[3.0] HSC self cast Frenzy Pulse Ass-Raider, 200k+ dps budget build


Hi, welcome to my Frenzy pulse build.

If you are a fan of Freezing pulse or Frenzy charges. This is a build that you might like!

Health: 6.7K life
172k with all charges (Sustainable)
208k with Arcane Surge (Triggered by Orb of storm)
240k with Arcane Surge and Atziri Promise
Penetration: Cold pen 36% + Frost Bomb 20% + Wise Oak 14% = 70%
Crit Chance: 72%
Crit Multi: 362%
Movement Speed:
46% base
66% All charges triggers Onslaught
106% With Quicksilver
5 Frenzy
4 Power
3 Endurance
Bandits: +2 Skill Points.
Pantheon: Map dependent.

Pros and Cons

Clear Speed is Good.
Cold is Safe in clearing Mobs.
Budget friendly - within 300c. I spend around 100c with some luck.
Damage is nice.
Good Projectile speed for FP.

Not tanky.
Reflect can be annoying (but not deadly)
FP is a Melee - mid range skill.
FP is Mana costly and you are extremely danger when Mana is empty.
2 Jewel sockets being used for FP.


1. Doryani's Catalyst fits the build best. Daggers can be really good for Crit chance.
But when is comes to damage. Few weapon can surpass it. It also grants some Attack Speed for good Shield Charge.
2. For more damage look for 'Amulet' 'Diamond Ring' and 'Shields'.
3. Other gears are pretty standard.
My Gear

Alternative options

Crit Gears are always welcomed, but these pieces take away too much survivability for me.
So I took them away in the end.
Maligaro's Virtuosity
Rat's Nest

Skill Tree

Scion relies a lot on Uber lab.
So try to Kill Uber Izaro as soon as you can.


6L: FP - Increased Crit Chance - Cold Pen - Ice bite - Controlled Destruction - Spell Echo
4L: Orb of Storm - Power charge on Crit - Arcane Surge - Culling (Increased crit chance)
4L: Enlighten(Lv>1) - Haste - Blasphemy - Warlords
3L: Lightning Warp - Swift Affliction - Less Duration
3L: Cast when damage Taken(Lv1) - Frost Bomb(Lv10) - Increased Duration
3L: Shield Charge - Faster Attack - Fortify
1G: Enduring Cry


Flask is also Map dependent. But my standard Flasks are:

Use Silver Flask in Lvling when crit chance isn't good.
Tasts of Hate and Dying sun is good if you have one.
Other than that, Basalt and elemental resist Flask are good in boss fights.

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