3.0 Marauder-Lavaburst

"Thanks to Rupenus, Who first made this guide"
Im SevenSinsOfHell, Taken over this Guide as Rupenus gave up on his build.
- If you got questions i will answer them as good i can.

There will be TWO versions of this build.
# Fat Wallet (10+ exalted).
# Budget version. (around 10-20 Chaos).

Overview of the Guides different sections
# Videos
# FAQ (will come soon)
# Introduction
# FAT Wallet (will be renamed) = Expensive Version!
# BUDGET Version = Cheaper choice!


Oro's Shaper Kill, with upgraded Tree, sick dps(only last part, due to connection problems)

Chimera Kill - Easy

this video shows also how important acrobatics is!

Full, Shaper Kill with Oro's, 1 Stupid Death Only, gonna get deathless soon

Minotaur Kill in 10 Seconds with Oro's

Minotaur kill in 2 seconds with decent gear


minotaur kill in about 2 seconds, resits are not min maxed for wise oak, just saying! so there are like at least room for 10-15% more damage.

Phoenix kill with decent gear in less than 2 seconds


Phoenix kill in less than 2 seconds

while i have forgotten to use diamond flask. same, here, no wise oak min maxing.

Molten Strikes + Conversion + Berserker with optimal number of projectiles

hello guys, you might know me from SignalShot build guide where i was trying to help people who are struggling to do that build. We were using there a multi-hitting skill(barrage) which benefits from point blank, converting the damage to 100% elemental damage and stacking ele penetration. I've been wondering, isn't there a way to do that for melee too? Can we have same amount of DPS with melee weapons? To ensure success, i started doing my build with almost perfect gear to see what the result would be. I have ideas about budget options too, since molten strike + point blank + conc synergy is OP this build can work with uniques too and obliterate bosses.

For Budget Variant, we choose Oro's as our weapon for dealing max damage as much as possible. We run critical damage based build, stack penetration and use more damage modifier gems as much as we can. According to the boss we'd like to kill we open frenzy charges generation ability on ignite of Oro's or close it with elemental focus gem for more steady damage vs bosses which are ignite immune(after 3.0 we wont have such problem)

hy Molten Strike you might ask: Molten Strike is one of the interesting melee skills that has 2 different forms.
+We'll completely ignore melee damage and focus on projectile damage of molten balls since we can scale them to 8 or even 12 projectiles with threshold jewel:

+because molten balls are proejctiles, they benefit from Point Blank too, so it gets like using 7L setup with 8 to 12 times hitting skill. The dps gets skyrocketed high.

+another interesting aspect that molten strike has is that it has aoe tag, so we can use with Concentrated Effect gem, conc efffect instead of reducing our damage and aoe coverage it grants better single target damage because it reduces the spread of molten balls. That means, we won't spread projectiles outside of boss's hitbox, also point blank grants better damage to every molten balls that we burst.

+so we have in the end, https://pastebin.com/pTwkrmPg 715K in combat dps x 8 projectiles x 0.5 point blank modifier with around 35 penetration. Effective dps is 1M x 8 x 0.5: somewhere around 12M dps.

+Why am i not using more Wildfire + dying sun for more projectiles, doesnt that mean more damage?

No. Why, cause with each wildfire you get more aoe and your molten balls spread becomes larger and larger. Same for dying sun. they dont benefit but quite the opposite.

people try to do molten strikes builds with as much as projectile as possible, watch their videos, you'll see that most of their projectiles are missing to hit bosses.

Links for Fat Wallet Variant

phys proj damage + 50% more
wweapon elemental damage + 50% more
elemental focus + 50% more
physical to lightning maximum potential from more damage gems, you may get 40% cold conversion and use multistrike instead. thats also possible. +
concentrated effect


Aspect of Carnage + Crave The Slaughter + Pain Reaver + Cloaked In Savagery

I don't want to build a character around flask usage, in long fights you eventually get out of charges and die in seconds. Since the damage output of the build is crazy i prefer leeching with Vaal Pact and using berserker for better VP experience.

