[3.2] Righteous Fire/Blood Magic/Glacial Cascade Mines Saboteur [Yellow Elder][T15+][Chimera][SC]

RF Demonstration

If you're like me you may have thought "Righteous Fire is a cool ability, but I wish it was less smooth and comfortable to play. If only there was a version that was a little more awkward requiring micro management..."
Well, boy do I have a build for you!

I have now beaten maps upto T15 with nasty mods without any major issues.
In higher tier content I stop running RF all the time, and instead use it as a damage boost against bosses/tough rares.
I might remove the damage links from it and just run it for the spell damage boost.

Have beaten Chimera which was fairly easy.
The adds are the most dangerous part as they can almost 1-shot you.
The smoke phase is a joke with 1500 hp/s regen.

How it works:
Righteous Fire
The Pyromaniac ascendancy node gives us this:
Immune to Ignite
Immune to Shock
1% of Life Regenerated per Second for each of your Mines Detonated Recently, up to 20%
1% of Life Regenerated per Second for each of your Traps Triggered Recently, up to 20%
25% reduced Mana Cost of Skills that place Mines or throw Traps

The Tremor Rod allow us to detonate mines twice.

From the passive tree and other ascendancy nodes we have a max of 10 mines at once, detonated twice is the full 20% regen.

Provides us some extra regen.

We use a Stone Golem for more regen.

Once we have enough mines detonated recently our regen exceeds the burn from Righteous Fire.
As long as we place and detonate a few mines every few seconds (which we do anyway) we can maintain the amount.

With the belt, golem and the regen from mines, we can maintain Righteous Fire with as little as 70% fire resistance (although it's much more comfortable with more).

The shock resistance from the Pyromaniac node also stops shocked ground/shocks affecting us, so RF damage isn't increased.
The ignite resistance means we don't have to worry about additional fire damage from an ignite on top of RF.

Blood Magic

This helmet gives us Blood Magic, meaning all of our abilities spend life instead of mana (and our mana permanently becomes 0).
We also gain a lot of added damage to spells as long as no life is reserved.

We can still run a single aura using this ring:

I'm using Purity of Fire to further help maintain the burn from Righteous Fire and have life regen to spare (to keep us alive).

Why even do it?
The build originally started out as a basic evasion/life/MoM/Cascade Miner.
Once I got the helmet I wanted to build around it, so started stacking more life and life regen.
On a whim I decided to try RF just to amuse myself, and found I could actually sustain it.

The main reason is to trade life regen for 40% more spell damage whenever we feel like it.

If you've played a mine build then a lot of this is the same.
A lot of running, placing mines and running again.

You zone into a map, place mines to 10 and detonate twice.
Then activate RF.
Now run around, placing and detonating mines every couple of seconds.
You can use the area of RF as a visual indicator because it's much larger when you have 10 mines out than when you don't.
So when the circle shrinks, you know to place more mines.

Use Ruby flask when you need more of your regen affecting your life.
In an emergency, or if you want to stop a minute to loot, use a dousing life flask to disable RF.

For bosses place a Detonate Mines Spell Totem and just spam mines.

Without the RF bit, you can just play it like a normal Cascade Miner with 20%+ life regen.


Damage with RF on and with mines detonated recently.


This is an evasion based character.

The life regen shown is after 20 mines detonated.
With a Jade Flask I have around 40% chance to evade.
Nearby enemies are blinded, cutting their chance to hit in half and reducing damage taken from them by 10%
I have almost 5k life at level 84, with access to the Scion life rectangle if I need it.
The main defence is to avoid attacks, and regen through the ones that hit you.
Disable RF after heavy hits when needed to heal up quickly.

And yes, I should probably cap my lightning resistance...

Passives, Ascendancy, Pantheon and Bandits:
Passive tree
The core of the tree is grabbing the useful Mine nodes, and stacking life/regen/AoE.
I have Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics, but feel free to respec that entire section if you dislike those.

When levelling I went through the life to the mine nodes, then into Witch and grabbed Mind Over Matter (which I respecced later).

EDIT:Grabbed Elemental Overload (procced with Orb of Storms).
Grabbed extra mine node, moved some points around.
Grabbing jewel sockets now.

1)Bomb Specialist:
Gives us mine placement speed and increased damage if we detonated mines recently.

2)Demolition's Specialist or Pyromaniac:
I personally went Pyromaniac first as the life regen made levelling really smooth but either one is fine.

3)Demolition's Specialist or Pyromaniac:
Whichever one you didn't take.

