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Working my way through the atlas with this build. No end-game content yet, but very much viable.


So, I've been reading a couple of different Flicker builds, and wanted to give it my own little touch. We are using Ghost Dance in the Trickster Ascendancy, combined with Eldritch Battery, to be able to proc the bonus it gives pretty much whenever we want. Weave the Arcane makes Flicker cost-free. This is a pretty defensive build, just about 400k shaper/elder-dps

~5.2k Health,
~200 ES,
Screw mana, it's reserved anyways. We use Eldritch battery.

Passive Skill Tree, Pantheon and Bandit Reward.


Patient Reaper>Weave The Arcane>Ghost Dance>Swift Killer.

Gear choices and Uniques

Terminus Est is the "only" choice as for the weapon.
I choose to go with Belly of the Beast and Starkonja's Head for some neat defensive stats. You could always go with Abyssus instead of Starkonja's for a fat deeps boost, but I like to play it a bit safe. Kaom's heart is a good pick if you dont want to use BotB, just make sure to hit the Str req for it.

Boots, Belt, Gloves and bling bling.
You'd want to grab some ES here, but you dont need much, 200 is enough.
Cap your res, look for health, phys dmg, crit chance/multiplier and Strength.

We can run this with 1 life flask, the rest is pretty much up to you, what you prefer. But make sure to grab 'of Staunching', 'of Heat' and 'of Warding'. Atziri's Promise and Sin's Rebirth works well here.

My Gear For the Moment.

Finally got my 6L Terminus up! Won't be changing this one for a while.

Rolling Starkonja's, found the enchant needed for the build.

A 5L Belly, had it in my stash, so no need to buy a new one. 4L is enough.
The Bling Bling! Bought the Talisman for 2 ex.
Gloves, Boots, Belt. Nothing special really.
Divine Life flask is my panic button. Eternal Life flask for fights where the leech wont be enough.

Enchants, Links and Gems
Enchants are pretty straight forward;
Head; 40% Flicker damage.
Boots; 16% Increased Attack Speed and Cast Speed if you've killed recently.
Gloves; Commandment of Reflection

Gems and Links.
Flicker;Multistrike, Melee Splash, Increased Critical Strikes, Melee Physical Damage and Ruthless, in that order. Change Melee Splash for Bloodlust for bossfights.

Ancestral Protector;A 4L is enough. Chance to Bleed, Maim and Culling Strike. The other 2 slots goes to Hatred and Herald of Ash.

Then we go for a neat lil' Orb of Storms+Vaal Haste, supported by Power Charge on Crit and Increased Duration.

Immortal Call is supported by CWDT and Increased Duration. There is a slot here for a Golem of your choice.

Leap Slam - Fortify and Faster attacks. Put in Herald of Ice here.

Leveling Trees:

Level 40-ish;


Level 52-ish, we are now going for Eldritch battery;


Level 68-ish, working our way down to the duelist area;

Link to PoB:

I have to leave some credits to this guy; https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Khorga. He've helped me alot.

Will update more when all is being tested for realz. PMs are welcome!
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UPDATE 1; I've started to smash the atlas. Found some decent gear to use. Still need to upgrade my belt and the jewel, my both jewels on the tree and grab the enchants.

UPDATE 2; Added 3 leveling trees for you guys to use.
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Can you do a leveling tree please?
JustPvP1990 wrote:
Can you do a leveling tree please?

Added 3 Leveling trees, suited for most of y'all.

Sorry for being so quiet, I've been off for a few days.
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Could someone explain how eb triggers ghost dance attack speed bonus? I'd like to use this in my build but need to know how to trigger it.
my evasion is so high i only insta rip sometimes
Bug Fixes:
People were using cyclone for actual melee builds, so we nerfed it and made blade vortex. Also, we went ahead and made cyclone great for CoC casters while we were at it.

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