[3.2] Low Life Glacial Cascade Miner (Uber Shaper VIABLE) under Construction atm

The Idea behind that Build was to create a Glacial Cascade Miner that was able to kill Uber Elder.


My Gear

My Weapon and Shield

Gain ##% of physical Damage ist the most important stat on your mainhand
Get Energy Shield and Spell crit as much as possible

Mandatory Uniques

Special Mod Rares

Special Mod "The Helmenchant"
Special Mod "Trap Support"

Other rare Items

Build via Path of Building
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I play very similar build and i just managed to kill Uber Elder (first try) with it, so the LL GC mines is Uber Elder viable build.

Here is my pastebin: https://pastebin.com/az3B45dN

And here is my gear:
Thinking to use this sword with the build,

jcesarprog wrote:

2 accounts? or why do you reserve a post in another persons thread? ^^

@op do you have any videos for this build? i really like to play it but i am not sure if the playstile is kinda annoying to me or not ... not sure about the detonate thing
thanks for the build, are you going to update anything for 3.4?
I lost 18.500 average DPS sad face.

shaper kill 2seconds video
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