[3.0] Standard Shenanigan Sunday - Righteous Fire+Bows+Pathfinder

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It's that winding down period where some people have had their fill of harbinger league and start have turned their attention to different things.
This snowflake idea is basically attempting to run Righteous Fire on a bow based character.
Some people have done something similar before but I suppose this one will be THE proof of concept. This is all in standard because I had a blank pathfinder and a bunch of random gear (mix of legacy & non-legacy) sitting around.

Anyway, the current iteration I have managed to build in game can passively sustain RF. It's got a net positive life regen but net negative mana regen due to MoM. But even when mana runs out life doesn't degen which is cool. Thanks to the pantheon powers, if I'm constantly running, mana starts to regen again. This is all before even popping a flask up.

The things used to sustain RF are:
  • Stone Golem
  • Purity of Fire
  • +1 max fire res on tree
  • Mind Over Matter
  • life/mana regen from tree
  • mana regen from gear (cloak of defiance & atziri's foible)
  • Leo Mod on bow
  • reduced DoT taken pantheons

So I went on a magical journey there and back again, grabbing bilbo and friends to try and kill smaug get at least net neutral regen on RF. Tree priorities were flask nodes, life nodes, and regen. Beginning from the bottom Ranger starting point, grabbed all the life/eva and flask nodes, went left through duelist to marauder grabbing some regen/life nodes along with the important +1 to max fire res. Went up to templar and grabbed more regen/life, picking up MoM and mana in order to reach the witch area where we get her flask nodes. Being kind of passive starved with all the travelling means I chose not to get any jewel sockets, although I think it'd be useful for adding some threshold jewels and boosting non existent dps. Maybe if I grind more levels I can get it.
Passive Tree or alternatively, just look at my character profile; the name of the character is WondaWoggleSticks (it's the only pathfinder)
Note that this isn't really a build guide. I have no idea how you'd level a pathfinder with this sort of tree. Since it was made from a previous league, I just went with the +2 passive bandit choice automatically allocated to it.


ilvl 69 crude bow with essence crafted spell damage and reduced DoT taken leo master craft. No attribute requirements for easy socket colouring. I recall a few leagues ago crafting crude bows were a thing although i don't know if they are that big right now. Standard trade has a whole bunch of pretty neat looking bows with legacy 20% reduced DoT. But I'm not much of a trader so I'm poor by Standard Leagues' standard; can't afford it. Depending on how you want to skill the build, crafting could go the way of +1 to gems, essence craft +2 to fire, master modding the DoT mod and maybe keeping a few QoL mods like life/mana gain on kill, dexterity or attack speed.

Had an old Cloak of Defiance that I scrounged up for extra mana insurance

There aren't a big selection of quivers for obvious reasons. I had a few Interesting ones including Saemus' Gift, Blackgleam and the likes. Some of the phys conversion quivers would have worked nicely with a phys spell but I used Flame Surge. Anyway, Maloney's Nightfall looked pretty neat with free smoke cloud and extra dmg against blinded enemies. I thought that BiS for dps would be The Fracturing Spinner but that's in the Harbinger League and I'm too lazy to trade. There weren't too many options for crafting either.

Leftover twink stuff that was useful for gearing when I was short on stats. Turns out it's super powerful for mana regen cos RF drains so much mana with MoM.

Running flammability already so there's no benefit from witchfire's vulnerability but the smoke cloud and extra DoT dmg synergises with the quiver nicely. Legacy Wise Oak, reduced RF degen. So currently my fire res is the lowest and with all flasks up, fire and lightning are on par at 200% and cold at 210%. Last but not least, a ruby flask with duration to keep the build high off the ground. Being a PF, I could reroll to have 25% increased effect but I'll try it another time. The witch's flask effectiveness is super powerful for the ruby flask. I never bought a dying sun but if I had owned one, i probably would have used it in the place of this Ruby flask.

The rest of the gear are just rares with res, life and the usuals. Wish I could get a tad bit more mana regen though.

Nothing fantastic. Chose flame surge as primary dps. I powered up RF dmg with supports, flammability curse and scorching ray totem.
  • Body Armour - Flame Surge + Faster Casting + Immolate + Controlled Destruction + Arcane Surge
  • Helmet - Righteous Fire + Elemental Focus + Burning Damage + Increased AoE
  • Boots - Blink Arrow + Faster Attacks + Blind + Stone Golem
  • Gloves - Purity of Fire + Flammability + Blasphemy + Enlighten
  • Bow - Scorching Ray + Spell Totem + Faster Casting + Iron Will

Obviously Arakaali for major gods and Abberath for minor gods.

At level 80, I can clear maps just fine but i've only tested up to magic tier 10 maps. Bosses are a pain but doable. Overall, this character is quite squishy if overwhelmed, loses golem or if flasks go down but then again, I'm surprised this even works as well as it does. I'd have way better dps if my gems were levelled, currently got gems at around lvl 16-18. If I had jewel sockets, I would have went with Frostbolt+threshold jewels or magma orb+threshold jewels instead of flame surge for better range and clear speed.
Once again, this is not a build guide, it's more of a proof of concept. If you have any questions, want screenshots or the build or PoB link, ask away.
Hope you guys enjoyed this read and thanks for having a look!
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