[3.0][HC] Andrioshe's AW Labfarmer

Guide is not finished!

You feel bored mapping 24/7?
You are looking for a funny & cheap build?
You always get destroyed by Izaro and want to show him that you also can destroy him?
THIS is your chance. This build is perfectly made for doing labyrinth without any problems. We are using Ancentral Warchief togheter with facebreakers to easily scale your dmg up and you have a very good level experience!

Please don't play this on SC. This build is extremly overpowered for softcore

Table of Contents
1. Pro & Contra
2. Ascendancy
3. Bandits
4. Gear
5. Skilltree
6. Pantheon

+ cheap in HC!
+ fast Leveling with shield charge (good league starter)
+ very easy to play
+ ~6,5k Life
+ start with uber lab at lvl ~70

- bad at mapping
- high end gear can be expensive but not needed!!
- totem

We take VI Tiger II German Ta-.. Juggernaut for being tanky as fuck

1. Unflitching: With this Point we start being a tank
2. Unrelenting: More Damage + 25 % to get all endurance charges at once
3. Unyielding: More Damage
4. Unstoppable: Unstoppable //best description

DONT take Unbreakable check Gear Section!

Help Oak


Other Gear
Here are rare items preferred because we are leaking much elemental resistance!

4-Link:Herald of Ash -> Arctic Armour -> Enfeeble -> Blasphemy

3-Link: Stone Golem -> Enduring Cry -> Maim Support

4-Link (7-link): Ancentral Warchief -> Ruthless Support -> Damage on Full Life Support -> Inc. AoE | Conc. Effect

4-Link: Blood Magic -> Shield Charge -> Faster Attacks -> Fortify Support

Switch Increased Area to Conc Effect for Hard Bosses.


Soul of Lunaris or Soul of Solaris
Soul of Gruthkul or Soul of Tukohama

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09.09.17 Creation of this Guide

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