[3.1] Necro Offering Block Crit Spell Caster (Freezing Pulse/Lightning Tendrils) - 500K+ DPS


Since im not an expert, I would appreciate feedback, especially negative drawbacks, so I can better prepare with the build I might start into 3.1.

I know it is not THE tankiest or THE highest DPS or in any way better build, but Lightning Tendrils beeing channeling woke interest in me and I planned a build around it.

It might work out, or not (we do not know the exact Stats for it yet, but probably will be higher than current), so I made another with Freezing Pulse too which probably works even better.


Necromancer for the Offering selfbuff, except from a little defensive and offensive buffs, necro does not offer alot for this build.

Nearly max Block/Spell Block paired with MoM.
Using Selfcast Bone Offering for Arcane Surge, alot of Block and High Life recovery on Block.
Tempest Shield for Assassins Mark Curse (more crit and Power Charge generation).



[Cybil] (Block Chance to Spell damage and Life on Hit) and [Light of Lunars] (Crit, Crit Multi and Block).
[the Rathpit Globe] or [Esh's Mirror] would also be an Option, aswell as the probably unattainable Archon Shield Harbinger. Same for [Bereks Ring].
Using [Mind of the Council] for evening the Mana Pool for MoM.
lazhwhar additional curse.

All rare gear is pretty much low cost and can be upgraded to Uniques or really good Rares. I would consider this build affordable.


Freezing Pulse Version:


Lightning Tendrils Version:


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I just checked your Lightning Tendrils version of this build since i am interested in the "new" spell as well.

Elemental Focus and Controlled Destruction provide alot more dps than Faster Casting and Added Lightning.

This build cries for Warlord Mark, since Lightning Tendrils is a channeled close range spell which could use some life leech and MoM needs mana leech too. The regen is just way too low and i am not sure if the Paw and Mind of the Council is enough here.

Therefore Whispers of Doom looks like a must.

Overall i think going Elemental Overload and not spending so much points on crit nodes would be better, since this isnt an Inquisitor build. But you probaly have tested it.

Elemental Focus loses you Shock and Controlled Destruction is counterproductive to Crit.

Crit = Shock = more Damage = Mana regen from Helmet

You do not need Warlords Mark, the whole Build is around Block, and each time you Block you get 500+ Life.
Also you get 7 Life from Cybil per Hit. (5 hits or more per second make it an extra Source of Heal, especially AoE) and then you have the MoM too.

You already get another Curse from Lazhwar, which we use for Damage, also Cybils Paw is easy to corrupt for 0.2% Lightning Damage Leeched.

Crit was best in slot before inquisitor was a thing.
Show me your PoB Build which has more DMG without GG jewels and I might reconsider. But crit also has other effects with it.

Thanks anyways for the rich feedback :)
Valid points!

For some reason i completely forgot Shock and the life you gain on block.

I just checked your Freezing Pulse build and i guess its just better and with all the freezes alot safer than going Lightning Tendrils.

Why are you using Shield Charge instead of Whirling Blades?

Is Curse on hit with Herald of Thunder useful here, does it proc enough?
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IDK, normally HoT Curse on Hit Assassins mark is enough to keep Power Charges alive, maybe swap in Worm Flask for Guardians.

Shield Charge is alot more enjoyable IMO. maybe atk spd will be too slow and I switch to Flame Dash
Sry for me eng, but I have a question, why u pick area damage nodes like Blast radius and Amplify if they do not affect on F. pulse?
I'm liking this build in Abyss, sadly I saw it after one of Glacial Cascade. (Next respec I'm doing this in my highest character in SL), I like the idea of full block, I was trying evasion, but seems tricky. I hope I can replicate this with rares.

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