ADTR's Glacial Cascade Miner [In-Depth] [Budget] [Leaguestart][3.3] ~~ [Work in progress]

This will be my first in Depth Guide for a Glacial Cascade miner from Leaguestart to Min Max. Im currently working on it and it WONT BE FINISHED until next League.

For the Leaguestart i recommend you farm The Blood Aqueduct in Act 9 for Humility Divination Cards to get a Tabula Rasa as fast as you can.


Im going to use Gear Tier's in order to describe the point of progression of your Character.
Gear Tier's

Tier 4 will be the Budget Gear for leveling at the Leaguestart.
Tier 4

The Tabula Rasa is great for high early game Damage and it will easily carry you to the End Game. With the Six-Link Damage, that the Tabula Rasa provides you will be able to Kill Uberlab, Atziri and even finish high Tier Maps.

The Brightbeak is the perfect choice to level your Character. I love the Brightbeak because you have alot mobility thanks to the 50% Increased Attack speed combined with a Shield Charge Skill Gem. Also the Brightbeak gives you a decent Critical strike chance and some Elemental Resist's that are always nice to have.

The Hrimsorrow Gloves are a nice Damage boost very early in the League because of the 50% Physical conversion . They should be fairly Cheap since they are a very common drop. You could also still use them for you Endgame Gear.

The Kaltenhalt is a pretty nice choice in my opinion since you need a Shield for your Shield charge. Its a very inexpensive Item that provides you with some Damage and some Medigation against Cold Damage. Later on you can upgrade it to a Katlensoul which also gives you Medigation against Fire Damage as a Bonus.

For Flask's you definitely want to get a Diamond Flask for the extra Critical strike Chance. You could also use a Sulphur Flask for some Damage.

For the Rest of your Gear you want to go for Rare Items with as much Life and Elemental Resist's as you can get. You always need to Cap your Resist's at 75% as with every Build you will ever play. If you can you also get some Mana and Spell Damage or Stat's like Strength or Dexterety on your Rare Items.

Tier 3 is the Gear you want to get as quickly as possible to progress your Character.
Tier 3

The Essence Worm Ring is a core Unique Item for our Build. It allows us to use an Aura Buff without reserving any Mana. Miners always lack of Mana, especially when youre going for Mind Over Matter (MoM). We will only run one Aura that we place into our Essence Worm so we can use the full capacity of our Mana Pool.

The Clear Mind works very well with the Essence Worm, since it gives us a big ealy game Boost while we have no Mana reserved. It's a cheap Damage increase and easy to get at the Start of a League. If youre not using the Essence Worm you should use a Rare Jewel instead.

The Divinarius is a nice all round Weapon for every Crit based - Spell Damage Skill. It's a cheap option until you can afford a nice Rare Weapon. It provides us
with decent Spell damage, a nice Critical Strike chance and some increased Area of Effect for some quaility of life.

There are other cheap Options that will also work for you, but for a early Unique Weapon the Divinarius is probably best in Slot.

For the Belt you can get a Mine Damage Mod if you already got Tora, Master of the Hunt at level 4. For 2 Chaos Orbs you can get a roll between 10% to 20% increased Mine Damage. Obviously we want to get a high roll on this.


Your Tier 3 Gear could look like this.

Tier 2 is pretty much your End-Game Gear. You will most likely be able to do all Content with this.
Tier 2

The Carcass Jack offers you pretty much everything you will need. It has a decent Evasion Rating, some Life and a few Resists if you have a hard time capping them. It also gives us Area Damage and quality of Life in form of 20% Increased Area of Effect.

For your Weapon you could either get a Shaped Dagger or a Shaped Sceptre.
The new % of Physical damage as Extra Fire/Light/Cold/Chaos Damage Mods are too good to ignore. The best option for your Weapon would be a double Gain% Dagger with a big Critical Strike Chance, Spell Damage and Crit Multiplier or a Tripple Gain% Sceptre with Elemental Damage and a big Critical Strike Chance. Those Weapons are very Expensive, if you can afford a Shaped Weapon you can go for a Rare Dagger with Spell Damage > Critical Strike Chance for Spells > Global Critical Stirke Multiplier > Adds Cold Damage to spells.

Your Weapon could look like this.

For your Shield you basically want high rolls on Crtitical Strike Chance for spells, Spell Damage, Life and Elemental Resists.

