[3.0] Xoph's Nurture Burning Arrow Proliferator - Insane Clear Speed


Hey guys, this is my build guide for my Burning Arrow Berserker. With the significant changes to DOT brought forth by 3.0, and the removal of double-dipping making a Burning Arrow build is a lot more difficult than before. I have run several simulations on Path of Building to find the build which maximises our ignite damage, and allows us to one-shot most packs.

With the introduction of the Sudden Ignition jewel in 2.6, the single-target of this build has improved, since we can ignite enemies twice. We also use a scorching ray totem and flammability to increase our single-target DPS. Commandment of Fury is a huge clear speed boost for this build and I highly recommend getting it. We achieve 100% physical to fire conversion through Xoph's Nurture and Burning Arrow.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inMNOr6OXP0 (Quick Shaped Mesa Run - sorry for the lag, having some technical issues)

http://youtu.be/HISgl-rqCoc (Older Gorge Run, a bit outdated)


Passive Tree (For level 88)


This is the skill Tree I am using right now, you can feel free to optimize it to your liking by dropping DPS nodes for Armour or Life nodes. I optimized this skill tree for maximum clear speed. We path through the 'Butchery' notable because it offers 25% increased damage from ailments while wielding a two-handed weapon (Bows are two-handed), similarly, we also get the 'Executioner' Notable for that same purpose.

Area of Effect is essential for this build, since the increased AoE, boosts the Proliferation radius and helps us clear faster (The Dying Sun is a strong luxury item for this build). If you can afford a Dying Sun, I would definitely recommend using it. The Pathing of this tree also helps us meet the 185 Dexterity requirement for using Xoph's Nurture. We socket the jewel 'Sudden Ignition' near the ranger or duelist area, to ignite twice with BA. Iron Reflexes is also used to capitalise on the bonus armour of our build. Alternatively, you can also run Acrobatics / Phase Acro instead, which might actually make the build tankier, but costs more nodes.


These are just an example of some of the jewels that I use. Sudden Ignition is mandatory, Mantra of Flames offers a nice damage boost. For the rare jewels, we are looking for %increased maximum life, %increased damage over time, %increased fire damage, %increased damage, %chance to Ignite and %increased burning damage. For the Bandits, we take the 2 Passives.


OFFENSE (26k Average Ignite DPS)






We use Xoph's Nurture for the ignite proliferation. You can also use a different bow, along with the ignite proliferation gem instead, but Xoph is generally BIS as it has great synergy with Ignite builds, as well as high base damage.


For our helm, any rare helm will suffice. Lategame, you can obtain a helm with the Burning Arrow has 30% chance to ignite enchantment. This will allow us to drop Chance to Ignite from our setup and replace it with Swift Affliction. This would give us higher burning damage and reduced intelligence requirement.


BIS would be Signal Fire for a huge boost to offense. However, if you prefer a safer and more defensive style, you can use a rare quiver with life, resistances and high WED.


Any 6L chest is good. But a 6L 'Perfect Form' is the best for an Iron Reflexes build.

Gloves and Boots

For Gloves, we want life and resistances. Try to get "of Fury" enchantment on gloves, this enchantment will boost our clear speed tremendously. For boots, we want Voidwalker for the 100% Pierce, which saves us a lot of nodes. We want the #Added Fire damage to attacks if you have killed recently enchantment if possible. Alternatively, you can get the 6-10% chance to Shock, Ignite and Freeze Enchantment on the boots, which will allow you to drop the Chance to Ignite gem.


Ngamahu tiki is BIS for this build, as it provides us with a lot of fire damage that boosts our burning damage significantly. Try to get a corrupted one with +1 Frenzy or additional movement speed if you can.


For our rings, we want high life, resistances and phys damage/fire damage.


For the Belt, we want Dyadian dawn for the 20% more multiplier to our burning damage.


Burning Arrow Setup

This gem setup allows us to maximise our Ignite damage output. If you don't have the Burning Arrow helm enchant, I would recommend running Chance to Ignite over Swift Affliction. GMP is actually usable with Burning Arrow now, since the less projectile damage has no impact on our Ignite Damage at all.

Utility Setup

Flammability helps enemies burn faster, you can attach it to Blood magic if you want to conserve mana. Flame Golem boosts our damage quite nicely and Bloodrage allows us to gain Frenzy Charges. Bloodrage damage is mitigated by the '25% less physical damage over time taken while moving' Pantheon skill.

Aura Setup

Anger and Herald of Ash provide huge DPS boosts to both our Ignite and Hit damage, Clarity is for Mantra of Flames, we just leave it at level 1.

Scorching Ray Setup

This is our scorching ray totem setup, it is mainly for lowering the enemies fire resistance, so that we can deal more ignite damage. We generally only use this against bosses.


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Looks fun! Is this build HC viable??
What do you think of Chieftain and have you tried using the new Emberwake?
Can you post a PoB Link please?

Soz for the late replies, been a bit busy.


I think it could be HC viable, but you probably want at least 6-7k Life. So may need to make some slight tree adjustments.


I would have loved to go Chieftain too, but unfortunately berserker is just so much better in terms of DPS and Leech. Emberwake will lower our Burn DPS so I don't recommend it.


Here man, https://pastebin.com/jbG6r9aj
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Ok, just realised they fixed the issue with Sudden Ignition, now the single-target for this build is a lot better now and I can actually recommend the build to players.

Also, started using Ngamahu Tiki for a huge DPS boost.
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Thanks for posting the build. I am currently respeccing my zerker at 88 to try it, as everything else has become boring ;p

Question, do you feel like Elemental Prolif might be better than ignite profil due to ele. profile gem getting an additional 20% chance to ignite? Without it, I am currently sitting at 70% chance to ignite.
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What do you think of using Xoph's Blood?
I'm noticing an issue with Sudden Ignition. In order to activate the additional ignite, you have to have 40 dex allocated. Where you've got it placed, you've only got 20 Dex allocated. I pulled your PoB link and checked out your character profile to verify, so I'm having a hard time figuring this one out. If you're just after inc Fire Damage, I'd think you could get that easily elsewhere.

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