[3.2] Poet's Pen MF KB Speedfarmer

This Build is mainly for speedfarming up to tier 10 maps, it can also do a bit higher maps but it doesn't feels that great.

I personally use this Build to farm Shaped Burial Chambers, which seems to be pretty effective with this amount of mf + insane Clearspeed.

This Build works with:
(Don't vaal them...)

Pros and cons
Extremly fast.There are not that many builds out there which can farm farm faster especially on such a small budget as you can.
MF.Magic find offers us a great amount of extra loot, perfect for farming.
Budget.You can do this Build on a ok Budget,it's not really "cheap", but compared to MF Windripper or an Autobomber.
No Gem/Weapon SwitchYou don'T need to switch any weapons/gems to kill bosses.
Rather Beginner friendly.

With the MF setup you can't comfortably farm above t11/t12 (red maps) without investing more currency,but I will show my setup for red maps, with which you should be able to farm up to t16 (Wouldn't go for Guardians/shaper without really good gear)
Absolutely not HC viable.
Not Tanky(4.5k life)
You need the life and mana leech enchantment on the boots,without it feels horrible.


We have 2 mandatory uniques which are our poet's pens,which are at the moment about 17-20c each, meaning you need a budget of 40c+ to start this Build.

My Gear (MF)

Gear for Red Maps

We swap out faster attacks from sadiams touch with the MF gear to increased critical strikes so we can gain power charges faster.
Do not go for poison on the gloves,it practially only costs you more mana per cast.



Increased maximum Life
Increased Damage
Increased Global Critical strike Chance/multiplier

This is NOT needed/mandatory but it is great for survivability:
Watcher's eye poe.trade search:


Normal Lab:Instruments of Virtue
Cruel Lab:Righteous Providence
Merciless Lab:Invitable Judgement
Uber Lab:Augury of Penitence

I went for Alira but kill all is also fine.


Major God:Soul of Lunaris
Minor God:Soul of Gruktuhl
These offer us a bit better defense since we are practiaclly a glasscanon with MF gear.

This tree is based on https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2050819which also made me start to play poet's pen myself.


In the first poet's pen we use:Unearth-GMP(Greater multiple projectiles)-Bodyswap
Second poet's pen:Volatile Dead-Elemental Focus-Conc effect(or increased critical strikes)
Frenzy:Frenzy-faster attacks-GMP-Power charge on critical
Kinetic Blast setup:Kinetic Blast-Pierce-GMP-Faster attacks-added lightning damage-increased critical strikes(if you use a 5l leave critical strikes out, it isn't really needed).
There are probably better setups out there for KB but this works out the best for me personally.
Helmet/Boots:Anger-Herald of Ice-Flame Dash-Summon lightning golem
Recommended extra gems:Portal-Faster casting

How to play this?

We want to farm as fast as we can to make the most currency out of the time we play,so we want to be effective.

For the fastest clearspeed you want to get to your max amount of frenzy charges as fast as possible ,these can be obtained trough hitting mobs with frenzy.
One attack should be enough.
Then you basically spamm KB and bodyspwap as fast as you can trough the map and kill everything.
At the Boss/rares we enojoy our Volatile Dead's single target, which is, even with the MF setup, pretty decent.

Why not this and that?
Because it is either worse/ I don't like to play with "x".

Can you have a look at my Gear/help me with my Problems with this Build?
Yes.You can either ask here in the Forum or in game, you will get a faster answer from me in game.
My Ingame Name:ZofoPoetsPen

To be added.

If you have any questions to this build feel free to ask!

This is my first Build I made myself ever so I hope it didn't went bad/can help you guys.


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why two skills, frenzy and kinetic. ???
Hello there !

Took a look at your build and well, that looked really interresting,as i'm planning to build it towards MF only, i was wondering, as a standard player, where'd put Item Quantity Support as there are quite a few options available.
Would it fit nicely on anger/heral of ice ?
Thanks for the build again !
Have a great one
im still wondering why you use a full 4l just to get frenzy going and then rely on KB for triggering the rest fo the time.

I mean, isnt the damage coming from the wands auto casting and kb is just a proc button?

Ive never played a poets build, so really confused, although I do do wanders a bit and I know the damage kb can put out itself - just wondering why its needed here.

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