[3.1] [SC/HC] Unearth + Volatile INQ - Life Based - Crit

Before playing, do know that its hard to find wands/daggers that have
- % increase to Spell Damage
- % increase to Physical
- Global crit / Crit
- % increased Cast Speed

Whats this build?
Chest 6L 2G 4B: Unearth + LMP/GMP + Phys to Light + Faster Casting + Controlled Destruction + Increased critical strike

Helmet 4L 1R1 G 2B:Spell totem + Volatile Dead + Faster Casting + Concentrated Effect

Auras: Herald of Ash + Clarity

Boots: Cast when Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Flame Golem + Inc Duration

Movement: Faster Casting + Flame Dash/Whirling Blades

Missing: 2 Curses

Leveling- Skills
Freezing Pulse + Elemental Prolif + Faster Casting + Controlled Destruction + Inc crit/Concentrated Effect/ - anything Spell based

Volatile Dead + Faster Casting + Controlled Destruction + Inc crit/Concentrated Effect/ - anything Spell based

Desecrate + Faster Casting + Controlled Destruction

Main Skill Setup

Act 1
Spell Totem
Volatile Dead
Flame Dash / Whirling Blades
Lesser Multiple Projectiles

Act 2
Physical to Lighting
Increased Critical
Controlled Destruction
Concentrated Effect
Faster Casting
Herald of Ash

Act 3
Curses - missing
Blasphemy - for curse?

Act 4
Cast when damage taken
Immortal Call
Flame Golem
Greater Multiple Projectiles

Leveling - Tree
Lvl 12 - http://poeurl.com/bFwX
Lvl 24 - http://poeurl.com/bFw0
Lvl 39 - http://poeurl.com/bFwy
Lvl 56 - http://poeurl.com/bFw3
Lvl 66 - http://poeurl.com/bFw4
Lvl 70 - http://poeurl.com/bFw5
Help Alira

Our skills use a lot of mana
She gives Crit!
15% All res, less of a headache and currency later

Normal: Instruments of Virtue(Cast Speed + Dmg boost)
Cruel: Righteous of Providence(Crit)
Merci: Inevitable Judgement(crit)
Uber: Augury of Penitence(Extra Ele Damage)

(Lvl 0) Tabula - for leveling
(Lvl 9) Hrimsorrow Gloves
(Lvl 24) Hrimburn Gloves
(Lvl 33) Windscream Reinforced Boots - MS%, Ele Dmg, All Res, Extra Curse
(Lvl 45) Sibyl's Lament - Not needed but nice reduced reflect dmg
(Lvl 50)Heartbreaker Royal Skeen

Reflect - recommended
To be added

Path of Building

Sorry for the lack of images(poe wiki down) and anything else I missed.
To be added - Pantheon + Curse setup

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how is the build? never really played an inquisitor, tried making my own volatile dead cremation build similar to ziggyd's. It sucks when i get hit though, mind over matter drains my mana so then i cant fight my way out lol, ill probably take off and just get more life flasks. i have 4k life rn
Atm playing this pob: https://pastebin.com/44ScczWb
Differences - unearth in spell totem 4l, VD self-cast 5l.
Overall, good self-found starter, the only thing I bought is a wand in mh.
OK in maps and abyss crap but bosses.
For me warlord mark+blasphemy and clarity is mandatory, cannot drop it for anything. Thinking about going to c-ground ascendancy points instead of instruments of virtue and augury of penitence too.
Seems good to take Shaman's Dominion like op.

Main trouble for me - not always I can manage to replace spell totem in time and it dies very often. Thinking about taking some +totem life nods or something.

And yeah, the main trouble of any VD builds - corpses management. You cannot do damage and leech when there are no dead things around. VD builds still needed to be more tanky.

P.s. Cremation is failed skill. GGG pls.
volatile dead is probably best with Desecrate(more bodies) than this build.

I tested this build in Standard and it uses an insane amount of mana and kinda runs into the same situation as you explained below (get hit low mana = stuck).

I tried to make Unearth the main skill in this and it kinda feels a little like tornado shot(without the extra arrows) and the totem is just extra damage.
with 2 insanely high rolled daggers(End Game GGG gear)
49% Spell Damage
109% Physical Damage
60% Crit chance for Spells
25% Global Crit Strike Multipler

Skill: Unearth
Avg DPS: 11,266.7
Total DPS:40,863

Then the totem procs the bodies
Skill: Spell totem + Volatile Dead
Avg DPS: 8,147.9
Total DPS:15,582.8

2 Heartbreaker Royal Skeen(lvl 50 Unique, easy and cheap)

Skill: Unearth
Avg DPS: 9,600
Total DPS:34,880

Then the totem procs the bodies
Skill: Spell totem + Volatile Dead
Avg DPS: 7,142
Total DPS:13,659

So basically between lvl 50-90 your damage relies on gear or better optimization on the tree. I may have to look into it.

I also need to add Curse on Hit to the build.

Also for the totem situation, the main skill is Unearth so we don't need to rely on the totem :D but it provides a nice dmg boost :]

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playing this Unearth + VD combo now.

at first I plan to self cast Unearth and Totemized VD, but Spell Totem have harsh penalties.
but if we switch place, Spell Totem - Unearth - Volley/GMP/LMP then we will have corpse making skill without drawback, right?

the only drawback I feel now is I have to wait for totem to spew forth corpse first, which I feel is a bit long...
i've made a few alterations that have pretty well solved the mana troubles for the most part and found a better way to apply warlords mark, and i put enfeeble in the cwdt slot instead. in the empty offhand dagger i put curse on hit/warlords mark, and attached cremation. the geyser lasts about as long as the totem and constantly reapplies the curse in a large radius to enemies around it.

as for the mana issues, i grabbed the dynamo nodes just above the health nodes reducing mana used for spells, and also 2 praxis rings to help compensate for the MoM. one more thing, and probably the biggest helper for mana is i replaced faster casting with spell echo, and yes the mana multiplier is higher, but you can cast twice before it consumes mana each cast, which seems to help the other suppliments do their job easier.

anyways, i've ditched all my mana flasks and am now running 3 auras, instead of 2, not only the clarity and the herald of ash, but i'm using arctic armor now too, which helps to slow enemies as i try to back away, and adds a little extra defence. hope this helped.
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Any video's?

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