Your Shield could look like this.

The Kaom's Roots are a nice way to obtain a big Life boost. Is also makes us immune to Stuns. The only downside is that they dont have an increased Movement speed Mod.
You should try to get the Uberlab Enchant: "Damage penetrates #% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't killed recently" on them.

For your Helmet you want to get a Rare Shaped one with "Place an additional Mine" and some life, Resists. As a Bonus you could also get some Area of Effect on it. You can either get the Uberlab Enchant 40% of Glacial Cascade Physical Damage converted to Cold Damage if youre not going for any "Long Winter" Jewels, or you can get the 40% Increased Glacial Cascade Damage Enchant.

Your Helmet could look like this.

The Long Winter Jewel does the same Job as the Hrimsorrow Gloves. At this point you can either use two of the Long Winter Jewels to get 100% Conversion or you can get the 40% conversion Enchant on a Helmet from the Uberlab.

Now you can Change your Gloves, since you dont need the Conversion from the Hrimsorrow Gloves anymore. For your Gloves you should look for Fingerless Silk Gloves with high Life and Resist rolls. As a Bonus you can get some Mana or Attack speed for faster Shield Charges on them as well.

Your Gloves could look like this.

For Rings you have 2 Options. You can either use a Diamond Ring for more Critical Strike Chance or an Opal Ring for more Elemental Damage. A nice way to craft a very powerful Ring is to use Screaming Essences Of Hatred, because they give you a Cold Damage Modifier. On your Rings you want to get Stats that are required for your Skill Gems as well as Damage and or Life/Resist Mods.

Your Ring could look like this.

For your Amulet you simply want the same Mods as for your Rings. You want to get Stats that you need to use your Skill Gems, Damage Modifier like Spell Damage or Crit Multiplier in combination with Life and Resists.

Your Amulet could look like this.

For Belts there is no better Base than a Stygian Vise. It Gives you the same benefits that any other rare Belt could offer you and you can sockel a powerful Abyss Jewel into it. On your Belt you basically want high Life and Resist Rolls. If you can, get the Mine Damage Mod from Tora as a decent Damage Increase on your Belt.

For the Abyss Jewel the best base for you is the Hypnotic Eye. You should try to get high life and Cold Damage rolls on it.

Your Belt could look like this.

For Jewels the best in Slot would be a double Hatred Watcher's Eye but i wont cover them in this Guide. If you get higher Levels its more likely that a Jewel Slot will give you more Stats than regular Skill Points. Youre looking for Increased% Life and Damage Mods like Cold Damage, Increased Damage, Area Damage, Spell Damage and so on. Jewels with Life are always quite expensive, you can start with pure Damage Jewels if you cant afford them.

Your Jewels could look like this.

Flasks are very situational. You defenitely want an Instant Life and Mana Flask. I also recommend a Diamond Flask to get a high crit Chance. Also you want to get Immunity to Bleeding and Freeze on your Flasks, what Flasks these are is open to you. Here are some useful Flasks you could Use in combination with your Core Flask Setup.

Note: If youre using the Wise Oak you have to keep an eye on your Elemental Resists to get the full potential.

Your Flask Setup could look like this.


Your Tier 2 Gear could look like this.

Tier 1 is the min maxed Gear to get your Build to it's limits.
Tier 1

Coming soon.



Work in progress


Skill Tree's

Rushing Clever Construction because nothing is more annoying than placing a mine and Enemies destroying it instant.
30 Points

I like to go for Survivability early because you deal enough damage without many Damage Nodes. Also taking some increased Area of Effect for some quality of life.
60 Points

Taking alot of Crit and Damage Nodes as well as our first Jewel Socket for Clear Mind.
90 Points

Taking our last Jewel Sockets and a few minor Life Nodes as well as some Damage and Crit again. At this point we dont really need much more damage thats why i decided to go for the big Life Nodes for more Survivability at the End.
120 Points


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Hope to follow this as it grows. I really wanted to try out WindZ version of this the GC miner , but 216 pages is too much information coming from too many sources that you can't make out what build is what. Please , if at all possible try and focus on a few things for newbs. Such as why you choose certain things over others we can learn.
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Nice Bro ;D , i will try this build
Do we really need this? your build is like 100% the same as windz MoM version

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