[3.0] The Touch of Doryani: Elemental Unarmed Berserker. Punch your way through Wraeclast!

The touch of God!


Tired of using Meta Skill du jour? Try punching bosses in the face instead!

This is an elemental unarmed build that uses Doryani's Fist. In 3.0 it now grants us the Doryani's Touch skill AKA Dominus' Touch of God ability. We use this to destroy bosses and use Shield Charge linked to Cast on Melee Kill and Shock Nova for trash clear.

T15 Shaped Courtyard clear: https://youtu.be/t6sHDhuHGnY
T13 Gorge clear: https://youtu.be/NpG61O83tWU (had some network lag in this one)

Build Mechanics

Like Facebreaker applies a large bonus to physical attacks with unarmed, Doryani's Fist gives us a large amount of flat lightning damage to unarmed attacks and spells. While before this boost was difficult to scale and didn't do a lot, making Doryani's Fist uninteresting and not very powerful, some changes in 3.0 helped out greatly. From the 3.0 patch notes:
Bex_GGG wrote:
  • The 'Elemental Damage with Weapons' stats that were found on the passive tree, items, and the Weapon Elemental Damage support have been replaced with 'Elemental Damage with Attack Skills'.
  • These stats now apply to Unarmed attacks. This was a necessary result of the change, but it also opens up new avenues for elemental unarmed attack builds.
Thanks to this change we can use the new Elemental Damage with Attacks stat on the tree and the EDWA gem to greatly scale our damage!

Since Doryani's Touch has a 30% less attack speed modifier it's generally too slow to use to kill every single mob on the map. Instead we utilize Shield Charge (the only movement skill aside from Phase Run we get as unarmed) in a CoMK - Shock Nova setup to wipe out weak packs in one or two hits. For sturdier blue packs or rares we can use Doryani's Touch to quickly dispatch them.

Build Choices

Doryani's Touch is extremely expensive mana-wise so we need to sustain it with a lot of mana leech. Berserker is perfect for this and also gives us tons of increased attack speed to make it feel good to use.

We take Elemental Overload as we're not using crit. I tried going crit utilizing Rigwald's Curse and Assassin but found the build too fragile and mana-starved for not a lot more damage. We're also already under a ton of gear pressure so going crit just makes it even harder to cap resists.

Skill Tree

Path of Building Pastebin link: pastebin.com/RX7gDczX
Lv90 skill tree: poeurl.com/bvCt
Kill all bandits for 2 extra passive points.

Take these in order:
  • Pain Reaver
  • Cloaked in Savagery
  • Crave the Slaughter
  • Aspect of Carnage

Leveling tree: poeurl.com/bvDA
Put your Grand Spectra in the 3 jewel sockets, they'll provide the bulk of your damage early on.

You can level as any elemental skill, but Firestorm is probably very strong (heck, I leveled with Facebreaker and Infernal Blow).


Major: Brine King. Being stunlocked as a leech build is extremely deadly so this helps a ton with preventing that.
Minor: Ryslatha (good all around / for lab), Yugul (anti-reflect), or Ralakesh (reduces Blood Rage damage). Try them out, see which one you like best.

Gem Setup

  • Shield Charge
  • Faster Attacks
  • Cast on Melee Kill
  • Shock Nova
  • (Elemental Focus)
  • (Fortify)
For a 5L, choose between Elemental Focus or Fortify: more damage or more tankiness. Use both if you have a 6L.

4L in Doryani's Fist:
  • Elemental Damage with Attacks
  • Concentrated Effect
  • Lightning Penetration
  • Faster Attacks

Why not Elemental Focus instead of Faster Attacks?
We could use Elemental Focus for another More modifier to our Doryani's Touch damage. I tested both but went with Faster Attacks because:
  • You're not slowed down as much when you need to use Touch on a rare
  • You leech faster so less risk of being gibbed before you finish using Touch: this build is most vulnerable when you're surrounded by mobs and trying to land a Touch on them. The longer that takes the greater the risk you'll die before you can leech back damage.
  • You can shock! Due to the shock changes in 3.0 and the Increased effect of Shock we have on the tree we don't need to do that much damage to shock a boss. In fact on most map bosses Faster Attacks will actually do more damage than Elemental Focus for this reason.

  • Wrath
  • Blasphemy - Conductivity

Other gems: (put these wherever they fit)
  • Ancestral Protector (for the increased attack speed on bosses)
  • Summon Lightning Golem
  • Cast when Damage Taken Lv1 - Immortal Call Lv3 - Blade Vortex Lv1 (for keeping up EO)
  • Vaal Haste/Grace - Inc Duration: use whichever one you prefer, damage or tankiness.
  • Blood Rage: you will degen using this. It gives a nice attack speed/damage boost, but leaves you a bit less safe. Your choice if you want to use it.

Toggling Blood Rage off
If you slot Blood Rage in your shield, you can double-tap your weapon swap key to switch to your alt weapon set and back to your main, which acts as if you unsocketed your Blood Rage and turns it off. Good if you're traveling a long ways to another pack and need to top off.


Required gear:

Doryani's Fist, obviously, and Lycosidae makes us never miss which is a huge effective DPS increase.

