[3.2] Lazor Sticks (NOT VIABLE POST 3.3)


I'll try to make a video on this build as soon as possible.

[3.2] Lazor Sticks: Dual Dyadus, Cyclone, RF, SRT, EO, EE, MoM, Self-Curse, Hierophant

In short:
This build combines the strength of Righteous Fire, Scorching Ray, and Dyadus’ 100% increased burn damage taken mod to output massive damage, while still allowing you to also play conservatively. This build does not inherently require expensive gear, making it very accessible as a league starter. It is certainly a viable build for newer players, though the mechanics can be hard to grasp.

- Flexibility
- Boss melting
- Decent clear speed
- Easy uber labs
- Great for party play
- Cheap (10~20 chaos) with room for investment (50~100 exalt)
- Easy beast capturing

- Active play style
- Has a hard time running maps with zero regeneration mod
- Looks ridiculous without microtransactions

Stats (level 90+, 6-link Soul Mantle, mediocre gear):
- 4.5K unreserved life.
- 3K unreserved mana.
- 40%~50% Mind over Matter effect.
- Over 1400 regeneration: 800 life/sec, 600 mana/sec vs. 400 Righteous Fire degeneration
- Three endurance charges and near-permanent fortify
- Over 300K Righteous Fire Shaper dps
- Over 600K~700K Scorching Ray Shaper dps per totem
- Up to 4 totems
- Can be budgeted down to 10~20 chaos

Path of Building:
You can import my Lazor Sticks character on Path of Building with my account name, davydavidsson, and character name, __Ragnaros.

For shits and giggles I also made this bullshit gear version of this build with 7M Shaper dps:

Play style:
- Turning off Righteous Fire: you can use a burn removal flask to turn Righteous Fire off, this will reduce your damage output, but grants you more survivability due to your formidable life and mana regeneration. This can be used to facetank uber lab traps or run maps with reduced regeneration mods. Additionally the Soul of Arakali Pantheon with the Soul of Arachnoxia captured temporarily boosts your life regeneration by 50% when you turn Righteous Fire off.
- Decoy totem: useful for protecting yourself against hard hitting mobs, also useful to keep Izaro busy during phases in which you need him to be alive for more than half a second.
- Map clearing: drop one or two Scorching Ray totems, cyclone your way through the pack, rinse and repeat. Drop a decoy totem against hard hitting packs.
- Maintaining charges: if you happen to run out of endurance charges at any time, you can just spam totems until you’re up to full charges again.
- Capturing beasts: drop Scorching Ray totems, drop your net, cyclone in.
- Partying: having someone play this build in your party will reduce enemies’ fire resistance by 74% and increase their burn damage taken by 200%, needless to say this would benefit a lot of builds. Having multiple people play this build in a party would even exponentially increase their dps.

- Dyadus: dual wielding these weapons causes enemies chilled by you to take 200% increased burn damage, effectively tripling your dps.
- Cyclone: this skill is used to chill enemies, as hitting an enemy with the offhand Dyadus for any amount of damage will chill them.
- Righteous Fire: this skill is mainly used to boost your scorching ray damage, but it also deals a bunch of damage on its own right, occasionally allowing you to clear maps without dropping totems.
- Scorching Ray Totems: this is the main damage output of this build. Having totems cast scorching ray allows us to use cyclone while the totems fire away as opposed to self-casting Scorching Ray, also having multiple Scorching Ray sources fire at a single target makes the debuff stack faster (need confirmation).
- Elemental Overload: this talent will greatly boost our damage output as long as we manage to proc it.
- Elemental Equilibrium: this talent also boosts our damage output significantly by hitting enemies with cold or lightning damage.
- Mind over Matter: this talent and other sources providing its effect help mitigating the Righteous Fire degeneration, as well as other sources of damage.
- Self-Curse: due to Soul Mantle, we will be constantly afflicted by curses, we will need a pair of Kikazaru’s to counteract this effect, and we can use Self-Flagellation to capitalize on it.
- Hierophant: this ascendancy provides additional totems, life and mana regeneration, endurance charges, and extra Mind over Matter effect. There simply is no ascendancy more suitable for this build.


Gem links, maximize gem level unless otherwise indicated, quality is only relevant for the gems marked with *, gems in the 6-link are listed in decreasing order of importance:

3-socket (aura’s, linking these sockets is not necessary):
- Purity of Fire
- Clarity
- Decoy Totem* or Summon Stone Golem*

3-link (mobility skill):
- Lightning Warp*
- Faster Casting Support*
- Less Duration Support*

Alternative mobility skill:
- Leap Slam*
- Faster Attacks Support*
- Vaal Lightning Trap or Summon Stone Golem*

4-link 1 (cyclone):
- Cyclone
- Fortify Support*
- Life Gain on Hit Support*
- Brutality Support or Additional Accuracy Support*

