[3.2] EXPLOSIVE ARROW Crit Miner aka. Pls don't kill this build with the upcoming skill revamps GGG

Moin Moin!
This is the first time I try to make a build guide. I always try to find builds that never had been done before and I think this season is the first season I actually managed to get a decent amount of really unique and strong builds. It was always one of my dreams to make a build of the weak at some point and after dozens of leagues and failed meme builds I reached a point where all of my bad memes become somewhat playable and actually entertaining. As always I am happy to recive improvent ideas and critisism.

Genral Information you may want to know
- Extremly High DPS
around 3-4mille bossdps

- Good Defensive
almost immune to attacks, vulnerable to spells

- High Mobility
thanks to phasing

- Solid Lifepool
from 5k to 7k Energy Shield around level 90

- Good Clearspeed
Thanks to the additional Arrows from Death's Opus and solid Aoe Explosions


I will shortly talk about the main aspects of the build
We will be a Crit Miner with pure fire damage that woun't scale with spell nor attack modefieres. The Explosion of our Arrows will be the only damage source we have. It is difficult to gain a decent amount of critchance with mines as far as I know but thanks to a reliable source of Power charges (Blast Cascade) it is possible. It is our goal to avoide direct confrontations with enemies and we will try to maintain distance while laying mines and detonate them manually.

Why Energyshield
To make a decent crit Miner it is unavoidable to take a lot of notes in the general Witch area of the Skilltree so it would be a pain in the ass to try to build around life. Also Soul Strike is an extremly good offhand for every energyshield build in general.

Skilltree (Pastebin)


I choose a Death's Harp as my main Bow because the crit multiplier and the additional arrow are extremly helpfull. It increases our DPS by alot and allows us to clear packs way faster.

Infernal Mantel fits perfectly in the risc reward category of Gear. An extra lvl for our explosive Arrow is a DPS increase by around 11%, also we get 100% global Crit which we really need and a decent amount of Energyshield. One big problem is that we are always on low mana so spell damage will become a problem later on. A more safe alternative would be a Skin of the Loyal.
EDIT: A Skin of the Loyal with an Empower lvl 4 and the +1 Level Corruption would be an DPS increase by 33% so concider Infernal Mantel as a budget alternative.

This Quiver is insanly usfull in combinaten with our belt. We almost instantly regen Energyshield and Phasing will safe your ass more then you think also additional Energyshield is always usefull and it has global crit.
We don't want to corrupt it. We allready got a decent clearspeed thanks to Death's Opus so crit chance is more important than an additional Arrow

There are better belts to gain some energyshield BUT we really need that phasing

I recommend some good res high Energyshield gloves

Again, We need some eq to get som res. I recommend to look around for a good Shaped Mana Reg Modifier because Mana sustane in long Boss fights can become a problem especially early on.

Just another Shield and Res Item. If you can get a good movement speed modefier. The faster you are the more relieble is our survivel condition.

I use this Ring becaus im to stupid to counter Freez mechanics and im a lazy idiot. Obviously a Rare ring would be better but you won't regret it to take this one because in addition it has some decent mana modefiers that will make your life easier.

The reason I use this Amulet is because it is extremly usefull in bossfights to hit with every mine. We have almost no accuracy in our build included and thanks to this item and the Blind notes in Saboteur we don't need any accuracy.

Just get some Res, Shield and mana notes on a Ring and your good to go.


General Playstyle
The Main Focus you have is not dieing as stupid as this sounds it's pretty much all you do. In most builds you run at the target and shoot him with spells, arrows or you're in close combat and most of your Defense relies on Damage mitigation, block or Dodge. It's a bit different with a Miner. You place your mines at max distance to where the mine will still target the enemie and you kinda dance around packs and bosses wich will be really easy to achive thanks to phasing and blind. It is like playing a bullet hell shooter. You can effort some hits but you're not a tank.

Why did i not pick Demolitions Specialist?
Demolitions Specialist is a really strong note for aoe Attacks/Spells used by mines we are also able to detonate our minse faster and get some bonus mines now and then. I tested the mine detonate speed with and without this note and it just didn't felt like it is making an important difference. We also don't need some bonus mines because the bonus DPS we would get out of that isn't worth it, Other notes will push our DPS far more efficient. Because our main damage souce is the Explosion from the Arrow, the Area of Effect notes will not apply to the Explosion. We need Born in the Shadows to make our Amulet work and to increase our defense we also need Pyromaniac to become ignite immiune because DOT's are our worst enemie and the reduced mana cost will be especially usefull in the early and mid endgame. Explosives Expert is just better then Demolitions Specialist in this case and has another defensive perc to it.

English is not my native Language and i also have a problem with grammer in general. i can understand when some mistakes may be annoying and i don't say you should just ignore them but pls be gentle and fair if you point them out.I try to do my best
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