4)Born in the Shadow's or Explosives Expert:
Take expert if you feel you need more damage and AoE.
Take Born in Shadow's for more survivability.
I went for Shadow's as my damage and area both feel fine and the blind is really helpful.

Brine King - getting chain stunned/frozen stops us being able to detonate mines.
Ryslatha - I've been using this to ensure my dousing flask is always available, but anything works.
Kill all for the 2 passives.

Alira can be helpful if you really need resistances, but the crit and mana are pretty useless to us.
Oak is mediocre, the life regen is fine but not worth 2 passives and whilst the phys affects Cascade (I think), it's not super strong.
Kraityn offers some move speed and an extra 3% dodge chance, not great.

The only items really necessary are:

4 Link is fine to start

For the Blood Magic

To run Purity of Fire

Other helpful items:

For the extra regen, a high life/res belt works fine too.

For the extra area/area damage.
EDIT:Swapped Carcass Jack for an Evasion/Life/Res rare.

These add more range to Cascade as well as providing full conversion to cold.
They are expensive in Bestiary, so use Physical to Lightning or Hrimsorrow instead.

For all other slots, just stack life and resistances.
Additional elemental damage (from an Opal Ring or similar) is a nice bonus.

Flask suffixes are actually quite important, luckily you can beast craft them fairly easily.

Ideally this would be instant, but it's to disable RF when needed.

Will eventually be replaced with a Jade. Staunching is helpful, we don't need more damaging debuffs.

Reduces the damage we take from RF meaning more excess regen for our life pool.
Warding to remove Elemental Weakness curse mostly.

To go a bit faster, as we only have Flame Dash as a movement skill (or a really slow leap slam).

Anti Freeze flask.

Taste of Hate
Atziri's Promise

Gems and Links:
This build is specced into mostly generic elemental/mine damage nodes.
This means you don't have to run Glacial Cascade, and can instead run any elemental spell you like.

Warning: Magma Orb, Vortex, Shock Nova, Fire Nova Mines can tank your FPS pretty hard, 10 mines placed, detonated twice.

Cascade (in Tremor Rod):
Glacial Cascade - Trap and Mine Damage - Minefield - Controlled Destruction - Concentrated Effect - Elemental Focus
Righteous Fire:
Righteous Fire - Increased AoE (for fun)/Concentrated Effect (for damage) - Increased Burning Damage - Elemental Focus
When you reach higher tier maps, drop the supports for RF as the burn damage becomes fairly insignificant and only the more damage buff is useful.

Mines Totem:
Detonate Mines - Spell Totem - Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance - Faster Casting
Use against bosses/breaches/hard rares etc so you can spam mines.
Resistance is to keep it alive more easily.

CWDT - Immortal Call - Enfeeble - Detonate Mines
Level the CWDT to whatever is comfortable for you, I usually have it trigger after around 1000 damage.

Orb of Storms - Increased Critical Strikes - Curse on Hit - Elemental Weakness

Stone Golem
Purity of Fire (in Essence Worm)
Vaal Grace (for defence)/Vaal Haste (for speed)

Current gear:

I think that's about it.
If I've forgotten anything, or you have any comments/questions, please reply.

Thank you for reading.
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Hey seems nice and I would like to try it but could you show us your passive tree and if its possible what you used to level up?
There's a link to the passive tree at the top of the passives spoiler section.
But I'll link it here too:

For levelling, any spell until fire nova mines, then nova mines til 28 then cascade mines.
Nova links: minefield - trap and mine damage - controlled destruction.
Cascade links: remote mine (until you get Tremor Rod) - minefield - trap and mine damage - controlled destruction - conc effect or elemental focus.
Try to get a detonate mines gem and link it to spell totem, place it near bosses and then just spam mines.

I grabbed the life in Shadow, then the mine nodes, then headed to Witch grabbing the nearby mine nodes there.
Then head into Templar to get the life and area nodes, grab elemental overload if you have room for orb of storms - increased critical strikes setup and you feel like you need damage.
Head down for the life regen if you want to play around with RF.

Grab acrobatics/phase acrobatics when you start heading into maps.
Fill out the rest as you see fit, grab jewel sockets if you find decent jewels.

Levelling items:
The usual, Tabula, Lifesprig, Wanderlust, Goldrims etc are helpful.
If you grab the regen ascendancy node first, you can use a Malachai's Simula (the none-fated awakening) to give you blood magic so you don't have to worry about mana.

At level 38 you can use essence worm.
At 45 try to get a tremor rod, 4 link is more than enough.
At 60 switch to Malachai's Awakening.

It's really easy to level once you get cascade mines, they just erase act bosses.

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