Berserker is a DPS machine. HE is embodiment of damage dealing, 50% attack speed total when yo uget hit, its like having 8th link(7th link point blank), 40% more damage is simply another link on top of all the rest, aahhh he is just crazy what expalantions can i make? Good leech, the best dps.

the most confusing part for the starters gonna be, using these but seeing no difference in tooltip dps. Unfortunately conc and Point Blank are multiplying our damage but you can't see the difference on tooltip cause the damage calculator coded to show only melee damage output.

let's check this to understand the point blank + molten strike interaction:
from thread: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/916639/page/2

Thanks for the info, Mark.

To clarify this for people who need clarification:
Past 10 units, Point Blank's bonus scales down linearly 2% per unit, until reach it reaches 0% more (same damage as without Point Blank) at a distance of 35 units. This means Point Blank on Molten Strike and 0% increased AoE would be an average increase of about 43% more damage, at always at least 30% more damage.
Mark said "with no AoE increase" because increasing AoE radius allows projectiles to travel further than 20 units. So if you have % increase AoE, Point Blank becomes less effective. With 40% increased area of effect, Point Blank gives an average of 35.75% more damage, and always at least 14% more damage.
Conversely, if you have reduced Area of Effect (through Concentrated Effect), Point Blank becomes more effective; assuming -30% AoE, Point Blank gives an average of 48% more damage, and always at least 42% more.

Point blank cares about how far the projectile moved, not about distance from the player.

Molten Ball is a projectile. Never focus on melee damage modifiers in gear or tree, disemboweling, abyssus they are useless for this build. You'd just see high numberrs in tooltip but ineffective dps vs bosses / in practice

the path to get more projectiles is through dying sun and another wildfire jewel as i said, and those are granting more aoe as well. more aoe means higher aoe spread of molten projectiles, higher spread means less single target accuracy. your moltel balls gonna miss your target they gonna fly away to far from the hitbox of your target.
so in the end instead of getting benefited from multiple projectiles, you may end up having less dps.

1.56M dps per molten ball x 8 projectiles x 0.48% multiplier by point blank,
it's somewhere arond 18.5M DPS, please note that most of the time 7 molten balls hit to target, 1 misses. there are instances where 8 of them deael damage too of course. i'll keep it 12M on the title, no one would believe a melee build can do 18M dps lol.

https://pastebin.com/Lp4UWmAe pob code of the given screenshot.

Elite Section Gear & Choices can be seen below


Explanation & Tree

this enchantment is a must, at leastt you gotta have +2 projectiles one.
people say "why aren't you using abyssus, let me remind you again, molten balls are projectile,
they are not considered as melee. your molten "strike" deals melee damage but compared to 8 x molten balls + point blank, that damage is nothing.

10% pen on boots, very powerful vs bosses, not totally necessary. This build can leech 8k+ life with jsut one hit even with a weapon easily available in leagues. we can facetank, build a strategy around bosses. There is no time limit, no time ticking like flask oriented builds. VP covers our ass well. You can facetank damage for years with this build.

just some generic gloves, its better to use armor rolled gloves than this ES based.

Exquisite Blades are best when it comes to delivering the base damage in late game.

i used leg kaoms for having the most fancy results on my videos, the build works with normal kaoms too, you still gotta get 7.5-7.7klife life minimum, so yeah, it makes us lose damage.

this is not the best belt actually, the best would be a vanguard belt with good resists and hysteria 5% penetration suffix.

what about jewels?


focus on multipliers for fire/two handed weapons/elemental skills and attack speed. don't forget to colelct life from jewels too.


POB character page
https://pastebin.com/HbUvymk7 POB code

in the 650k dps ancestral protector attack speed modifier + flammability included(ancestral protector + curse on hit + flammability + faster attacks)

i have exceptionally good rings / amulet but you dont need such dps anyway.


-> Free Frenzy Charges
-> you can cull Shaper, even
-> 832 edps, amazing damage output!
-> accuracy implicit
-> you can use kaom's heart with it, also benefit from it's 40% fire damage.

