First, this build is not my own, I inspired by streamer DatModz. He using dualwield tectonic strike and i think it have biggest DPS tahn staff version. This build can be done on a cheaper version, but if you want to beat endgame you need to spend some money on average 20 ex.


+Really fast
+Really strong
+Good clear spead and single target
-Cant do Ele reflect map mods
-Cant do cant leech map mods
-Melee range
-For endgame expensive

Uber lab = EZ
Uber Atziri = EZ
Red tier elder = EZ
Guardians = without chimera EZ, chimera is hard for me
Shaper & Uber elder = work in progress :D

DMG in hideout
466 189,5
Buffed DMG without warchief
1 247 819,2
PoB DMG, fully buffed
Normal enemies
4 371 667,2
2 344 799,2

My Gear
1. Weapon

We need high physical DPS weapon, i buy this for 12 ex but you can also use https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Ahn%27s_Might

This is the core item of the build, extra ele dmg is 70% of our DMG. This cost me 2ex. Also if you can not afford this use https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Tempestuous_Steel

2. Helmet

Definitely Starkonja. This enchantment is very helpfull and work very well.
If you need resistance change for rare helmet.

3. Body armour

Belly is very nice or again 6L rare body armour.

4. Gloves

This build need Oskarm. This give us critical strike chance and assassin mark on hit.
If you have captured resistances you can use Tombfsit for Intimidate but you need to use assassin mark on hit on your ring https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Tombfist_(1_Abyssal_Socket)

5. Boots

Kaoms roots is best for us if you captured resistances. They give us ton of life and stun immune. +1 Frenzy is also good and it cost me 30c.
If you dont have captured resistences use https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Death%27s_Door movement speed, +1 endurance, bleed immune is nice but no life

6. Accessories


Rare ones with resistences, life and int. We need lot of int. I use steel ring for higher dps, you can use diamond ring for biggest crit chance. It's on you.

Belt is up to you. We need life, resistences and weapon ele dmg will be nice.

7. Flasks

Instant life flask - When shit happens and we don't want to die
Diamond flask - What to add
Taste of Hate - Extra cold dmg and phys mitigation.
Lions roar - Extra phys and knockback can save your ass
Atziris promise - Extra chaos dmg

8. Jewels

We need life, crit multi, physical and attack speed

Preferred Enchantments:
For helmet - 40% chance for Tectonic Slam to not consume an Endurance Charge is best in option
40% increased Tectonic Slam Damage is nice too but i never sustain with charges
For boots - extra leech if you dont have +1 frenzy charge
For gloves - it doesn't matter

Skill tree
Path of building pastebin:
Standart Poe link:

1. Unflinching
2. Unyielding
3. Undeniable
4. Unbreakable or Unstoppable if you dont use kaoms root

Help Alira - 15% all res and 20% crit multi or take 2 points

Major gods: Solaris or Lunaris
Minor gods: Yugul

My Gem Links

Tectonic Slam
Tectonic slam > Melee physical DMG > Weapon Elemental DMG > Multistrike > Elemental Focus > Maim
Leap slam > Faster attack > Fortify > Bloodmagic
Gloves setup
Blood rage > Enduring cry | CWDT (lvl 1)> Ice golem (lvl 3)
1. Hatred>Herald of Ash | Vaal Lightning trap (for shock effect)
2. Ancestral Warchief > Culling strike | Vaal Haste
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Hi, nice to see a Tectonic Slam Build done right.

You could do a Budget Version of this if you want to put more effort in this guide to help especially new players.

Regarding to your Path of Building link and the damage numbers you posted i have to say that "Vaal Lightning trap" doesn´t work the way you want to use it. PoB gives 50% more damage if you hit "Is the enemy shocked". But in fact, vaal lightning trap maybe gives 2% more damage? (just a guess, didn´t calculated it). It's a very long time ago that shock worked this way. So the real damage numbers are without "is the enemy shocked".

And finally, regarding to your tree, one point in mana leech and one point in life leech is more than enough with your damage. Free´s up 2 points.
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