3.0 Total Newbie No Gear Starter build

Hi folks,
Never done a guide before, but after being away from game for a year or two I decided to start completely a fresh with nothing at all on the ladder.

I had looked through most of the guides on here for something that would suit a complete noobie that had absolutely nothing and knew nothing about any of the maps or the currency trading etc, and even though all the budget friendly starter guides looked ok at first, you look at the gear and think how in hell am I going to get that to make it work.

So I created this build specially for someone either completely new to POE to use or someone like myself who has a bit of knowledge but tends to have no luck ever getting gear or the currency to trade for it.


I decided to go for a dual wielding claw based Marauder.

1st reason being it's tanky and lots of HP at the start.

2nd reason for the dual claws is because of the starting speed of them plus the +3 hp per hit on each claw, this allows you to gain mass amounts of HP back with AOE

I have used Molten Strike at start for it's aoe and low cost mana and it works with both claws plus most other weps too.

Right mouse button skill I used is Ancestral Protector for extra speed boost plus up close and ranged attacks.

Once I took the HP nodes I went for Blood Magic, made it much easier than worrying about lack of mana.

The other support gems I used are starting gems you can get from doing each of the other classes from start to level 2. so literally nothing to buy to get going.

No special equipment needed, just use what you find and make as you go along.

Obviously if you get good gear then it will boost it a lot and allow you to mod the setup to how you want.

But this really is just for pure beginners to get going and farm.

If it helps just one person I'll be happy

All the best

Chantelle xxx

So far I've not had any problems with any bosses at all.

Last bumped on Dec 9, 2017, 3:57:48 PM
So far so good!


Didn't know what to expect, but it's really tanky indeed.
Molten Strike with the 3.1 Ancestral Call Support. Even easier than before.

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