Oro's have way higher dps than BLS variants of Molten Strike builds.

almost 8k life with kaom's heart +500, 437k dps per molten ball + point blank
and i have 8 molten balls! it's somewhere around 5M dps. Note that not all the 8 balls can hit the target all the time.

Shaper Kill with Oro's Sacrifice



Crit + 6 Frenzy Charges + A lot of jewels with good mods is the trick
MultiStrike - For Molten Balls Stacking
Critical Strikes - Critical investment
elemental focus - 50% more damage
conc effect - more focused molten ball spread + highest more damage multiplier in game
molten strike - duh
weapon elemental damage - another multiplier

this is for bosses that you can't ignite,

the links i used to kill bosses that you can ignite

+slower projectiles instead of ele focus
+multistrike - molten balls sstacking
+conc effect
+molten strikes
+critical strikes

Frost Blades for map clearing:

Fire Pen
Critical Strikes
elemental focus(in the video i forgot to use elemental focus, i forgot conc effect there)
Frost Blades

Tree & PoB Code

Acrobatics + High HP + Leech that you can facetank shaper beam + vortex

-> we mostly rely on jewels with oro's build if you are lacking good jewels, you can use duelist area nodes with fireborn jewel for getting decent damage.

All links on each gear item

Blood rage + enhance + decoy totem + ice golem on helmet
immortal call + cwdt + detonate mines + increase dudration + vaal haste on gloves
leap slam + fortify + faster attacks + smoke mines on boots




Leather Belt or Vanguard Belt, Resists + life + wed. Hysteria belt would be awesome but expensive.


1 Prismatic Ring with wed + fire damage + life and resists
1 diamond ring or opal ring with accuracy + resists life + wed if possible.


Accuracy is MUST!
critical chance
+ wed



ideal would be with fire damage & armor base & elemental weakness on hit.
The Strong will always fall, But rises Stronger then Every Before!
Power will only come to those who not seek it...
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NOTE: I will rewrite this in the few comming days to make it EASIER to understand.
- Better overview and some of the changed i did to the build.

- Recommendations i got and ideas for the future.

Level up weapon

# The Goddess Bound Whalebone Rapier - High Attack speed > Fair DMG output.
viable for around 30-40 to swap. (Average price on Poe.Trade: 1alch)

EDIT 1: Rewritten some parts of guide, Working still on it.
- Checking BROKEN "skill-tree links" and much more, Only started overlook of FAT WALLET!
The Strong will always fall, But rises Stronger then Every Before!
Power will only come to those who not seek it...
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reserved 2
The Strong will always fall, But rises Stronger then Every Before!
Power will only come to those who not seek it...
Thank you so much for being willing to take this on and keep the build alive! I know I and many others were following it, so this is very much appreciated!
Thank you for keeping this updated. Not sure what happened with the creator and why he removed the build.

I am currently L83 and working my way through maps pretty easily. Made my way through T14s with no problem. Just killed ghosted Shrine Piety with enfeeble. My flicker damage seems kinda subpar compared to the Terminus Est Flicker build I made last league, but the single target is awesome!


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With your Oro's version, how are you getting 8 balls per hit without using Wildfire? I might have missed something, but can't find it. Thanks.
wonder if a Elemental overload build would be better for this since you can grab more survival nodes
faids4you wrote:
wonder if a Elemental overload build would be better for this since you can grab more survival nodes

You rely pretty heavily on getting ignites to generate frenzies. I'd stick with crit.
BiscuitHawk wrote:
With your Oro's version, how are you getting 8 balls per hit without using Wildfire? I might have missed something, but can't find it. Thanks.

You only use one Wildfire, the original creator didn't detail that out very well, but it's in the path of building.
I've also been messing around with these links in PoB and they seem to provide a lot more dps (at least with my gear):

Flicker-Multistrike-Melee Splash-Ele Damage-Immolate-Chance to Ignite(/Fire Pen) [GRRRBB]
Molten Strike-Multistrike-Ele Damage-Fire Pen-Immolate-Conc Effect [RRRRBB]

Clearing seems much faster with these links.
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