[3.0] SRS 8 zombies Aegis very cheap and perfect for void.

The itens are cheap in any league - theres variations and i will explain each of them.
I did not alone and... thx Khrivin - the real guy who tested the variations.

What can i do with this build

Uber lab, Atziri, Shaper.

Tree And Itens


I will explain the itens later.

Mandatory Uniques

Aurumvorax Basket Rapier;

Astramentis Onyx Amulet;

Everything else has variations.

Gameplay to Level

Use zombies and SRS when possible and get Necromancer Aegis passive fastest you can.

What i use?


Map farming - Victario's Charity Laminated Kite Shield;
Bosses - Daresso's Courage Baroque Round Shield;

Victario's does well when you have a lot to farm and the boss do not kill your minions for recharges;
Daresso's already give you 20% physical damage when your minion spawns what is good for bosses (like Atziri who will kill your minions every flameblast);

OBS: You also can use a yellow 1 with physical damage, good armor and life - is not mandatory - aegis will still apply and READ final observations.

Gem Links

Clarity > Desecrate > Flesh Offering

Chest (or not)

The Covenant, Spidersilk Robe is the best choice for a lot of reasons - you will need 2red and 2blue sockets (will be easy to get) and you will have a theorical 5link for your SRS.

OBS: Will be a variation with The Bringer of Rain, Nightmare Bascinet (just keep that information).

Gem Links
SRS > Spell Echo > Melee Splash > Melee Physical Damage.


Skullhead, Secutor Helm

Give a great boost to your tank zombies.

Gem Links
Raise Zombie > Melee Physical Damage > Multistrike > Minion Damage.

Variation with The Bringer of Rain, Nightmare Bascinet

Gem Links
SRS > Minion Damage > Melee Splash > Culling Strike;

OBS: We will discuss where to put your zombies later if this is your choice and OFC no chest for you.


Bones of Ullr, Silk Slippers

1 more zombie.

Gem Links
Summon Stone Golem > Purity of Elements > Culling Strike > Summon Skeletons.

OBS: If you choose The Bringer of Rain, Nightmare Bascinet, your zombies will stay here with the same gem links of Skullhead, Secutor Helm.


Meginord's Vise, Steel Gauntlets

Str boost and life regen.

Gem Links
Cast When Damage Taken > Enfeeble > Immortal Call > Convocation.

OBS: If you choose The Bringer of Rain, Nightmare Bascinet it will change for:
Cast When Damage Taken > Summon Stone Golem > Immortal Call > Convocation.


Aurumvorax Basket Rapier

Resistances and the chance of use Whirling Blades.

Gem Links
Whirling Blades > Fortify > Faster Attacks.

OBS: If you choose The Bringer of Rain, Nightmare Bascinet you will remove Clarity from your Shield and put Purity of Elements instead.


A remove bleed 1, a Movement 1 (with more movement if possible), at least 1 instant recover Life flask, a good recover Mana flask and a hybrid if possible.

Final Observation

With The Bringer of Rain, Nightmare Bascinet, your build will be a lot more offensive (you will loose enfeeble and i will do some recomendations).

If you wanna be more offensive and do not loose Enfeeble - use Chernobog's Pillar
Ebony Tower Shield - its cheap, have a great armor and boost damage for your minions - and more - they will curse the mobs in the same way.

Never forget Desecrate and Flesh Offering (your movimentation will be insane and must be).

With all variations your life will be around 4300+ on lvl 80.

Im always open for discussions about the builds.
Last bumped on Nov 19, 2017, 10:00:00 AM

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