4-link 2 (Righteous Fire):
- Righteous Fire*
- Concentrated Effect Support*
- Burning Damage Support*
- Elemental Focus Support*

4-link 3 (Cast when Damage Taken):
- Cast when Damage Taken Support (level 1)
- Blade Vortex (level 8)
- Increased Critical Strikes Support*
- Blind Support*

6-link (Scorching Ray):
- Scorching Ray*
- Burning Damage Support*
- Efficacy Support*
- Elemental Focus Support*
- Controlled Destruction Support*
- Swift Affliction Support*

Required gear:
- 2x Dyadus (duh): the namesake of this build. Just any one will do really, ideally you want one with 15% increased attack speed, but even those are neither expensive nor nescissary.
- Soul Mantle: this gearpiece will allow you to effectively have your main skill in a 7-link. You should look for one with high spell power roll and a low energy shield roll, because energy shield will only increase the Righteous Fire degeneration. Tabula Rasa with a Spell Totem Support would be a superior alternative if you can’t afford a 5-link Soul Mantle.
- 2x Kikazaru: these will counteract the curses you will incur from Soul Mantle, they also provide a chunk of life and mana regeneration. Aim for a high mana regeneration roll. Keep in mind that there will be no need to overcap your resistances by 34% with these rings, since the Elemental Weakness map mod will only reduce your resistances by 7%, having a curse removal flask would also be quite redundant.
- Rare boots, gloves, helmet, belt, amulet, and jewels: just make sure to overcap resistances by 7% and look for good life rolls. Armor, accuracy, movement speed, and dexterity are a plus, avoid energy shield.

Optional replacements, you can try these cheap alternatives out if your resistances allow it:
- The Aylardex: this gives you an additional 4% Mind over Matter effect, it also gives you some life, mana, and mana regeneration.
- Atziri’s Foible: if you are struggling with mana regeneration, this will solve the problem.
- Hrimnor's Resolve: this gives you a nice damage boost.
- Garukhan’s Flight: this gives you good movement speed, a chunk of life regeneration, and some dexterity.
- Self-Flagellation: allows you to capitalize on curses incurred from Soul Mantle
- Viridian or Cobalt Grand Spectrum: gives you a chunk of mana or damage, make sure you have three of any combination of these for maximum effect.

Cheap upgrades:
- Stygian Vise or Bubonic Trail: ideally you would want to socket an abyssal jewel in it that adds cold or lightning damage to spells, so you can proc Elemental Equilibrium with Blade Vortex without the need for Added Cold Damage Support.
- Witchfire Brew: probably the best flask for this build, boosts the dps and provides some damage mitigation.
- Sulphur Flask: the consecrated ground gives us more life regeneration, and the damage boost is nice.
- Rumi’s Concoction: very nice defensive flask.
- Burn removal flask: having a flask with the -of Dousing suffix allows you to turn Righteous Fire off in emergencies.

Costly upgrades, you can try these if you have too much currency on your hands (and are not keen to donate it to me):
- Enlighten support, link it with your aura’s.
- Level 21 Clarity.
- Level 21 Scorching Ray.
- Delirium crafted gloves or horror crafted helmet, for socketing your Righteous Fire.
- Scorching Ray or Righteous Fire helmet enchants, increased Scorching Ray damage being the strongest one.
- Regenerate 2% of Life and Mana if you were hit recently boot enchant.
- Dyadus with +2 weapon range corruption, use it in offhand.
- Dyadus with culling strike corruption.
- Amulet with +1% to all maximum resistances corruption.
- Kikazaru's with 3%~6% of damage taken gained as mana over 4 seconds when hit corruption.
- Bubonic Trail with two abyssal sockets.
- Blue Pearl or Marble Amulet with life, mana, mana regeneration, and increased fire damage.
- 6-linked Sou Mantle with +1% to all maximum resistances corruption.
- 6-linked Soul Mantle with +1 level to socketed gems corruption, if you get your hands on one, you can swap out Swift Affliction Support for a level 4 Empower Support. This would cost you over 50 exalts and net you a couple million Shaper dps.

Passive tree:

I will probably proceed this tree by finishing the Wheel of Life, then take Breath of Flames and Heart of Flame.

Path of Building:
Here you'll find the complete level 100 tree along with my mediocre gear as of April 1st, 2018:
Here you'll find this build with some smexy mirror tier bullshit gear doing 7M Shaper dps:

NOTE: Path of Building ignores the effects of the Pursuit of Faith and Ritual of Awakening ascendancies.

Take Soul of Abberath and Soul of Arakaali. I would highly recommend capturing the Soul of Arachnoxia to temporarily increase your life regeneration by 50% when you turn Righteous Fire off.

For this build helping Oak and taking the 2 passive points (killing all bandits), are both viable options. The prior one being more defensive, and the latter one being more offensive.

