[3.4] Frostbolt Inquisitor Self-Cast. Void Balls Everywhere ! :D

Hi everyone, it's been since January 2016 i play PoE . So basically when 2.2 came out.
I'm not really an expert of the game but my knowledge is kinda good for two years of playing :p
I'm sharing with you my most pride build : The Self-Cast Frostbolt Inquisitor
I'm actually level 66 with it but the leveling was so smooth and easy.(Well of course i died sometimes because templars are squishy ^-^) Sorry for my "bad" english tho. It's also the first build i made in the forum. So be not rude to me if i'm doing wrongs the setup of my thread ^-^. Thanks ! <3
Sorry my spoilers might be in randomly chose for the place i'm not really a clean person to do correctly the spoilers :3 Please forgive me :'(

3.2 Informations !!!
-First of all. Inquisitor is still the same as the old one so yes nothing changes the build will still be viable i guess. But i'll not do it as my leaguestarter i'm planning to do a Golemancer Elementalist.
-But even if i'm not into the build anymore, it's still viable and a fun way to play Frostbolt.
-Have fun on Bestiary league !

What motivated me to do a build guide in the forum ? Well it's simple, i wanted to share with you all a forgotten skill that have a good skin ;) I know it's not a forgotten skill since Lifting did a Quad Totems Frostbolt, but i didn't like it very much, so i made my own self-cast one. If you wondering why i chose blade vortex, it's because i was a fan of Bashtart's sparker, so the blade vortex setup is a bit copied on him, sorry ^.^. But well i'm really proud of this build since it's the first time a build i'm doing myself work to mapping ! <3

Why should you think about playing this build ? :P :
If you like non-meta skills.
If you like shattering enemies.
If cold is your favourite element.
If you like the Mind over matter system.

Pros :
+Smooth Playstyle
+Shattering enemies are so satisfying :D
+Gear can be upgraded time by time while farming currency
+Strong Leaguestarter
+Great Bosskiller

Cons :
-Squishy, even with 4k/5k life and MoM, we can be sometimes squishy, And mostly in the leveling process
-It can be expensive if this is your first character ( Yeah it's a bit contra the "Strong Leaguestarter" Pro but well :p
-Self-Cast spells are not for everyone. Maybe people prefer mines / totems / Traps.
-Not Hardcore Viable
-Decent Clear Speed, not the best but really satisfying to watch :D

Gear :
Mandatory Unique:
Divinarius, a good dagger for inquisitors. For the Huge crit.
Hrimsorrow is mandatory because for Single Target we use Blade Vortex. So scaling elemental damage in the tree with a Physical-Based spell isn't really viable :D So we use those gloves to have 50% of the phys to elemental damage.
Frozen Trail. Two of them is required to have 5 Projectiles to evitate to take the -38% damage of GMP :P

Recommended Unique:
Mutewind Whispersteps. Those boots is a good one for inquisitor cold-based spells. Grant high crit chance for spells, Flat cold damage for spells and a nice 25%Fix movement speed. Also some cold res :3

Gear Example :
Jade amulet changed to an Dex / Str amulet with few crit multiplier, good life roll.

Gear Explanation :
Weapon :
Like i said in the gear section, this dagger is mandatory as it give us good spell damage and high crit for spells ;)

Shield :
My shield is a bad example but, Aim for Critical Strike chance for spells, life and missing res, for richer persons try to have all of that with spell damage ;) Or multiplier crit.

Body Armour :
This chest is also a bad example but it's shitty gear for starting mapping :P. Try to aim for a +100minimum life chest, missing res. And of course a 5L, if you find a cheap 6L with those stats why not but i don't know what could be your 6th link for Blade Vortex ^^'.

Boots :
I use the Mutewind Whispersteps boots because it allows us to run through chilled grounds maps, It also grant high crit chance for spells and flat cold damage ! :) And a nice boost for movement speed also.

Rings :
If you feel that you don't crit that much you can go for Diamond Rings, mine are just like i said for starting maps ;) But for higher level i guess Opal ring will be better. I'll update this if i got the currency one day for that ^-^

Amulet :
Dexterity-based amulet is good for a lack of dexterity for leveling green gems. Take life , missing resistances, crit for richer persons.

