[3.1] Vigilant Strike Regen Jugg


This is a work in progress, also my league starter. I have leveled with it from act 1.

I've always try to build around less popular skills/equipment. I find it refreshing when it comes together.

This time I decided to try a Vigilant Strike Jugg. Huge Pro of this is Vigilant Strike cannot miss so you can build in some crit chance, also it gives you free fortify (which acts like a pseudo 7th link)

Ancestral Call helps this build tremendously for clear speed.

Now we got that out of the way, lets look at why I chose Juggernaut.

Jugg is build enabling because it helps you gen Endurance Charges by being hit and gives you a chance of getting a full stack of Endurance charges every time you gen 1. This helps cover the cost of Vigilant Strike Cool-down removal.

What this build isn't. It's not clear speed Meta, or Insane Single Target DPS. But Still respectable numbers in both. Potential 300k+ Shaper DPS (Would require Star forge, my current version is using Terminus Est) While low, you should be able to tank pretty much any hit.



~Viable to level with from lvl 1 and up (Use any filler skill until you can sustain Endurance Charges), I recommend Molten Strike.

~ Very High Regen, 30+ % once you get your Pantheon choice.

~ Able to afk tank a lot if not all of content

~ 9-12 Endurance charges (depending on corruptions/gear)

~7k+ life potential (2100+ hp regen)

~ 90% physical resistance with fortify and arctic armour you will be taking 5-6% physical damage


~ Some very expensive recommended gear

~ Somewhat slow.


: Abyssus

Since your physical Resistance is so high, the downfall of this helm is minimized. Since you are stacking a little crit, you'll get a fair increase in damage.

: Kaom's Heart

Not much to add here, it gives you a lot of life . Problem is it is very expensive.

If you can't afford, a Belly of the Beast is a good substitute.

: Terminus Est, Starforge, Hegemony, Rare

I'm currently Using Terminus as I got lucky on a 6L

Terminus gives you higher crit chance, a little move speed and Frenzy Charges (helps in clear speed)

Starforge gives you the most damage (best for bosses) and shock chance.

Hegemony gives you a lot of Damage and is a lot cheaper than Starforge

Links (Mapping)

Vigilant Strike > Multistrike > Melee Splash > Ancestral Call > Brutality > Melee Physical

Ancestral Call + Melee Splash is amazing in packs because you can shotgun with overlapping AOEs

Links (Bosses)

If Bosses don't have extra mobs around them.

Vigilant Strike > Multistrike > Damage on full life > Ruthless > Brutality > Melee Physical

I rarely switch into this but if you need the extra damage it'll make a huge difference.


Meginord's Vise

Gives life regen, and a little armor, if you can get a Vulnerability on hit it frees up a lot of mana to use another aura.


Shaper's Sead

Gives 2% life regen, goal is with +1 curse

Can skip this if you want to get a rare, or go for a self freeze variant and use Winterheart (massive 20% regen but conditional


%life, flat life, resistance are all good


Lvl 75 Build with some expensive gear, still a work in progress



~Post some Videos
~Get to end game (currently only lvl 75)
~Clean up post


AFK Facetank Kitava lvl 68 (with belly instead of heart)


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