3.0 Theory Crafting Fire Cyclone Oro's Sacrifice


That's the skill Tree

You would help Oak for the bandit

I would use HOF + Purity of fire

Oro's Sacrifice
2x Moko's Embrace
Eye Of Innocence
Devoto's for the attack speed/movement
Belly of the Beast
Gloves can be high life Tri-Res
Elemenetal Damage belt with life dual or tri res
Boots 30% Movement speed life dual or tri res

Skill Gems
Weapon - Cyclone - Elemental Damage with Weapons - Added Fire Damage - Chance to Ignite - Fire Pen - Increased Aoe and Conc for Bosses. If you have a 5 link just take out increased aoe

Armor - Ancestral Warchief - Conc for bosses, Increased aoe for regular trash - Faster Attacks - Elemental Damage with Weapons - Fire Pen - Added Fire Damage. If 5 link just take out conc. increased aoe.

Other links you can use yourself and what you may think may fit with your gear.

let me know what you guys think
Last bumped on Aug 28, 2017, 4:58:08 PM
Any ideas I could change?
Did some min maxing and the dps is a little over 100k average damage is 7-10k per hit
i was searching for ideas about an oro's sacrifice cyclone build and came across this but i was thinking that added fire damage is prob not a good idea cause there is no base physical damage to add fire damage
Tried it out a little and it really isn't worth doing. Dmg is to low. Better off doing pure physical

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