[3.1] Chaos Volatile dead witch

Hi folks, this is not yet a full fledge build, but I want to share some thoughts regarding volatile dead.

Since desecrate just got heavily buffed and volatile dead looks so fun to play, I was thinking about a fire to chaos witch build with poison (which would benefit heavily from the multiple hits that volatile dead offer)



dual wield The consuming dark

The consuming dark will not only convert 60% (30%x2) of our fire damage to chaos, it also gives our chaos damage 120%(60%x2?) chance to poison ennemies, which means that every volatile dead hits will poison ennemies


Infernal mantle

To have a further 15% fire to chaos conversion (you'll have to manage your mana)


Incandescent heart

10 to 20% extra damage as chaos (you'll have to plan for chaos resist)

Atziri's promise

As always a great pickup, gives us leech as well as extra chaos damage


The despair version would probably be VERY good but also quite costly

Doedre's Scorn

The build runs 2 curses auras (despair and enfeeble) and wants to be close to its ennemies for maximum damage, so this helm synergises okay (although it's defenses are meh)

Eber's Unification

Decent but probably costly


Something like

Volatile dead - Spell Echo - Vile Toxins Support - Elemental Focus Support - Increased AOE Support / Concentrated AOE Support - Added chaos damage or Controlled Destruction Support

Swap increased aoe with concentrated against bosses

I think spell echo is vastly superior to spell cascade on volatile dead, gameplay and stats wise

Spell echo vs Spell cascade

Assuming our fire balls deal 10 damage each:

Spell echo will offer 6 balls at 10% less damage, and you can cast it twice before having to cast desecrate again

6 (nb of balls) * 0.9 (damage debuff) * 10 (damage) = 54 total damage

Spell cascade will give 9 balls at 31% less damage AND 16% less AOE (at lvl 20! the maths suck even more at lower lvls), also requiring you to cast desecrate after each tries

9 (nb of balls) * 0.69 (damage debuff) * 10 (damage) = 62.1 total damage

So Spell echo will deal around 13% less damage, but:

Against bosses
Recasting desecrate between each volatile dead will not only be painful, it will also possibly be slowed down by the cd of desecrate

Against regular mobs
When you don't need to cast desecrate, chances are that there aren't 9 perfectly aligned corpses for you to cast volatile dead, reducing the spell dps in most cases (not to mention the reduced aoe that'll slow you down)

Desecrate - Spell Cascade - Faster Casting

This is necessary for our volatile dead to spread terror, creates 15 (max) corpses instantly, which gives us 4 (2 w spell echo) casts of our volatile dead

Blasphemy - Despair
- Enfeeble or Temporal chains
Since our build wants to stay close for maximum dps, a blasphemy setup works perfectly, you can try and fit an arctic Armour if you have enough mana, not sure yet.

If you decide to pick up infernal mantle, you have to be careful not to go on low mana, perhaps using Impresence will help you with that.

Spell Totem- Wither - Faster Casting - Increased duration

Classic combo

Skill tree

With infernal mantle

With incandescent heart
You will also need to find some chaos resist in your gear, your tree providing only 52% resist

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Why you go to Fatal Toxins node? After 6% life node it takes 6 points just to buff poison from daggers, instead you can go from Coordination to Shadow staring point and take all +chaos damage nodes, it will give more dps. also Dot nodes around Entropy don't buff VD, instead you can go around, from Fangs of the viper down, take 2 dex nodes to Coorination and save 1 skill point.

I'd did something like this.

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