[3.3] Voidforge Wild Strike Inquisitor - Guardians, Shaper, Red AND Uber Elder done!

3.2 Voidforge Wildstrike Inquisitor

Build Overview

Do you like being a hipster?
Do you have lots of currency and dunno what to do with it?
Do you like extremely satisfying aesthetics?

Welcome, to my Voidforge Wild Strike Inquisitor.

3.3 Update

Remade this build once I got the necessary uniques. Level 94 currently. I plan to get this guy to level 100, but not quite ready for that yet. Here are the changes/adjustments since 3.3 hit:

The biggest nerf that this build got is that we do not have an easy way to get an elder or shaped steel ring. Previously we could get an Elder Steel ring for about 5ish ex cause of the vendor recipe. Since then it has been removed. The cheapest elder/shaped steel ring I have found is 12ex.

Automaton Herald of Ash. Holy moly this thing is beautiful. Herald of Ice is just as good looking, but less actually beneficial from a combat perspective.

Build Accomplishments
Currently level 96
All maps to T16
Uber Lab
Shaper and his Guardians
Red Elder and his Guardians

4/17/2018 Uber Elder Down!


Pros and Cons

+ High trash DPS, especially in large packs
+ Good combo of hipster items and meta skills working together
+ Great boss DPS thanks to Inquisitor Ascendancy
+ Health on all your items, so HP pool can hit 6k+ without a Kaom's Heart or Belly of the Beast
+ Vaal Pact
+ Has single target damage(whoa)
+ Flexibility with auras
+ Aesthetic as hell 😊

- You don’t have the movespeed of a Deadeye
- Gotta get into melee range
- Squishy to melee
- Vaal Pact
- Relatively expensive to start
- Tooltip DPS is garbage ☹

Build Mechanics

We stack flat phys damage to scale our elemental damage significantly with Voidforge. Wild Strike will then give us the ability to chain our damage to nearly all nearby enemies. With high crit rate, and Inquisitor’s Inevitable judgement, we have a very high probability of freezing, shocking, and igniting every mobs, bosses included(this occurs when the RNG of cold damage happens simultaneously).

This build does not try to scale our secondary damage from Wild Strike; the current set-up has more than enough clear power, so instead we focus on increasing our melee damage portion so that we have respectable single target DPS. Additionally, Wild Strike converts 100% of your physical damage to an a random element, essentially making your attacks do 400%(100% from Wild Strike and 300% from Voidforge) of physical damage as some kind of element!


Current Microtransactions:

Radiant Blade
Innocence Weapon Effect
Legacy Body Armour
Sin and Innocence Gloves
Sin and Innocence Boots
Sin and Innocence Cloak
Pitch Black Bandana Attachment
Malachai’s Vision Skin Transfer
Legacy Character Effect
Legacy Footprints

Innocence Herald of Ash
Sin Herald of Ice
Sin Leap Slam

Required Uniques:


Doomfletch on a sword! Scales physical damage absurdly.

Highly Recommended Uniques:

Starkonja’s Head w/ Wild Strike Chains 6 Additional Times

My favourite unique helm. Gives us crit, attack speed, and tons of life. Abyssus is great on paper, but we do not have Juggernaut defenses to keep us from getting gibbed. Although the DPS increase would be ridiculous. Perhaps something to try using on Shaper!


Flat Phys, Crit, Life, Max resists to 80%, AND increased elemental damage. Best in slot by far.

Kaom’s Roots

Since we use leap slam to move around, movespeed isn't important to us. What is important, is 200 life and immunity to CC! Attack + Cast speed on kill is my preferred enchant.

Rare Item Stat Priority:

Resists to Cap
Maximum Life
Flat Physical Damage
Crit Chance
Flat Accuracy til 90%+ hit rate
Crit Multi


Normal Jewels, look for:
Maximum Life
Attack Speed
Crit Multi

Try to get attack speed on every jewel. This build is primarily limited by attack speed for map clear, so the faster we attack, the faster we can clear :)

Abyss Jewels, look for:
Flat Life
Flat Physical Damage
Onslaught on Kill
Blind on Kill

Watcher's Eye: Hatred +crit is best. Another good options are Phys Damage Taken as Elemental while affected by a Purity. Otherwise, whatever you can get your hands on. Auras are very flexible in this build.

Current Gear Setup

My current gear and gem setup is heavily optimized for mapping rather than boss killing, although I have killed almost all bosses with this setup.

Do note that when I get a good abyss jewel with blind on hit, I will be replacing the Stibnite Flask with a Taste of Hate.



6-L Ancestral Warchief + Melee Phys + Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Fortify + Blood Magic

Does not have to be a 6-L, but I had already 6-linked my weapon so I just mushed my totem and mobility skill together.


6-L Wild Strike + Melee Physical Damage + Increased Critical Strikes + Elemental Damage to Attacks + Multistrike + Ancestral Call -> Ruthless for bosses


4-L Herald of Ice + Herald of Ash + Arctic Armour + Enlighten

I use a level 4 Enlighten here so that I can use Aspect of the Cat via Amulet

Note: Only Herald of Ash I would consider mandatory. Other auras are completely optional. hatred is also a great choice, but I found that my damage was fine without it so I use Herald of Ice for the Sin MTX, Arctic Armour for a bit of tankiness, and Aspect of the Cat for damage and attack speed bonuses.