Recommended gear:

Grand Spectra give us a whopping 36*3 = 108% increased elemental damage. Highly recommended, and not too expensive after the 3x limit was introduced in 3.0.

Other gear slots:
  • Body Armour: Belly of the Beast or a rare with high life and resists. 5L is essential, 6L is nice to have but not necessary.
  • Helm: Rare with life and resists. A Conductivity Curse Effect enchant is luxury and a nice DPS boost. I was able to craft my helm for cheap, paid about 5c for a white with the enchant and used two Screaming Essences of Greed on it.
  • Amulet: Rare with life, elemental damage with attacks, and dexterity. The tree is very DEX-starved so you will need to cover most of it here, or take some +30 DEX nodes.
  • Rings: Rares with life, resists, and elemental damage with attacks. Opals are nice but definitely luxury, you can get good rings with ~25% EDWA and nice life/resist for relatively cheap.
  • Belt: Rare with life, resists, elemental damage with attacks. Tried out Belt of the Deceiver here but it made it hard to cover resists. If you can swing it, feel free to try it.
  • Boots: Movespeed, life, resists. An Attack/Cast Speed enchant is great if you can get it.

My current gear

At minimum you want a curse, freeze, and bleeding removal flask. I suggest these:

The topaz will keep you from dying to random reflect rares that you decide to use Touch on.

That leaves one utility flask slot open. I'm currently trying out Wise Oak and like it a lot, it has good uptime, a hefty ~10% dps increase on use, and helps out with ele weakness curse maps. You can use Taste of Hate, Atziri's Promise, or Vessel of Vinktar instead though.

If you use Wise Oak, remember that if you're running a Topaz that you'll always have highest lightning resistance so just focus on keeping your fire/cold res equal (and don't worry about keeping lightning res highest since the topaz will make that happen).

After you've socketed 3 Grand Spectra, look for these stats on jewels:
  • Life%
  • Damage
  • Area damage
  • Lightning damage
  • Melee damage
  • Attack speed
  • Attack and cast speed
  • Attack speed while holding a shield

Example poe.trade search: http://poe.trade/search/asusekomibasii

Jewels without life% are a lot cheaper, so if you can't afford life+dps jewels try searching for 3xdps affix jewels instead.
Jewels I'm currently using


Most map mods are fine for this build. The two absolute no-go map mods are:
  • Elemental reflect
  • Cannot leech

These mods are annoying but not impossible:
  • +X% elemental resistance
  • X% reduced curse effect
  • Monsters are hexproof

You may want to reroll if you get stuck with a resistance + hexproof/reduced curse map as it'll really slow you down since shield charge won't be able to take out weak packs as much, making you stop and Touch more often.

Concluding Remarks

This is the first time I've ever created and played my own build from scratch and it's been an absolute blast. Thanks to GGG for making this game and for TheAtlasDomain and /u/Nusterion for their ideas and feedback.

If you have build questions or comments feel free to post them in the thread. Have fun punching stuff in Wraeclast!
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Looks nice. Would be nice to know how far you can go endgame wise, shaper/uber lab.
Schroin wrote:
Looks nice. Would be nice to know how far you can go endgame wise, shaper/uber lab.

Thanks, I'm hoping to do as much as possible. Did you mean Uber Atziri? I soloed Uber Lab very early, in the 70s or so. I took down Hydra but don't have that on video, gonna work on Guardians next.
That sounds good! I will try to level this build today. Want a Char for uber lab runs, maybe this is the one.

Edit: Did you try to use other skills for clearing?
Last edited by Schroin on Aug 28, 2017, 1:20:14 AM
To be honest this is not that great a character for Uber Lab since it is Vaal Pact and can't regen. You're probably better off playing a Slayer Sunder character or totem character if you want a dedicated uber lab farmer

Edit: As for other skills for clearing, I thought about Arc and Storm Call. Arc I ruled out because it doesn't gain any effect from the AoE nodes on the tree (which we have a lot of), and Storm Call has a delay that would mess us up
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Im running a similar build but im going with a scion and doing it crit based Im just hitting 65 with it now and am hopeful. From what im seeing it looks like it should be End game viable and Have a great time clearing maps.

Rather than the blaspheme setup have you looked into Curse on hit with a HoT setup?
kalanikila wrote:
Im running a similar build but im going with a scion and doing it crit based Im just hitting 65 with it now and am hopeful. From what im seeing it looks like it should be End game viable and Have a great time clearing maps.

Rather than the blaspheme setup have you looked into Curse on hit with a HoT setup?

I tried some theorycrafting with Scion (Assassin/Raider, using frenzy and power charges as crit) in addition to creating and playing Assassin crit-based, but you end up having a ton of gear pressure for not a lot more DPS imo. That 40% more damage from berserker combined with EO is really hard to beat.

I did try out HoT-CoH-Blasphemy and it'd be basically permanently active during a map, but I felt like the cooldown between HoT bolts was too long to feel like the curse was being applied often enough. That, plus not needing any less mana reserved, meant that I chose blasphemy instead
why do you took the minions damage notes?
Schroin wrote:
why do you took the minions damage notes?

Huh? I don't think I did. Where are you talking about?

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