[3.0] Buffaria's Sub-Zero 350k unbuffed GOD SMASHING GLACIAL HAMMER!!! cheap and viable ^^


This is my first time writing a guide with a build i decided to have fun and fuck around with only to find out it is extremly end game viable xD so im sharing it hoping you guys would also enjoy and have fun smashing things and maybe not face GGG's nerf hammer :p

Videos and pics will be up soon ^^

With so many good and cheap zerker builds running around with fire and lightning base dmg (ngama, brutus molten, doryani)
i have decided to make one where it only takes 1 skill to trash all the content in game while facetanking - and so this glacial hammer build IS BORN.....


1.Added culling strike princess to the build

1.Considering frost bomb into CWDT setup: no slots :p

3.Also added a cost breakdown to show you how much it costs to make ^^


Video up soon



+ Fast map clear!! (One hits all trash)
+ Insane Dmg!! (POB 450k dps- 350 on shaper and guardians)
+ Mobile and safe! (Whirling blades to fast travel and dodge skills)


- Sometimes might have issues with doors as and you cant glacial hammer mobs :(
PS: GGG pls fix
- Might give you carpal tunnel lolz



Ascendancy Points: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/odinzeye/characters Character name is Kazekyou, build is pretty much finalized

Bandits: Kill ALL for that sweet sweet 2 skill points ^^


The new unique jewels winter burials are definitely needed for that 100% convert to cold dmg as well as that super awesome pure cold aoe splash which gives the true feel of HAMMERING DOWN!!!

Winter burial x 2 (1 is enough, but that also means that you need to use hrimsorrow gloves or the convert nodes which arent advisable tbh so grabbing 2 saves skill points money and glove slot.)

Other jewels go for these priority stats: 1.Life 2.AS 3.Damage ('double dips' due to phys to cold conversion and no 'avatar of frost')


On the tooltip it shows much less DPS due to the offhand being the princess but since you can't hammer with a sword, that dps is a lie rofl.


Recommended around 6-6.5k life to face tank anything, my char is not min maxed yet but it is practically unkillable by anything except 1 shots.


Helm: Any rare helm with life/res/armor is fine, but i prefer devotos for the AS. Also the helm enchant which converts 15% of phys to cold is a MORE multiplier giving u a huge damage boost.

Body: Any rare body with life/res/armor preferable Belly due to its ability to give faster flask charges which sustains your DPS.


Main hand Doryani's catalyst - AS,Flat Phys,Ele dmg, hand down the best budget conversion 1h if u don't have ggg gear.
PS: The ele prolif is actually a fcking great bonus, by slotting in whirling blades or shield charge (alternate build) you will be easily able to freeze packs when you come into contact with them making your hammering experience safe and easy for all trash.

Off-hand: Now here is where it gets interesting as there are 2 ways to go.
1. Non-crit goes princess blade
2. Crit goes Lycosidae

The princess basically adds more flat phys and AS and also an extra 'hatred' aura on top of your current runnning one. That 30% more cold dmg is really insane for such a cheap item - it also allows you to use whirling blades which is the best movement skill in-game :p

Lycosidae is self explanatory, it makes crit builds retardedly good with without the need to invest into accuracy, it adds a ton of hp together with the new implicit and you can even make use of the counter attack mod it has to deal even MORE cold dmg. Makes shield charge accessible and also Elemental overload.

Neck: The Pandemonius - Ultimate offensive and defensive neck, confirmed chill and blind for this build coupled with 20% cold pen for EVEN MORE DMG WDF?!

The confirmed chill enables you to dodge incoming attacks/spells even easier and blind prevents one-shots and critical dmg which basically makes you able to facetank virtually anything (provided your hp is enough :D)

Rings: Le heup of all - enable damage conversion 'double dipping' and with the new buff to this rings makes it even more stupid, though it lacks life :(. You can opt for rings with life/res and AS.

Gloves: Preferably a rare glove with AS, Flat phys/cold dmg and life/res is the best. Though you can experiment with the new Volkurrs Guidiance for its extra poison DPS which is another build entirely.
Hrimsorrow is also good, making your movement skills/ ancestral warchief deal even more dmg due to cold conversion.

