[3.0] Triple Dank Totem Berserker. Shaper/Uber Atziri down

Hi, this is Triple Dank Totem Berserker Build.

Level 92 stats:

7k life + 800 es with Bisco.
22k tooltip hideout dps with item rarity as 6th link.
Fully buffed (rare amulet, conc effect as 6th link, arcane surge, silver flask) dps
is 49k tooltip.


5L shaper (with 6L the fight will be much much shorter)
6L Uber Atziri (I've done it with 5L. Vaal and Trio are super easy, but for split phase, your totems can only take it down to 50% hp in one take. Need to re-summon totems a couple times.)

Pros & Cons:


1. Relatively cheap. Only need a 5L Soul Mantle to start with and beat all contents. Costs 45c at the start of the league. Now it costs about 30-35c. 4L is okay for low-mid tier maps.
2. Enough dps to do all contents.
3. It's a totem build.
4. Can do all map mods. Including No regen, No leech, and shit.
5. Won't be slowed by temporal chains or chilled ground
6. Should be HC viable.


1. It's a totem build.
2. You can't face tank 'cause you don't have life leech.
3. You won't have crazy 5 million dps as other crit dank pact builds.
4. It's a totem build.

Skill Tree:


Grab 40% more dmg first, then get warcray ascendancy.
And depends on if you want faster shield charge or totem leech, make your choice.

Path of Building:


2 skills points


6L Dark pact on your chest piece

Dark Pact --> Added Chaos --> Controlled destruction --> Void Manipulation --> Faster Casting --> Item rarity or Concentrated Effect

4L Wither on your Gloves

Wither --> Arcane Surge (level 9 or lower) --> Faster Casting --> Increased Duration

4L CWDT on your helemt

CWDT --> Increased duration --> Immortal Call --> Tempest Shield

3L Shield Charge + Arctic Armor on Weapon

Shield Charge + Faster Attacks
Arctic Armor

3L Temporal Chains with Blasphemy + Enduring Cry on your Shield

Temporal Chains --> Blasphemy
Enduring Cry


For chest piece, you need a Soul Mantle for this build to work.

For weapon, I use Heartbreaker 'cause it's cheap and has built-in culling strike, plus enables shield charge for mobility. Culling strike is basically a 10% more damage for bosses.

For shield, get a rare shield with life + cast speed + spell damage and resistances if possible. It can be a huge dps boost for your totems.

For boots, Kaom's Roots is your best choice due to high life, stun immunity, and free of temp chain/chilled ground.

For the rest of the gear, try to have life, resistances, and if possible, get some energy shield for some extra protection (because you'll have over 200 int, it is equivalent of 40% es multiplier. And your chest piece gives you 200 es. They add up to over 800 es for you).


Totem life + two other damage mods such as cast speed, spell damage, area damage, etc.


I use Soul of Lunaris for major gods.

It gives you some phy dmg reduction and movement speed + project protection.

I use Soul of Abberath for minor gods.

It gives you immunity to burning ground and reduced duration of ignite on you.


Two quicksilver with curse immunity roll
One life flask with bleed removal
One Basalt flask
One Topaz flask with shock removal

My Gear:

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Hi, thanks for your build.

I have juste a question , have you tested with :

vick666 wrote:
Hi, thanks for your build.

I have juste a question , have you tested with :


Hi, we actually don't want any curses on the character because multiple level 20 curses can be extremely dangerous when they add up.

And if you got level 20 enfeeble on the character, you'll lose all the increased damage from the jewel and some.

If you plan to use two

you'll lose possibly 300-400 life and resistances, while a proper rare ring with life, res, and cast speed can probably outperform anyway. And you still have to take 20% of the curse effects at the end.

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