[3.2] Currency Making Cyclone Slayer (From Bestiary to Breach League in Few Steps)

Do you hate bestiary? Do you hate speed meta? Do you like juicy currency drops? Do you like brainless playstyle? Then this guide is for you.

I like breach league and it's mechanics, and i also like getting big currency returns from map.

It all started as just having fun playing Xoph's breachstones with my friend, leveling his char and getting profits just from Amulet drops (Usually 15-20 runs 1 Amulet).
Then i went to getting quantity gear with just fire restistance on it.
Then i went to all quantity gear and getting fire res on jewells + purity of fire.

This is the drops from 100 xophs +3 Amulet(Which is unlucky), getting me total of 5000chaos returns(Spent 2700+- on maps). Dont count the portals/wisdoms/journey/master/nets/


From selling Amulet for 6.3ex avg and currency (Not counting all good unique drops) i made avg of 24c profit per map, which is roughly 25 ex profits in 7 hours, avg 1 run per 4 minutes.

So i wanted to share this stuff since i'm not really smart and i like helping people.

There's gonna be 6 topics and explanation for every one of them.

1) Ascendancy -> Slayer, slayer, slayer, and one more time SLAYER.
Why? Because of 20% more damage if you've killed recently, overleech, 20% qull, and soul of arakaali giving you unkillable (Litteraly) char.
Soul of arakali abuse is getting soul of arachnoxia giving you 50% inc life recovery rate when you take any damage using CWDT/Immortal call while affected by blood rage.

Endless hunger -> Brutal fervour -> Headsman -> Bane of Legends

2) Tree

2 Skill points bandits

Level 85(Achievable easy)

Level 93(Final kinda)

Pantheon - Soul Of Arakaali with captured Arachnoxia / Major
Soul of Gruthkul (Extra safety) / Soul of Garukhan with captured Stalker of the Endless Dunes (Extra mobility) / Minor

3) Gear


Weapon - Starforge (Winning on aoe/dps in any scenario to atziris having all mf gear (I tried belive me)). You can get 6linked starforge or 6linked chest doesen't matter. Just get good rolled starforge and go on poe.ninja to buy all beasts needed for 30 quallity and corrupt it on altar.

Helm - Devoto's / Enchant - Cyclone damage -> Cyclone attack speed -> Blood rage attack speed -> Reduced Purity of X (Insert breach you want to be doing) Mana reservation / Reduced haste mana reservation. Or just no enchant.

Chest - Greed's Embrace (15% quantity), or Tabula / Any 6link if you can't afford starforge/greed's 6link.

Gloves - Sadima's Touch (16% quantity) / Corrupt - Vulnerability on hit (They're cheap af)

Boots - Goldwyrm(20% quantity) / Enchant - Increased attack and cast speed if you've killed recently
(Not neccesary)

Belt - Bisco's leash (5% quantity + rampage) / Kinda gives you more than retch (In my testings), Gives you more ms after killing 150 mobs (You kill 900 in 1 map), gives you dmg and much needed quantity. Possible switch to perandus blazon with 8 quant and 30 all stats to get 2 skill points from tree for more hp

Rings - Pariah with white socket (15% quantity), or cheap ventors for 8+ quantity/positive rarity and x positive res (x - your type of breach)

Amulet - Bisco's with good quantity (Lots of white mobs in breaches and bisco's cheaper than 10% quant shaper Amulet)

Flasks -

Writhing jar for faster boss kill (20% more dmg if you've killed recently + i have watcher's eye for onslaught for 4 sec on kill while affected by haste)

Dying sun for Some overcap fire res and most importantly more aoe (Not needed)

Quicksilver for movement speed (Ofcourse)

Lion's roar (25% roll is cheap) for dps.

Sulphur flask for anti-curses (Still needed to not get slow sometimes) and damage on boss.

Possible to get silver flask instead of dying sun for boss kill.

Jewells - get some with 25% x resist (x - your type of breach) and 6+ attack speed with swords / attack speed with two handed melee (I needed 2 for xoph, might need 3 for esh's (Hardest to cap)

Other jewells are 6+ inc maximum life / attack speed with swords / two handed melee / increased damage / increased melee damage.

