[3.2] Duchess of Fire - Dual Curse Aura RF - 700k DPS with -147% Fire Resist - That's One Hot Mama!

============~~~~~~~~~~~DUCHESS OF FIRE~~~~~~~~~~~==============

Coming back to the game after a 1 year hiatus, I hadn't seen any witch RF builds for 3.2. While ES based RF builds aren't ideal right now (life is much cheaper), I've always enjoyed gems with fire and I had a level 90 witch so voila: Low life RF Dual Curse build.

(more coming)

Corrupted T13 Leyline - simple showcase of build
i'll post more interesting videos soon

-Highest amount of ES possible to melt mobs instantly with RF
-Heretic's Helm = 5L supports 2 curse auras with blasphemy be applied instantly
-Vile Bastion = up to 30% ES regen based on # of recent kills which encourages slamming through content quickly
- -97% to -147% mob fire resistance with 36% quality lvl 23 elem weakness and 22 flammability
-High levels of life/ES regen to maintain RF and be able to facetank most things
-Easy gameplay
-4 auras: purity of fire, discipline, vitality and purity of lightning (optional)

+Easy gameplay
+Most enemies die instantly
+Looks badass
+Rarely need to self-cast aside from movement skill and orb of storms (unnecessary for most maps)
-Can be very expensive depending on gear
-Reliant upon flasks, Vaal Discipline and Fortify for safety which can be slightly challenging for longer fights - i.e. requires more focus for an otherwise facetank and zone out build


Heretic's Helm

-Legacy Heretic's Veil Deicide Mask gives us 2 curses with lvl 22 blasphemy and +2 lvls to elem weakness and flammability (+1 if playing non-legacy)
-Budget: You could sacrifice a gem slot, + levels and one curse by using blasphemy gem. If doing this, I suggest

If using this with Disc & Purity of Fire gems, you likely will not need to reach out to the right side of the passive tree for the aura mana reservation nodes. Invest in life regen or ES instead.

Shavronne's Wrappings

-Shavronne's Wrappings allows low life = 4 auras/2 curses

Shield with +max fire resist or DoT reduction

-To sustain RF, need to boost max fire resist. This is the easiest option

-Or if you can afford it and sustain the RF DoT, get a shield with 20% reduction to Damage over Time and higher ES = more DPS

-You could likely use this too


-+% increased elemental damage is lovely


Righteous Fury (6L)

RF + Swift Affliction + Concentrated Effect + Elemental Focus + Burning Dmg + Arcane Surge

Curses (5L)


Enlighten + Enhance + Flammability + Elemental Weakness

Auras (4L)


Vitality + Discipline + Blood Magic + Enhance

Purity of Fire + Empower + Purity of Lightning + Enhance

Utility/Orb of Storms (3L)


Faster Attacks + Shield Charge + Fortify

Summon Stone Golem + Vaal Discipline + Orb of Storms


Tree nodes
-Zealot's Oath allows use of life regen
-Use of Orb of Storms provides:
- 40% more elemental damage (Elemental Overload node)
- -50% resistance to fire (Elemental Equilibrium node)
-Priority given to life regen and aura effectiveness and aura reserved nodes

-Malediction & Vile Bastion

-Kill all for extra 2 passive points
-Or Oak if you're having difficulty sustaining RF (for the life/ES regen)


-Watcher's Eye jewel with increased ES regen with discipline aura
-More ES and ES regen nodes

Despite being a player for years, I'm not the most seasoned theorycrafter/mathematician so please critique and make suggestions for improvement!
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Can you explain your RF 6 link gem choices? Efficacy works with RF as of 3.0.2.
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