I probably didn’t pick the most efficient way to level, but I just didn’t feel like leveling with Sunder, and respeccing for the late-game. For the most part I leveled with Righteous Fire:
- Started off with Freezing Pulse.
- B-lined towards Mind over Matter.
- Picked Divine Guidance as my first ascendancy.
- Slammed on my Righteous Fire leveling gear (Goldrim, Brightbeak, Springleaf, Kikazaru’s, and Atziri’s Foible/Shaper’s Seed) and started running Righteous Fire.
- Picked up Elemental Equilibrium, Elemental Overload, and Holy Fire.
- For the remainder of the levels you can pretty much choose your own adventure.

- You only have about 4.5K life, why don’t you run Belly of the Beast or Kaom’s Heart?
- First of all, we don’t need much life, because we don’t rely solely on Righteous Fire for damage. Second of all, Righteous Fire’s degeneration scales with your life, while not all of our regeneration sources do, so having too much life will cause too much degeneration. Lastly, Soul Mantle effectively turns our main skill into a 7-link and allows us to have a fourth totem.
- Can this build run Kaom’s Roots?
- Yes, but the lack of sockets would probably force you to sacrifice your movement skill.
- Why are you not running Stone Golem?
- Stone Golem kept on dying, and I felt like I could quite comfortably sustain Righteous Fire without it, so I swapped it out for decoy totem.
- How good is this build on a budget?
- I’d say you might hit about 1M Shaper dps on a wisely spent 10 chaos budget (softcore), at which point you can farm uber lab for gear improvements.
- What about Immortal Call in your Cast when Damage Taken setup?
- It can take a while to regain endurance charges, especially in boss fights where you need them the most, so I’d rather not have them stripped away every other 3 seconds. I have however tried it, and it’s definitely a viable alternative.
- Is this build hardcore viable?
- Perhaps, but not when piloted by me.
- Can this build do boss X and boss Y?
- Probably, but at the time of writing this, I haven't gotten around to trying anything beyond uber lab and normal Atziri.
- Why do you use Lightning Warp instead of Leap Slam?
- Because Leap Slam strikes with your main hand weapon, you don’t want to strike anything with your main hand Dyadus, because it would proc Elemental Equilibrium for fire damage.
- Why do you need Brutality Support in your Cyclone setup?
- Because it prevents your main hand Dyadus from dealing fire damage. It also prevents your off hand from dealing cold damage, but that doesn’t matter because the off hand Dyadus will chill enemies irregardless.
- Do you swap Concentrated Effect Support for Increased Area of Effect Support for map clearing?
- No, Righteous Fire will barely do any damage without proccing Dyadus, so there is not much to be gained by making the Righteous Fire area greater than we can cover with Cyclone.
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How would you proc ele equilibrium if you use brutality in cyclone?
Brutality prevents the main hand Dyadus from proccing Elemental Equilibrium for fire (which is undesirable).

The way I currently proc Elemental Equilibrium for either cold or lightning, is by hitting enemies with Blade Vortex. Blade Vortex normally deals neither cold nor lightning damage, but having a modifier that adds these damage types onto your spell hits, does allow this. Such modifiers can be found on abyssal jewels (like I'm currently doing it) and shaper items. Blade Vortex will usually be up indefinately, because it's linked to a level 1 Cast When Damage Taken.

Alternatively, you can proc Elemental Equilibrium with Orb of Storms to avoid the need of such a modifier. In this case you could simply replace the Blade Vortex gem with the Orb of Storms Gem. I personally prefer Blade Vortex for the following reasons:
- Blade Vortex hits more often, proccing Elemental Overload more reliably.
- Blade Vortex moves along with your character, while Orb of Storms just sits on the spot where you dropped it. Though Orb of Storms covers a greater area despite being stationary, Blade Vortex covers an area simular to that of Cyclone, and since you'd want to hit everything with Cyclone anyway, you'll be proccing Elemental Equilibrium on everything while you're at it.

I hope this ansers your question!
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Bandits and pantheon?
Pantheon recommendations can be found under the leveling section. Bandit recommendations can also be found there as of now!
Bandits is a kill all or oak? u tell we help oak and kill al
davydavidsson wrote:
For this build helping Oak and taking the 2 passive points (killing all bandits), are both viable options. The prior one being more defensive, and the latter one being more offensive.

Let me clarify: I meant that you can choose either one of them, whichever you prefer. Help Oak if you prefer to have more survivability, kill all if you prefer to deal more damage.
is your life regen enough ?
is your life regen enough ?

As you can see in Path of Building, my life and mana regeneragion can sustain Righteous Fire. Also note that Path of Building neglects the regeneration provided by the Ritual of Awakening ascendancy and the life gained through Cyclone. If you still find that you have trouble sustaining Righteous Fire, you can pick up more regen nodes in the Marauder area of the passive tree. When facing more dangerous enemies, you can also turn Righteous Fire off, to increase your regeneration even further.

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