you honestly don't need help on trash so the power charges seemed wasted and did little against bosses. PoB showed higher DPS using Elemental weakness so I tried it and have been on that gameplan ever since. You'll definitely notice hexproof bosses dying slower, but in those situations Assassin's mark wouldn't have helped you anyway. Not to mention we can build power charges with a well placed Frenzy.

Feet: Cast When Damage Taken (low level) - Immortal Call (lv1) - Increased Duration Support - Blood Rage

These links help keep us alive when we do manage to get hit. Immortal call buys you enough time to keep leeching back up to full. The increased duration on Blood rage also gives it a very healthy duration of like 19 seconds, so you don't have to constantly reapply it on bosses and you can do entire maps without it falling off. Blood rage adds a considerable amount of damage and attack speed.

Optional Unset Ring: Enduring Cry

Help Alira

Passive Skill Tree

1) Pendulum of Destruction
2) Mastermind of Discord
3) Shaper of Desolation
4) Beacon of Ruin

You can swap 1+2 and 3+4 depending on personal preference. I like pendulum early for the aoe increase and herald increase is nice and lets us start running blasphemy+elemental weakness earlier on while leveling and that is enough elemental penetration to kill most stuff in one hit. The proliferation from Beacon of Ruin is most certainly handy early on for clearing trash as well though via Herald of Fire/Ice.

Lv 90:

Lv 95:

Overall, I've really been enjoying this build and plan to start next league on it. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. I've tried a lot of different things with this and so far this setup felt the best.

Happy Hunting, Exiles!
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Leveling Guide and Videos Coming Soon. TM
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looks like a carbon copy of engineering eternity's build https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcKEgHIuoyA

same tree, same gear, same everything
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atleast come up with your own builds dude, that's pretty low
Not even a credit to Eternity? wow.
Seriously dude? Make your own shit.

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