[3.2] Debeon's Dirge Raider Cyclone


My goal for this character was to use the Debeon's Dirge axe and Herald of Ice to create a smooth map clearer that would allow me to easily unlock my atlas for the rest of my characters this league. The Character is ColdColdSpinCycle and is currently level 93 is the Bestiary League.

Required Uniques

The build is designed with this item in mind, so it's the only required unique.

Gameplay Style

The playstyle of the build is to alch and go with maps. The only mod that needs to be watched out for is elemental reflect. Otherwise, the build is great for quickly moving through the map and wiping out packs with cyclone and herald of ice. Thanks to the movement speed provided by Raider, in particular the revamped Onslaught branch, we are very fast and can quickly clear maps. Thanks to our high life, high dodge, and movement speed, the build is also fairly defensively sound and only really struggles against the very end-game bosses such as the Shaper.


+ Great map clear
+ Very smooth gameplay
+ Good life, high dodge


- Low single target damage
- Mana sustain can be a pain


Take the two passive points. Alira and Oak both offer very little to the build, and Kraityn doesn't offer enough quality of life to pass up two passives.

Main Attack

Cyclone - Increased Area of Effect - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Ice Bite - Added Cold Damage - Cold Penetration

Swap in Concentrated Effect for bosses. Drop Cold Penetration if you do not have a six-link.

Additional Links

Leap Slam - Blood Magic - Fortify - Faster Attacks

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call

Blasphemy - Frostbite

Herald of Ice

Enduring Cry

Ancestral Warchief

Frost Bomb


The Debeon's Dirge axe requires level 66, so you can either Frost Blades until then or switch to Cyclone at 28. If you switch to Cyclone, any leveling two-handed axe will work.

Passive Tree

The lower levels will slightly be off due to passives gained during the story, but they're pretty close.


Shaped Waste Pool

Tier 13 Eradicator

Current Gear

I've just gotten my tier 16 orb and fully completed my atlas, so hopefully I can have a video up of a double beyond/sea witches T16 map. I've greatly enjoyed playing this character and it may be my all time favorite. Hope you guys enjoy. :)
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Nice build. But how can you take full advantage of the 1.5 inc ele of the axe itself?

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