Belt :
If you don't need a life belt, you can use this unique Abyss belt , but take good jewels with flat elemental damage to spells + critical multiplier / chance, as it makes your socketed abyssal jewels 50% more efficient. Or just aim for a good leather belt with 100+ life, missing resistances.

Helmet :
Basically, aim for good life on helmet i got the chance to have a 98life on a helmet. Aim for life, missing resistances, and if you are capped you could search for dexterity on it.

Gloves :
Mandatory unique to have a 100% full elemental conversion for Blade Vortex, give some flat cold damage to both attacks and spells.

Labyrinth Helmet Enchant :
Like i said i didn't reach now endgame but. I guess the 40% Increased Frostbolt damage will be good. Or if your Frostbolt deal enough damage, Aim for 40% increased spell damage for Blade Vortex, or if both of your setups deal enough damage, Aim for Blade Vortex duration, Since we don't run the cluster near scion for that ^^'

Flasks :
Basically i can't tell you exactly what to aim for but.
For sure a Divine Life Flask with Remove Bleeding and with Bubbling (prefix?), so basically the mod that do 135% Inc. Recovery rate, 50% reduced amount recovered and half of the recovery applied instantly :P
For Unique flasks, i'll see what will be the best for Frostbolt / Blade Vortex. I think primarly about Dying Sun for Frostbolt but we need flasks that will enhance both setups :p
A Quicksilver flask with high movement speed is no-refusal.
A Diamond flask if you don't feel like critting all the time.
Atziri's Promise is a good flask for both offense and defense! I recommend it.

Astenarian is the name of my inquisitor Frostbolt if you want to check my gear ;)

Bandits :
Obvsiously the choice here is : Alira, few mana regen for low leveling, some elemental resistances and Global crit multiplier ;)

Passive Tree :
So basically i'm gonna give you the Path of Building link of it, I could do Poeplanner if some peoples want it just ask in the thread ;) (I give you the link PoB for the lvl 66 char and the lvl 100 goal ( Without gear for the lvl 100 PoB tree)
Pastebin Link for the PoB : lvl 66 : https://pastebin.com/rjH2kRRA . Lvl 100 Tree : https://pastebin.com/FYb4UHdn
Poeplanner link for the lvl 100 Tree planned for the build : www.poeurl.com/bI52

Ascendancy :
We take the inquisitor ascendancy ;)
Normal Labyrinth : Righteous Providence.
Cruel Labyrinth : Inevitable Judgement.
Merciless Labyrinth : Sanctify.
Uber Labyrinth : Pious Path : It's only at this moment you should take MoM Keystone and behind it !!!!

Gems and Links :
The order shown must be respected :=)
Blade Vortex Setup :

Frostbolt Setup :

Shield Charge Setup :

Frost Bomb Setup :

Curse on Hit Setup :

Golem :

Leveling :
Act 1: You have two way. Playing Frostbolt with Added Light and Arcane surge. By taking the first jewel socket located right of the templar, the one that he shares with the witch.( Hope it's accurate :s) Or the second way : Playing Freezing Pulse or any elemental skill you like to maps :3
Act 2 : Grab the Herald of Ice gem, and start using it and leveling it. Change Arcane surge for Faster Casting. Also try to not forget to grab Blade Vortex's supports as well ! Phys to Light, Faster Casting and concentrated effect ;)
Act 3 : Grab Ice Bite for the 4L of Frostbolt, and continue. Do the Library quest to have access to all the gems ! And grab Assassin's mark, Onslaught from Siosa.
Act 4 : Take the lightning Golem. Cast and Attack speed are not useless for us :3 at lvl 38 Grab Spell echo x 2 for both Setup. Now The setup should be : Frostbolt-Spell Echo-Faster Casting-Ice Bite and for Blade Vortex : BV-Spell Echo-Faster Casting-Phys to Light-(Concentrated Effect). Continue leveling in the storyline :3
Act 5 : Continue Leveling. I recommend leveling lvl 40-50 in the Chamber of Innocence before doing Normal lab / And before killing Kitava ;)
Act 6 : Well. Just continue you are 5 level above the areas of this act. Just Carry on :p
Act 7 : Be really careful with Gruthkul, This god is a B*** :D Also i recommend leveling 50-60 in the Northern forest, it's linear, good for frostbolt projectiles.
Act 8 : Like Act 6, Just continue because you are 5 levels above :P
Act 9 : There well it's where i stopped leveling my Inquisitor ( By Stop i mean i'm stopping him because i wrote the guide build in the forum right now ^-^) So basically you can farm Blood Aqueduct lvl 60-65 or 60-70, Depends on your preference.
Act 10 : Normally i levelup 65-70 on the Desecrated Chambers of Innocence in this act. Great exp. Just a bit risky :p
I hope this Leveling section helped a bit :'s