If you have vulnerability on hit on gloves take watcher's eye for onslaught on kill while affected by haste.

4) Links

6Link setup - Cyclone/Brutality/Maim/Damage on full life/Melee physical/Concentrated effect (Switch to Inc aoe if you're not lazy(I am)).
Get's you around 700k dps just by having a good starforge. Try getting 21 lvl cyclone for +1 range (OP).

Mobility setup - Faster attacks/Leap slam.
Can add blood magic but you dont need to leap slam too much so i would just go for 2link.

Portal setup - You want this so you place portal infront of the boss faster so people in your group leave fast making boss lowhp.
Portal/Empower3/Enchance3/Faster casting (Not needed, can go with just portal + faster casting)

CWDT - Cast when damage taken (Lvl 1)/ Immortal call (Lvl 3)/ Blood rage (Lvl 7)/Increased duration (lvl 20)

Your resistance + haste setup - Purity of x (x - your breach type) / Enlighten3/ Haste

AW Setup - Ancestral warchief / Inc aoe (IF you're swapping in main 6link between conc effect/inc aoe).
4 Link not needed but if you decide to go for it go for melee phys 3l/ faster attacks 4l.

If you decide to get more singletarget get 6linked warchief - Ancestral warchief/Melee phys/Brutality/Blood lust/Damage on full life/Conc effect.

Golem - lightning golem.

5) Budget options

Sword - Kondo's pride with good pdps roll

Chest - Tabula with +1 level (Cheap cyclone 21)

Rings - Ventors with just 1 resist for 6+ quantity

Boots - go with lower quantity

Gloves - they're still cheap af for vulnerability

Amulet - Daresso's Salute (2 range + some resistances + ms + dmg) untill you can afford biscos (Mad profits)

6) So how exactly do i farm the breaches?

Answer: You get to global 820, type "LFM "Link breachstone here" XP RUNS, x/6 people MY LOOT YOUR XP"

Then you get spammed in pm, invite 5 people. Link the rules in party chat. My rules are simple: "Rules: Stay 1 screen behind, dont kill mobs, disable all spawns, LEAVE BEFORE THE BOSS, dont take currency/ 6 sockets. Shitty uniques / rares are free. You ninja = you die in real life (monkaS)"

Easy to get full party in just 1 minute since you're doing those runs for free.

Then you just chainrun the maps and before the boss you place a portal and wait for people to leave the map, then go to the boss room and kill it in 5sec.
Warning, if you're not really the biggest dps you should be careful with tanking him in aoes/ be careful with his big animation attacks cuz if u get attacked with his animations + he crits u might die (Never died on cyclone tho, but i ran him 700+ times so i know him very well)

Some times i have looter as my friend since it's much easier to run the maps then, i usually pay 1ex per amulet drop to looter if i'm not looting myself. But be careful they might scam you.

And you might want to get some currency as a start point just to buy breaches themselves. (Around 4ex maybe)

UPD: Tried the build with 1handed 410 dps weapon + shield for 8 quantity, doesent damage too good but doable.
Windripper feels good for clear but feels awful for boss if someone entered portal by mistake making hp on boss x6, and you will need all resistances almost capped in order not to die from some reflect mobs, so not recommended at all.

UPD2: Not needed but some quallity of the life, added 6link AW setup for boss kill to permamently have inc aoe on cyclone since im lazy to switch.

UPD3: New 100 runs stats: The same currency returns (Kinda) paying for the maps. Spent 2600 on maps themselves. And 2 ammulets which gave me only 12 ex profit this time (VERY UNLUCKY)

UPD4: Will try windripper + divination distillate with tul's breches later this league, if it gets the saame returns from maps themself by default then it will be money maker for sure. Still would prefer xophs cuz of that juicy amu drops :D

If someone wants to ask anything msg me ingame @YouSpinMyAsssRightRound
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Good build. NOT PAID BTW
Aproved. Not in-game tested.
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Such a nice build gonna try this
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Don't trust this guy and his numbers, they're all made up. [Removed by Support]
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Is Vaal Pact 100% necessary? I find it quite annoying for LAB.

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