Belt: Belt of the deceiver - Life, Res, Crit reduc, 10% MORE DMG, Cheap, Free mtx what more can you ask for man seriously xD

Boots: For this i mainly take kaoms roots, due to the fact it gives unwavering stance and a TON of hp, honestly you can grab it from the skill tree but this boots does save you alot of points, basically what it does is stun immunity which keeps your attacks and leech unstoppable sustaining DPS. However it does nullify the Blind miss chance but retains the less crit chance given - switch to Atziris step if you prefer.

Flasks: Notable uniques: wise oak, taste of hate, atziri's promise, sin's rebirth

1. Wise oak, i personally dont use it as its hard to manipulate res sometimes, other than that its cheap MORE dmg

2. Taste of hate, offensive AND defensive, leg gives 30% more dmg non leg gives 20% and is super cheap, a must have.

3. Atziris promise, cheap, broken, and thus nerfed, never the less a very strong and easy to get flask

4. Sin's Rebirth, totally unneeded but it is so broken seriously, contributes greatly to you facetanking everything.

So total gear that makes the build pretty damn nice:

1.Any helm with 15% more glacial dmg enchant: 30c
2.6l astral plate : 1ex
3.Doryani catalyst: 20c
4.Princess with 30% MORE dmg and koams boots with 170>life: 1alch-1c people give free
5.Non-leg atziri : people give free, even the leg ones were given free before it was leg
6.Non-leg ToH and Wise oak : 10-20c each total 20-40c
7.Hacylon ammy: Buy the pandemonius 30-50c and a tul blessing 1c
8.2 x 2.6 le heup = 5-10c
9.Belt of deceiver: 1 alch-1c
10.Hrimsorrow: 1alch-1c

Total cost of gear for doing 350kdps to mobs = 180-200c which is around 2ex to 2.5 ex
Final gear cost without min maxing: 6l belly +4-5ex so total is about 6-7ex


Main DPS Setup


Glacial hammer-Multistrike-Melee Phys-Ele wep dmg-Cold pen-Hypothermia

CWDT Setup

3 link: CWDT-MoltenShell-Lightning golem all at level 20
4 link: CWDT-Moltenshell-Lightning golem-immortal call all at level 20

Being at level 20 enables you to cast the highest lvl of moltenshell which gives 943 armor with up to 1.6k worth of dmg soak and dealing almost 3k dmg which you can instant leech back to prevent follow up one shots and continue face tanking :D

Mobility Setup

Whirling blades OR Shield charge-faster attacks-fortify

Make sure you slot it in your catalyst to maximise the bonus ele prolif ^^

Aura Setup


For all that awesome MORE DAMAGE!!!


Lightning golem is used for the extra AS, and added light dmg and for its chance to shock bosses.


PS: updates coming soon, feel free to leave comments and also helpful advice ^^
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Giving it a try
Looks like a funny build, lvling right now. Do i need anything to sustain mana use on the 6l or will it be sorted out in higher lvls?

edit says: ah, leech through ascendancy, right
Last edited by thegreatmastar on Sep 10, 2017, 8:16:56 PM
yes leech thru ascendancy ^^ no mana issues at all unless you just whirling around without mobs.

have fun guys, im still trying to min max more for culling strike xD

Currently trying ur build and was wondering if there is another main skill that u can also use.
I tried mixing in things like Cyclone, EQ and Ice crash but they just dont work :(
Still experimenting with Kaltenhalt shield charge but you will need to wep swap xD
Generally play it like this:

-Dont fear mobs and attack from the outside hoping the splash will kill them

-Whirl blades or shield charge right to the middle and glacial hammer, pretty sure you will find it alot smoother this way, after all the build was meant to facetank, also ensure your molten shell is up over immortal call, it really helps to keep you alive ^^
Just to be sure:

the CWDT is an OR option right? Or do you have a dual CWDT on your char indeed?
Currently i am only running 1 CWDT setup which is: CWDT-Lightning golem-Molten shell.

I experimented with an setup which is: CWDT-FrostBomb-Arctic breath-Gmp

The result: 2 setups is only available to you if you dont run kaoms roots, but kaoms roots are highly recommended by me for its hp and unwavering stance which always ensures your CWDT cast successfully and your attacks aren't interrupted
ups! ^^

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