[3.0] Blight cwc bladefall decay (HSC - uberlab viable)


Fellow Exiles, I would like to present you my safe u-lab & mapping build.

This is a Decay build that utilizes Blight cast when channeling Bladefall to reliably apply decay to targets and deal decent amounts of chaos damage over time.

This build makes use of the new Blight threshold jewel Spreading Rot that increases chaos damage taken by 25% per jewel (up to 2 jewels) on enemies hindered by blight. This damage applies to Decay & poison that we inflict on our enemies. Bladefall is considered a “hit” and so it can apply decay. Note that blight cannot apply decay itself.

+ Can do most map mods, only exception is physical reflect.
+ Safe playstyle
+ Everything is super slow around you

- Not very fast clearspeed but is still quite decent.
- Damage on endgame bosses is abit lacking

Layers of Defence
This build utilizes many layers of defence.
- Mind over matter - Currently 40% of mana is unreserved which helps with damage mitigation
- Decentish life pool - 5.8k at lvl 89
- Temporal chains - to slow everything around you
- Blight - to slow everything even further
- cwdt setup - low-level setup for vortex to chill & slow if they get close
immortal call
- Block + extra block from Rumi's if choose to use

Current gears @lvl90
Current gears and links

Look for a 20% block chance staff, 6link it, and craft +3 gems (+2 chaos)
+ level to gems increases decay and blight damage alot !

For armor i suggest Cherrubim's Maleficence as it provides very good health and amazing up to 80% chaos dmg. This slot is used to increased either our damage or boost survivability. Good options are also carcass jack and if you want to get troll 60% chance to poison with bladefall you can use Cospri's.

Look for a high ilvl Fingerless Silk Gloves and craft life/resist.
Do not enchant these gloves, +15% spell damage is pretty good.

Look for a high ilvl armor/evasion helmet and craft life/resist.
For enchants: Blight dmg, bladefall dmg. Both decent. Unfortunately there is no enchant for decay.

Look for a high ilvl armor/evasion boots and craft life/resist.
For enchant i'd go for life regen, avoid stun, cast speed when killed.

Rings & Amulet
Deafening Essence of Envy !
+31-35% increased chaos damage.
Try get life / resist / attributes. Craft whatever u are missing on them

Leather Belt with high life.
Fix resistances with belt.

Gem links
[staff] - 6link Blight → cwc → Bladefall → decay → swift affliction → void manipulation
[gloves] - 4link: Spell totem → wither → faster Casting → Vaal lightning trap
[boots] - 4link: Cast when damage taken (5) → Immortal call (7) → Vortex (9) → Increased duration
[helmet] - 4link: Blasphemy → Temporal Chains → Arctic Armor → Summon Stone Golem
[Armor] - 3link: Flame dash → Faster Casting → Culling Strike
Remaining armor sockets - Abyssal Cry / Vaal haste / leveling gems.

[spoiler="Skilltree & bandits"] Kill all bandits
Skilltree: https://goo.gl/WpiwbF (poeplanner)
Character page https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Parveparve/characters

[spoiler="Ascendancy"] I took the ascendancy in the following order
Normal - Walk the Aether
Cruel - Patient Reaper
Merciless - Weave the Arcane
Uber - Swift Killer

I leveled up until 80 with 1h + shield and used shield charge to get around, so i started with Walk the Aether to move freely and fast through the zones. Then i took damage over time Patient Reaper and only until lvl 70 when i did merciless i grabbed Weave the Arcane. Around the same time i took MoM, so whenever i would get big hit i could freely shield charge aside, regen enough mana and continue fighting.

[spoiler="Flasks"] Current Flasks i use
Other options would be to use Rumi's for extra block.

[spoiler="Jewels"] This build uses two of the new blight threshold jewels Spreading Rot and in the rest of the jewels we aim to get the following stats
Chaos damage
Damage over time
increased maximum life
Area damage [/spoiler]

[spoiler="1h + shield version"] This build can also be played if you do not have 6linked staff with +1 gems / +2 chaos gems.
In that case we use:

Breath of the Council & a Shield with Spell power. Or the new Harbinger unique shield The Unshattered Will which gives nice health, resists and a buff that makes this version tankier.

Also in this setup the armor will be Skin of the loyal (3B3G)
Skilltree remains the same: https://goo.gl/WpiwbF (poeplanner)

[spoiler="ToDo"]- Write more detailed about gears
- update the guide
- Add skilltree for shield version
- Add gameplay video[/spoiler]

[spoiler="Changelog"] 31/08/2017 edited gear section & renewed skilltree [/spoiler]
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