3.1 Cremation Build LL Build Occ Deadeye

This is my league starter build using the new skill gems Unearth and Cremation.

This is my first build posting.

Sorry for the block of text.

My current tree. https://www.pathofexile.com/fullscreen-passive-skill-tree/3.1.1/AAAABAABAQFvAx4HHghnCaoJ2Q18DkgQWBEtES8RUBGWGFYbJRzcHU8d2R8CH0EhwyepKPopTysKLJwspi2oMTUyNDLRNAo1uTbFN2Y3gzwFPV9DVESrRUdJUUuuTLNSU1WuVytXlFfJV-Fca1yKXfJtGXtue9d8g35Zf8aCEIIegpuDCYRIhweHZYhCi3qMdo8aj6aQ1pMnkzqVIJUulyGXlZf0mjuePJ_fpuunK6-3sZC31riTvSe9gr6AwGbAmsF8wcXB88NtykbQH9Wm2VvZ_NtZ3ZLfit-w4q3i9-kC6rrrY-vu7TzvfO_r8NXy0vRx-WU=

Required Unique - Sire of Shards Serpentine Staff this is to give the extra projectile damage and the 5 extra projectiles and not sacrificing damage of GMP

Skill Gems:

Unearth + GMP + Faster Casting

Cremation + Spell Echo + Controlled Destruction + Elemental Focus + Concentrated Effect + Fire Penetration

In order of importance

Lightning Warp + Less Duration + Faster Casting - my movement skill

Decoy Totem - used to keep boss stationary to have the volcano shotgun the bosses

Summon Stone Golem + Minion Life - used to tank

Discipline + Blood Magic - for low life used discipline and blasphemy when CI

Blasphemy + Flammability + Clarity + Haste - extra auras haste isn't as important more of a QoL with some damage increase.

The idea is to create corpses with Unearth and GMP and than use cremation for all damage.
For bosses drop a decoy totem and create the 3 volcanos under the bosses shotguns them dead quickly.

Cleared all map bosses with ease. Elemental reflect is very dangerous.

I am looking at dropping flammability when I get 6 Link sire and go for assassins mark for life and mana on hit.

Killed Uber Lab and a minion killed me as I wasn't paying attention.

Could go life with life leech as each projectile from the volcano can hit the same target so increased AoE helps and hinders as it helps the explosion from the projectile but makes the space for the projectiles to land spread out more. Killed Tier 6 elder and guardians with ease.

Leveling I used detonate dead and spectral throw until I got unearth than unearth and detonate dead, until volatile dead and used a combo of volatile dead and cremation until I got my sire and that made cremation much better with the extra projectiles.

I am still working on if increased AoE is truly worth it as it makes boss killing slower but when the RNG is on your side it can nuke bosses.

Any advice or critiques are greatly appreciated.

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If it works anything like firestorm in regards to area modifiers then increased area drops your single target by quite a bit.

Not sure if I would pick up to many area passives. Use area gem for clearing and swap to concentrated effect for bosses.

Some bosses move around a lot so play it by ear on weather to swap
Agreed and have been experimenting with the different area modifiers, but I believe the problem is I am trying to do both map clearing and boss killing with a skill that can be modified to do one or the other great not both at the same time. Boss damage is a little lower, but with the decoy totem and 3 volcanos under does good boss damage still, not as good when I didn't have the area modifiers in the tree.

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