Leveling Trees :
Trees are included with passives points quests!
Level 1 to 14 tree : If not rushing for jewel :www.poeurl.com/bI5L
If rushing for jewel socket for early frostbolt projectiles : www.poeurl.com/bI5K

Level 14 to 24 tree : From here, both Level 1 to 14 tree will have the same paths.
Level 24 to 33 tree : www.poeurl.com/bI5J

Level 33 to 42 tree : www.poeurl.com/bI5N

Level 42 to 50 tree : www.poeurl.com/bI5O

Level 50 to 60 tree : www.poeurl.com/bI5P

Level 60 to 70 tree : www.poeurl.com/bI5Q

Pantheon :
Major God : Lunaris. For Farming Izaro's labs : Solaris.
Minor God : Yugul. For Farming Izaro's Labs : Ryslatha

Maps :
Reflects Mods are no-no :p
No Mana regen ( Not sure if it exist) Are no-no too :p
It's normally all. Oh yeah you can do Chilled Grounds maps if you wear the boots that i recommend as unique ;)
I recommend not running maps with Life /es recovery rate that lows, Elemental Equilbrium could be a problem, less damage from crit mods and "Gain x% extra damage as Light/Cold/Fire" depends on your capped resistances.

Good maps to run and shape for the build :
Since i just hitted lvl 70 with it like hours ago, i don't know every maps but for my part i enjoy myself in Lookout Map, pretty linear. Beach map is obviously a good map for projectiles. Strand is the same. Desert is a large area without stairs to fucked up our balls :p.
I recommend Shape : Strand, Beach, Jungle Valley, Desert.
I'll list more maps that are good for us to run later while i'm leveling :p
I found that Arid Lake is pretty interesting layout, so i recommend to shape it and to run it for free leveling. Take care of the boss's eggs tho. If you have too much risky mods don't try to run for 3 eggs on the boss :D

Tips :
Don't forget, you frost bomb setup is here to provide free Arcane surge and a good -x% cold resistance to enemies. I recommend using Frost bomb everytime there is an abyss per example or when there is a Unique / Rare monsters to increase the damage. For boss fight. I recommend cast frost bomb, cast the 20 blade vortex, recast the bomb to the location of the boss, run to him and kill him easily :D.

Contacting me IG :
If you have imperativ questions and i'm connected in PoE just whisper me : @Astenarian or in the pathofexile site send me a private message (= I'll try to answer them all.

Thanks a lot to read this build guide for my version of Frostbolt! Hope you will try it and put somes advices down below ;) I'll try to answer your questions if you have any.
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There is my Inquisitor Frostbolt :D
Couldn't post the picture in the beginning and the end of my guide :'r
I "found" basically a unique flask that fit in every builds.
Just for leech and little chaos damage.

Atziri's Promise flask ! The well-known flask :p
Basically this thread will contain informations of what i did upgrade in the guide and if it's an outdated build or not ;)
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Added Leveling Trees Section for smoother leveling experience

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Added Gear Example section, gear explanation section will come later today. Thanks for your patience.

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Looking forward to trying this build! One thing I would ask is when should the MOM node/cluster be taken?
swagnerconnor wrote:
Looking forward to trying this build! One thing I would ask is when should the MOM node/cluster be taken?

Like i precise in the ascendancy section. I recommend taking mana nodes from some clusters after taking most life nodes and others. And take MoM only when you have your uber lab it means Pious Path to have mana regeneration when you stand on your consecrated grounds.
Hope it helped (=. But well if you feel you have a enough mana pool, of course you can take MoM earlier. But you need to sustain the mana you lose.
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would increased duration support be good with the blade vortex chest set up as the 6th link?
DatBoiHowie wrote:
would increased duration support be good with the blade vortex chest set up as the 6th link?

Would be i didn't really theoried crafted for the 6th link. Anything you want really =) This is the 6th link up to players.
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