[3.2] Bloodrocuter [CoC Electric Cyclon Assassin] Ultrabudget friendly


This is my first original guide, so it may be full of noob mistakes. Please. don't hesitate to say anything you would change ^^

Actually, this began as a potencial REBORN FROM THE DEAD Doryani's Fist build but, as expected, it sucked. So I decided to redirect it into something different and came out with something surpriseingly good, fun, cheap and nice looking.

*Take into consideration that I'm still leveling this character, so it can be open to constant changes unitll I find the most optimus build.

Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/VrSf9JnK

Pro's & Con's

+ Map Wiper
+ Very cheap, but still upgradeable
+ Deathclock meme

- Not the best boss killer
- Low defences
- Better don't try this on Hardcore


Pasive Tree & Bandits


Class: Shadow

Level: 90 (Final Tree)

Ascendancy: Assassin

Order of Ascendancy points:
1- Unstable Infusion
2- Ambush and Assassinate
3- Opportunistic
4- Deadly Infusion

Bandits: Help Alira (Elemental Resistances, Crit Multiplier and Mana Regen).


With this build, the main objective is getting a good build without spending more than 5 chaos orbs per item (exept the Body Armour, obviously).


Use Bloodseeker x2 for the cheap version. It can be bought for 2 or 3 chaos orbs, gives you instant leech and a nice DPS.

However, if you swim in a pool of money (or you are a lucky bastard and get one dropped) and you can afford a Lycosidae Rawhide Tower Shield, it wil boost your global DPS to the stratosphere.

Carcass Jack will give you our precious life, some elemental resistances and tons of AoE Damage. Oh! and Extra Gore for the fireworks.

I found that 5L version for only 20 chaos orbs, but as well as the Lycosidae, if you can afford a 6L or even craft one, go for it.

This is the rest of the main gear I use right now. Abyssus give you an insane roll of Crit Multiplier some attributes and an unlucky roll of damage taken. Try to get the closest to the minimum 40% Damage Taken roll.

I use that rare gear to get the elemental resistances capped, some life and a thankfull 30% movement speed.

Theese are some alternatives:

Rat's Nest is an acceptable alternative if you don't like the extra damage taken from the Abyssus.

Thunderfist and Stormcharger would give you a BRUTAL boost of damage if you manage to get your elemental resistances to 75% only with your rings. But remember you'll be giving up the Life rolls of your rares.

With the lightning version of the Impresence is where the magic happens. It allows you to use Conductivity as an aura for free, a nice roll of Life and Maddening Presence, that makes you a bit tanky after killing a rare or unique mob.

For the belt I use Belt of the Deciever because it gives you resistances, damage and some strenth you may need to equip Abyssus, that require at least 138 of strength.

You have the Prismweave as a more damage alternative and the Immortal Flesh as an extra life option, as long as you can cover their lack of resistances (especially from the Immortal Flesh).

Diamond Rings for crit chance and whatever else you may need.

I use these flasks. A Diamond Flask is almost indispensable, as you need all the crit chance as you can get. Vessel of Vinktar is all you need to survive out there as it gives you a lot of damage and leech. Try to get a Divine Life Flask with Immunity to Bleeding. Also is very cheap and gives you a nice shot of steroids. Oh! and Quicksilver Flask with a bonus movement speed to clear faster.

However you can change this last one for something defensive like a Jade Flask or Granite Flask.

Use 3 of them. Each Grand Spectrum gives you 12% of elemental damage, multiplying that for each one you have equiped. So, if you have two, EACH of the Jewels gives 24% (Total 48%) and if you have three EACH gives you 36%, making a total of 108% increased Elemental Damage. And they are worth 2 or 3 chaos orb.

Use the last Jewel Socket to get some life and whatever else you may need.

Skill Gems

You may see some empty sockets as long as I still I don't know what to do with them yet. Suggestions accepted. Also, I tried to sort them in order of importance.


Body Armour:

Cyclone - Cast on Crit - Shock Nova - Concentrated Effect - Added Lightning Damage - Physical to Lightning

Concentrated Effect is the strongest support gem for this, but it reduces de size of your AoE, so you may drop it for the 6L or bosses if you prefer. Sometimes I also use Increased Critical Strikes Chance when I feel 83% crit chance isn't... enough.

Right Hand:

Conductivity - Blasphemy - Empower/Increased Area of Effect

Use Empower if you get one. However if you are like me: a lazy as to level one to lvl 3 or too poor to buy one leveled already, you can use Increased Area of Effect.

Left Hand:

Whirling Blades/Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Charged Dash/Fortify

Whirling Blades if you go Dual Wielding, Shield Charge with Lycosidae. Also I use Charged Dash to get over walls, but you can use Fortify as a more defensive option.


Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Vaal Haste

Leave Immortal Call at lvl 3 and CwDT at lvl 1 to cast it more frequently. Vaal Haste boosts your attack, cast and movement speed. Increased Duration to buff both Immortal Call and Vaal Haste.


Ancestral Protector - Summon Ice Golem - Maim - Ruthless

Ice Golem gives more Crit. Ancestral Protector will help you mostly for boss killing.


Blood Rage - Wrath - Herald of Thunder - Enlighten

Wrath and Herald of Thunder for more Lightning Damage and Enlighten to reduce the mana reservation. Blood Rage is your main source of Frenzy Charges. Very Important.


Smash your flasks pianolike and electro-bayblade arround the map.

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Hey there, I'm interested to know the leveling skill tree and what skills you used to level up. Your build looks really fun, so keep up the good work.
The clip you have posted looks alright, but where are you trying to go with the build? You have a lot of added flat damage to attacks or phys conversion, but shock nova won't utilize those things since it is neither an attack nor physical. I Suggest taking the build to either pure cyclone or pure CoC, You could also go for CoMK, but this is practically useless for bosses aside from a select few items that can make it somewhat work. Since you have bloodseekers, I'd suggest just going for pure cyclone damage, dropping the CoC links. This way you can utilize the instant leech from them (since its only damage from the weapon that applies instantly, not spell damage). If you decide to stick to the current setup I feel you may experience a good bit of damage drop off later in the game. Just my 2whets.

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