4-L Cast When Damage Taken + Ice Golem + Immortal Call + Increased Duration

My Golem is self-cast; feel free if you want to leave it low level if you want to use it with CWDT.


I don’t have any sockets here!

I use poacher’s mark via my shaped steel ring, but assassin’s mark is better for boss fights. I just prefer the extra flask charges and frenzies for mapping.


Inquisitor; nodes arranged in order of recommended acquisition from normal to Uber Lab

Righteous Providence - Lots of crit chance/multi here, and buffs the effect of your shocks
Inevitable Judgement - Ignoring resists helps us get big enough crits to shock high hp monsters/bosses
Instruments of Virtue - Attack speed/Attack damage. Self-casting golem is how I trigger the damage portion, but it is mostly used for the attack speed.
Augury of Penitence - You'll be close enough to everything you're fighting that this is on all the time.

Passive Skill Tree

Level 96:

It is a bit ugly cause you have to go from one side of the tree to the other.

Tooltip DPS

Just for shits and giggles


Major: Soul of Solaris. Damn good pantheon for survivability.
Minor: Soul of Shakari. Helps deal with poison/chaos damage a bit.


Help Alira. The resists help a ton due to the number of uniques we use. Crit multi you can never get enough off. The mana regen is all we get, and helps a ton when you've run out of mana.

Path of Building

I don't believe PoB accounts for DPS properly with a Voidforge, cause apparently I only have 500k Shaper damage.

Map Mods

Absolutely not:
Elemental Reflect
Can’t Leech Life/Mana

Can do, but annoying:
Monsters have a chance to Avoid Elemental Status ailments – This removes our ability to freeze/shock everything, which will significantly reduce our clear speed and survivability. It is very doable, just be cautious on rippy maps.

Mods that are very okay for us:
Minus-max- thanks Loreweave
No Regen – Just use one less aura

Every other mod is fine, just try not to stack too many damage mods. We ain’t juggernauts.

Map Bosses

Minotaur: Tank and spank, but only if there are not too many damage mods. If there are, you’ll have to kite him out of his falling rocks.

Hydra: Tank and spank, with a sprinkle of side-stepping.

Blind is a savior on his boss. If you are using poacher’s mark, feel free to use potions on the adds, as they will give you twice as many charges. Be fast about finding him during the smoke phase.

Don’t get hit by his spinning attack or the explosions. If you can position yourself properly relative to the adds, the secondary effect of Wild Strike should take care of them.

Shaper:To be honest, how easy or hard this fight is depends on how well you know the fight. However, damage is no issue at my current level of gear.

Uber Atziri: Wild strike and the clone phase go together like peanut butter and bees.

Elder Guardians and Elder: Easy, especially with Wild Strike. You don’t even need to swap in Ruthless.

Uber Elder: Completed. Wasn't pretty. Really just depends on how well you know the fight. But having Kaom's Roots is a huuuuuuuuuge perk.


Shaper Kill:

T16 4 Sextant + Bloodlines Elder Haunted Mansion

Hydra clear + kill + 1 greedy death

Future Testing

Uber Elder -> completed
Shaper max DPS test video w/ Abyssus


Hope you enjoy wildy striking fools with this guide. Any questions, comments, suggestions, post away.

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Hey I just did a juggernaut build simmilar to this but using abyssus, I opted for a lightless shroud for the lvl 20 ele pen since I didn't have an inquisitor. I still hit 86% phys reduction though with it on. Ill def move my gear over and try it out on an inquisitor once I level one.
Great! I plan to try out an abyssus myself on shaper(def not uber elder). When you move your stuff over to your inquisitor let me know how it goes for ya.
It's nice to see a wild strike build, and this one looks really nice! I love the skill, but the only other build out there was a 1h claw build, and I'd prefer something with a little more damage (was hoping to find a Jugg build, but I don't think the damage is there as no one has posted one). I was eyeing this build, but Mathil just posted a video using Voidforge, so RIP prices! It pretty much puts the build out of reach for me.
Mathil has that effect doesn't he. What a bum :(
Remade the build in 3.3, will continually update with changes to build/gear as it comes. Currently level 94.
What would be an alternative weapon for voidforge till you could get your hands on it?

Also, did you make a video of your uber elder kill? Or are you going to make one?
Your PoB link barely has any damage because the Voidforge's "300% of phys as random Element" isn't implemented yet. This is a working "cheesed" version of it. 1.7mil DPS https://pastebin.com/qkpESEf2
Hi there. I'm trying this build currently on Betrayal and it really seems promising. Leveling was nice so far and I don't think there are major changes in 3.5. I'll be posting again when I reach endgame.
Thanks for the build, glhf :D
Got it at 93 now, and it really is a nice allrounder. I just changed Lion's Roar for Atziri's Promise and got more chaos resistance with Ming's as a reaction to syndicate bosses. Built can do anything, did my fist deathless shaper with it and even would have had a chance against Uber Elder, if I knew the mechanics and wouldn't stoopidly have had wasted portals attacking the wrong boss. Only Uber Atziri is terrible during split phase with lightning damage chaining to mirror guy. Furthermore gear's quite affordable, didn't pay more than 3 ex (plus 6linking) without the curse & cat ring.

It also really works with less elaborated gear, I'll post mine in the end.

Honestly, I'm really surprised why this built doesn't get more attention.

Thx again for the built, stay safe :)

For Bosses I switch Ancestral Call for Ruthless, and for the big ones I use these:

instead of Ming's
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