[3.2] Quick Mapster - phys-claw Flicker Strike Trickster | 1Mio+ DMG

Hey, guys. In order to push this builds (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aCzFIT-nDs&t) damage a little bit higher and to get better defencives I made some changes, which I would like to present in this quick guide.

Be aware of these facts: I am not expirienced in making builds, this is my first guide. I have not leveled the character with this build. English is not my mother language.
Please correct me when I am wrong in any concern, when simething in this guid doesent work or if you have some nice ideas to enhance this build even further.
(last but not least this text is just an "alpha"-version. I am going to rewrite it soon.


+ satisfiying, because of FS and Herald of Ice
+ extremly fast mapping
+ 300 Mio experience per hour
+ 1Mio+ dmg in PoB with all buffs up
+ leech and life regen prevent you from diyning while mapping
+ does not require 6l, so it is quite cheap (5-10ex in Standard)
+ may be ssf viable

- may cause headache
- may cause fps drops (although I havent experienced any)
- not HC viable
- cannot kill map bosses above map tier 11 (not yet!, with some better gear it will probably work)
- cannot kill endgame bosses
- cannot do no leech and reflect maps
- hard to get over 5.2k life and bad evasion -> bad defences
- frenzy charge management might get you in trouble

+/- the play style remembers me of D3 sometimes

So what are we building exactly?
-A Shadow with the Trickster Ascendancy (is slayer better? might be, I dont know).
-Main skill is Flicker Strike, which is basicly just a movement skill, but it works perfectly for clearing maps. The problem is that this skill has a cooldown of 2sec, but by consuming a frenzy charge the cooldown will be bypassed. --> WE NEED TO GENERATE A LOT OF FRENZY CHARGES (which is the biggest problem of this build)

Are we using Terminus Est (which would give us a frenzy charge on crit and is used by the most flicker strike builds out there)?
-No. In my opnion this weapon limits the damage. I have chosen a rare claw, so we can get up to 1.6 Mio dps, depending on how much currency you are willing to sepnd (I currently have a 2ex claw and 1Mio dps).

So how do we get frenzy charges?
- Ascenancy note and Blood rage gives us all in all 40% chance to gain a frenzy charge on kill AND we are using the skill gem Frenzy as well, just in case we run out of frenzy charges which will happen when we are facing higher tier map bosses)

What are the benefits from using a claw?
- theoretically more phys dmg than Terminus Est
- life on hit, which is pretty usefull because we have bad defences
- we can use Lycosidae to get 100% hit chance

Play style:

First of all we need to get FC to ensure that we have no cooldown. That means we have to kill as much enemies as possible when we attack the first time with FS. Before your first attack yoou should use all your flasks to ensure that you kill all enemies you hit.
The safer way is to first hit some targets with frenzy, which guarantees you in a couple of secons your maximum frnzy charges. After having your frnzy charges up you can start diving thtough the map. YOu should not run into FC problems. In case you still loose all your FC just use Frenzy again.
For Bosses you have to alternate between Franzy and FS.

Ascenancy and Skill Tree:


Mandatory Uniques:
... 100% Hit chance
... 40% increasd max life
... some nice evasion + life + attack speed + crit chance (Best echnat is "more FS damage" or "more FS per FC"!)
Flasks (these are very important):

(Phys dmg - leach and a lot of damage - crit chance)

Flasks (nice to have:)
some nice resistancees and good penetration when it is balanced correctly
Sins Rebirth is awsome, it will add a bunch of damage, altough it is not nessecary for mapping and quite expensive

The following items are rare items which I am currently using but I think they are bis (of course they could have some better stats...)
Rings: Steel rings (expensive af) or simply diamond rings:

Look for Life, Resits, Phys Damage, Crit Chance.


The Pandemonius will work quite fine as well, but it is expensie and has bad res and no life

Boots and Gloves:

Belt: Just look for resistances and life:
(the crafted mod on this is crap!)

The claw I am using atm:

Most important is definitly physical damage. After that you should look at it its crit value and last but not leat the attack speed (which is not that important because we have a lot of attack speed even with a bad weapon)

If you cannot afford an item with over 250pdps this unique claw is the best and very cheap:


Body Armor:
- Multistrike
- Melee Spash
- Melee Physical Damage
5 Link:
- Increased critical damage (take increased critical strikes when facing crit chance problems)
6 Link:
- Ruthless

- Multistrike (not mandatory if you use Ancestral Call, but works nice)
- Ancestral Call (not mandatory if you use Multistrike, but works nice)
- Blood Magic (we dont have any mana...)

- Herald of Ice (nice aoe clear and effect)
- Herald of Thunder (allows us to shock enemies, adds a ncie amount of damage for map clear and single targets)
- Curse on Hit
- Assassins Mark

- Whirling Blades or Shield Charge
- Faster Attacks
- Fortify
if possible:
- 20% Culling Strike (gives us 10% attack speed when at 20%)

- Hatred
- Blood Rage (has to be linked to Blood Magic)
- Vaal haste (nice to hae, but not nessecary)
- Immortal Call - CWDT

PoB Stats:

With a 300pdps claw.

With a 400pdps claw.
I currently have about 5k life and will get at best 5.3k life.

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