[3.0] Stormburst Ass-Raider, 7500 EHP, 1.40M DPS High End, *Clear all content* [With Videos]

Mouth_of_Esh Stormburst Scion

Since seeing the teaser video for stormburst, I knew I wanted to make a character with it. I’ve seen a lot of dislike for stormburst, and the general consensus seems to be that it’s a garbage skill. Stormburst isn’t on the level of barrage or blade flurry, but its still in my opinion much stronger than people give it credit for and can clear all content in the game.

This build is a non-CwC Stormburst, MoM, crit focused Scion with the Assassin and Raider subclasses. It uses instant leech from Vaal pact, along with near infinite mana from the Mind of the Council helmet to be tanky while have strong ranged clear speed. With this build I have solo killed all corrupted guardians, Shaper, Atziri, Uber Izaro and a Xoph’s domain. I am still working on sets to do Uber Atziri and the other breachlords, but I have no doubts the build can do them.

Basic Build Stats:

4923 Life (+590 es)
2049 Unreserved Mana for MoM
1.46 Million path of building dps (with shock and projectiles+explosions)
616k Shaper/guardian dps (no shock)

Basic Damage Explanation
Stormburst has a low base damage, but by scaling the number of hits up with extra projectiles and the damage of those hits with lots of spell/lightning damage and spell crit/mutli we can hit hard.

Some Quick Math using Path of Building numbers and my damage gear setup (these numbers include penetration, curses and self buffs)
71931 average explosion damage
x 3.25 Casts per second
x 6 projectiles per cast
=1,402,654 dps

This doesn't include the extra damage from the projectiles before they explode, or Choir of the Storm bolts

Here is a pastebin of my gear setup and tree used to obtain the numbers if you'd like to double check.

The damage style with this build is to get up close to the target and cast storm burst, then release approximately when the aoe of the furthest projectile is about to move over the target. Check out the videos in the guide to see this in action.

Basic Tankiness Explanation.
This build combos the usual tankiness of a high damage Vaal Pact build with an extra EHP mana buffer that doesn’t deplete because of Mind of the Council.
With my current gear, stormburst casts 3.31 times per second each firing 6 projectiles so, with a 94% effective shock chance we get about 19 shocks per second per enemy. Combined with Mind of The Council, this restores 57% of our mana each second per enemy while damaging . As a side benefit this build can comfortably do no-regen maps without a mana flask.


Strong all around clear speed and tankiness
Can do all content in the game
Can run all map mods except elemental reflect
Stormburst is a cool new skill
Straightforward easy to use and fun playstyle
Uses a Choir of The Storm for shocking bosses in t14+, so its awkward to use a Bisco’s Collar
Stormburst requires strong scaling before it can clear fast so a 5/6 link is almost necessary
Gear required to do high tier content is a bit expensive
If you want to farm shaper/guardians, a higher dps build will be smoother

Skill Tree:
My current tree (level 94):

Leveling Trees:
Level 85:

Level 75:

Pre-cruel Lab level ~55:

Ascendancy and Subclass Choices:

Assassin for the +1.5% crit chance is the strongest offensive choice, it also gives power charge generation while clearing and vs boss adds which offer some quality of life.
Raider gives 10% movespeed and onslaught, giving us a total of 54% increased movespeed. It also gives frenzy charge generation, which we couldn’t generate otherwise making it the best overal damage and clearspeed option.
For other options and explanations, check the Alternative Build Options section at the end.

Alira is the best choice in my opinion, the crit multi is great and the resistances help, plus the mana is nice for leveling. 2 skillpoints can be a strong alternate choice if it’ll let you pick up an additional jewel socket.

Gem Setup:
Storm BurstGMPLightning PenControlled DestructionAdded Lightning DamageFaster/Slower Projectiles
Why faster/slower projectiles?
I use faster projectiles for clearing maps, this build has enough damage we don’t need a 6th damage link for white/rare mobs, and faster projectiles give us coverage of the screen faster so we can hold down stormburst for less time to clear a screen.
Slower Projectiles is for bosses, its gives 29% more damage, but more importantly it condenses the projectiles allowing us to hit more explosions. Because stormburst has a small windup time when no projectiles fire, simply casting and releasing stormburst twice as often won't give the same results.

ConductivityFaster CastingIncreased DurationArcane Surge (lvl 11)
We use self cast conductivity to apply arcane surge, a level 20 conductivity will activate a level 11 arcane surge every time, and with increased duration will give us 7 seconds of arcane surge. Cursing/Surge is really only needed for bosses, so don’t worry about keeping it up while clearing.

Cast when Damage Taken(lvl 1)Firestorm (lvl8)Power Charge on CritIncreased Crit
This is our power charge generator for bosses, we also generate power charges via the assassin sub class while clearing and against boss adds, but this is there to help keep them up all the time.

Cast when Damage Taken(lvl 1)Immortal Call(lvl 3)Increased Duration
A normal setup for protection against porcupines and other rapid incoming physical hits, I like using it but it isn't necessary, you could swap it out for Vaal Haste, a Skeleton totem or whatever you prefer.

Flame DashFaster Casting
A simple 2 link for dodging and crossing gaps. I prefer Flame Dash over Lightning Warp because it has a shorter base cast time (0.75s vs 1s) so its quicker for dodging and getting out of trouble, and doesn’t require as many links.

