3.0 ASS BV [HC] Help thread

Hey just just started theorycrafting my own build for hard core. I went with blade vortex because i just think it is a fun skill.

this is my first build so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Path of building paste - https://pastebin.com/XL3c8Waj


Notes on build =
removed MoM since we'll be running Hatred + Warlord's Mark with Blasphemy
so the mana pool will be occupied
and i wouldn't choose alira since you'd only benefit from a measly 20% multi
res can be capped with gear
mana regen can be a problem sometimes if you get your hands on a 6L but a flask can do the trick, or an -8 elreon ring
Last bumped on Aug 8, 2017, 7:12:19 PM

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