Herald of ThunderLightning GolemWrath
Herald of Thunder and Lightning Golem give some extra damage, but aren’t major and a more defensive golem can be slotted in no problem. Normally Wrath is turned off; it gives a significant damage boost but reserves ~1000 mana, so I only use it against bosses that will 1 shot anyway (shaper) or easy content where the extra EHP buffer isn't needed.

My Gear:

Mind of the Council
A very important unique for supplying mana, and crucially, it causes and additional 30% of lightning damage to be taken from mana before life, allowing us to not die to elemental reflect rares. Along with Berek’s this is one of the required uniques.

Choir of The Storm
A strong damage choice, the lightning bolt ability is needed to shock high tier red map bosses and Uber Izaro, so it is important if you want to do that content, otherwise a good life/dmg rare amulet will work

Belly of the Beast
The best life based defensive chest, before this I used a 5l rare chest and cleared up to red maps comfortably, so its not required. A carcass jack or a well rolled life/res rare chest could be substituted.

Berek’s Grip
Gives a bit of life and extra damage, but crucially it gives live leech vs shocked targets, and because we can shock everything except shaper and guardians, this is our source of life leech. It is necessary unless you sacrifice a gem slot for life leech (I wouldn’t suggest it)

The Unshattered Will
Gives life, resists and some damage, as well as some extra tankiness from the harbinger (20% damage reduction and immunity to stuns and ailments with 50% uptime). This shield is decent, but isnt best in slot and can easily be replaced. The ideal would be a good life rare shield with spell crit and spell damage.

Other Rare Gear:

Nothing to special here, just life and resistances and mana. Once you cap resistances, a good opal ring with crit multiplier can give some extra damage.


I use a Wise Oak and Diamond Flask for damage, a quicksilver for clearspeed, and two life flasks. Aside from the Diamond flask though, these can be changed to personal preference. A Dying Sun or Vessel of Vinktar would give more damage than the Wise Oak, or a defensive flask could be used.

Path of Building link for gear and stats


Gameplay Videos

Rare Tier:15 Shaped Courtyard

Normal Atziri Kill:

Normal Atziri Full Run:

Shaper Kill:

Shaper Full Run: (2 stupid deaths, deathless vid coming soon once I get another guardian set)

Alternative Build Options
Coming Soon!

MTX Guide:
Arcane Helmet + Harbinger Challenge Eyes
Arcane Lightning Body
Harbinger Weapon Effect
Deep One's Hide skin transfer to shield
Cerulean Seraph Gloves
Cerulean Seraph Boots

I'll be reading this thread and will be happy to answer any questions/comments. I'm also happy to give advice about budget versions of this build or other Stormburst builds.

Thanks GGG for the Build of the Week spotlight!
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Hi, looks interesting, any leveling guide, at around what level should i transition to the stormburst build?
I can put out a leveling guide for this build if there is demand for it. I actually used stormburst as my league starter, using it in a 3 link +1 lightning gems wand right after getting it from killing act 3 Gravicius.

I would recommend using a smoother skill to start though, such as arc in a lifesprig/reverberation rod, or scorching ray in a +1 fire gems wand.

As a rough guide, you can see the approximate level ~55 skill tree for around cruel lab using the scion start

The build has great basic mob clear with stormburst once you can get a 5 link so you can use Stormburst -> GMP -> Lightning Pen -> Added Lightning -> Controlled Destruction, however it is sluggish against bosses until you can play more in their face with a 6 link (to add slower projectiles) and Mind of the Council + Life Leech. I wouldn't suggest switching to stormburst until you have those 3 things. Mind is super cheap though, and you can use a Tabula and Doryani's Invitation belt as budget options to make the swap more comfortable.

I would suggest making the transition to stormburst at about level 70, once you complete merciless lab and can allocate from the shadow start to use a more efficient tree. Up until then, use a tabula or 1 chaos 5 link with:
Arc - Spell Echo - Lightning Pen - Controlled Destruction - Arcane Surge - Added Lightning Damage(6link)
Does this build struggle with anything in particular while leveling? I noticed you gave a brief leveling guide in the post above this one, but I want to know if I should be on the lookout for any attribute-sticks, or the like.
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With so many defences, would this be HC viable?
Great post, been reading over it a couple of times now and am wondering whether the playing as a shadow and going for the pure assasin ascendancy might be better than the ass-raid split. How necessary is the frenzy charge generation in your opinion, and do you you feel that you get can maintain power charges with ease as the scion? As i see it it is a dmg (ass) vs movespeed (ass-raid) question.

unless im completely mistaken, which i might be.
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Very nice! Congrats on build of the week. I've been wondering about a way to use storm burst and this seems to be really cool.

1) Why do you use flame dash over shield charge? Was it a preference call or did you find that it has better utility?

2) I love the idea of GMP on this. Am I right in understanding that each projectile will still hit separately in a not-quite-shotgun because the projectiles are cast individually?

3) Do you feel that you have enough life with +132% from the tree excluding jewels? Even with the MoM help, it feels sketchy at first glance.
ign crixus_sabr
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Any consideration for the lightning version of Doryani's Invitation?

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